The Latest Misogyny From AVFM

AVFM has been pretty quiet lately in the sense that they’re not targeting individual women and harassing them from their site. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still the biggest woman hating club in the Manosphere. I’ve taken the liberty of perusing some of their ‘articles’ and want to share with you some of the misogyny they say doesn’t exist.

In this article ‘Gorillas in their midst’ written by Stephen Jarosek (aka Codebuster) he’s talking about wimmin being responsible for domestic violence because mothers train children in the first 4 years of life to be violent. Of course he cites no actual peer reviewed research but says this:

Matriarchal subcultures are often the source of violence. Irrespective of which part of the world you come from, many women choose thugs because, coming from the same abusive upbringing, thugs resonate with their own abusive natures. Like with like, and all that.

Sound like Elliot Rodger and their very own Stefan Molyneux? Of course you’d be correct that MRA’s are all about women dating ‘nice guys’ in order to rid the world of violence. Here’s AVFM’s own Stefan Molyneux, who spoke at their conference, on women being the destroyers of the world because they date assholes.

Let’s throw some more of Jarosek’s misogynist ramblings into the pot with this little ditty about how Muslim women who aren’t allowed to drive yet are wielding so much power over the menfolk.

Muslim women are not the wilting wallflowers that feminists prefer to portray them as. They may not have the same “rights” as their men, but there is every reason to interpret their purported absence of rights in the context of their privileged, protected status on the pedestal and men’s servitude unto them.

One of the common themes among MRA’s is that men protect women. This comes directly from Warren Farrell whose entire shitty book is built around the idea that men are violent because they’re protecting women. Every single male act of violence towards women is somehow the result of women. He never states why women need men to protect them or what men are protecting women from. It’s simply a nice traditional male fantasy book where dudes can think they’re saving the world from femapocalypse as heros.

Jarosek reminds us of PUA theory is critical to how to manipulate women.

PUA Game is actually an attempt to harness the submissive–dominant narrative with the intention to manipulate women. Summarizing the main implications of the submissive–dominant narrative, as it applies to female psychology and the spontaneity with which women often pair with troglodytes

Blaming women for male violence against them is nothing new in AVFM misogyny land.

it is the man who knows himself better than the woman knows herself, and her only option is to defer to the knower and the doer.

Only option huh? I suppose when a male is threatening to beat you you don’t have much choice. That violent male though is totes the fault of women because somehow women are wiring the brains of their children to be violent. It’s a nice neat little circular trick to blame women for male behaviour.

Further to the absence of risk in women’s indulgent, provided-for lives, choosing a thug can provide spice to an otherwise predictable routine, it annoys over-controlling parents and sends a clear message for them to back off, and it draws attention to oneself as an innocent victim.

See how that works? Men overtake women violently whereby we don’t have a choice ie. rape but in the end it’s really about pissing off your parents! In the end the woman is a victim but she’s the one to blame for the whole thing!

Male violence against women is men’s fault. No amount of backtracking to infancy and mombashing is going to erase that. Men choose to be violent yet Jarosek comes full circle and blames male violence on women.

Many a brute is instinctively aware that a good thrashing can bring his errant spouse back into line, and he realizes that she won’t respect anything less. Of course, the odds are that he probably learned this first from his primary nurturer and the context in which he grew up.

Essentially, MRA’s think that male violence is due to women choosing to date violent men. This is, of course, circular. There is no logic to this at all.

The funniest part is Jarosek completely ruins his misogynist argument. We’ve seen MRA’s try and claim other men’s accomplishments as their own. MRA’s like to see themselves as Elliot Rodger saw himself: superior.

America’s Founding Fathers understood some very important aspects of human nature when they framed the US Constitution. They understood, for example, the importance of personal responsibility.

Exactly. Men who are violent are doing out of choice. Male rapists are held fully responsible when they rape. Male batterers can’t use ‘but my mommy made fun of me’ as a defense as Jarosek is claiming.

MRA’s aren’t known for self awareness or comprehension. It’s hilarious that Steve countered all his bollocks with his own hand. That’s a special kind of joke we rightly laugh at.


No MRA’s allowed.

I’ve had a couple minor surgeries in the last couple weeks so I haven’t been posting as much as usual. I had an ovarian cyst that needed to be excised. It’s not malignant but it was bothering me a lot.

This week we’ve seen a lot of male violence come to this blog.

Last night I was watching biographies about male rock bands. Even music is male dominated. The way the industry is set up is through a male model. I found some of the music I loved under question for this reason. When we think of sex, drugs and rock and roll we immediately think of men.

Makes me wonder what a female centered rock and roll would look like.

I love this video:

The Minefield

AVFM has a nice little banner on their front page

rape preventionFirst, let me remark on how misogynist it is to put this on a men’s rights site where the readership is mostly male. I find it as a warning to women who visit the site that there are rapists among MRA’s and this is how to prevent getting raped by one of them. However true that is we also must remember why Paul Elam would put such ‘advice’ on his site. It’s there because MRA’s blame women for being raped. This is also another bombastic attempt for attention, which it will get.

The rape prevention advice comes from a military man with a Youtube channel called Orthrus. He has a few videos dealing with this subject. I sat down and watched them. From the outset Orthrus compares being raped to women being in a minefield. I found that metaphor quite telling.

A minefield is something unknowable to anyone walking through it. There is no way to really tell which step is going to be the one that kills you. I think it’s a great metaphor. We women can’t know which men are rapists and which men are not. Sorta gives credence to the fear we feel trying to live our lives. ‘All men are potential rapists’ fits the metaphor of the minefield.

When MRA’s cry about rape prevention posters, claiming it’s not fair that women see all men as potential rapists, they simultaneously promote this idea on their website. Why are they whining when they are telling us clearly that women must fear all men as women must navigate the unknowable minefield?

Orthrus tells women that we are responsible for being in that minefield and then wonders why women see his ‘advice’ as victim blaming. Women know that if they’re raped people will ask them ‘well, did you do this? or this?’


Where are the rapists?

Orthus says young girls don’t understand the psychology of rapists or what to look for and that women can see it coming. He also doesn’t seem to understand that people lose their ability to consent when they are incapacitated and uses a typical MRA analogy of a woman purchasing items while incapacitated as being ok so why can’t a man rape her too? He’s angry about rape culture and being called a rape apologist. Then he goes on to say he might be a little sociopathic because he has no sympathy for victims of crime. AVFM is batting 1000 on this guy. Rape destroys everything about society, he concludes, and rapists are animals who he wants to kill and yet somehow women should be able to stop them.

In his video titled ‘The Psychology of a Rapist’ he starts by saying he’s not a rapist because he has a conscience and admonishes us women that we shouldn’t assume any guy can rape us. How does this work when we’re in a minefield? How can we see underneath that soil to see that mine so we don’t step on it? Rapists are narcissists and entitled he says, and most men aren’t like that. When you tell girls any man is potential rapist, he claims, they can’t focus on who the real rapists are, which he says are rude douchebags. You look for the assholes who are rude. ‘Don’t hang out with assholes.’

It’s so simple right?

The next video, ‘Don’t Walk Right Into It,’ he divides acquaintance rape into date rape and asshole acquaintance rape. AAR’s touch women’s bodies in public and laugh at women when they complain. AAR’s do not respect personal space of women and you shouldn’t confront them alone. You can’t tell him he’s a piece of shit after work. You can’t slap him because that’s ineffective violence and women use that too much and get beaten down afterward. He wants what he wants and he’ll do anything to get it, especially when alcohol is involved. Does this sound utterly ridiculous to you ladies? This guy seems to think this is how rape happens!

I have a feeling Orthus hasn’t ever experienced being a woman nor a woman being raped, not by the asshole acquaintance but by the guy who never gives off a single sign he’s going to rape you. ‘Women think they’re independent and can do whatever they want,’ he says.

He addresses date rape in the next video titled ‘Date Rape and the Bonding Process’ which is 20 minutes long. High risk behaviour is the fault of women. Yes, ladies. It’s our fault. Young girls going to parties with drinking is women’s fault. One of the men at this party is a psychopath and the rest of the men are idiots who drink and then rape, he explains. This is where we know all men are potential rapists and we women are correct in this thinking because we know regular men will rape. We have no way of knowing which man is the rapist. Get this, he says he’s insulted as a man because women shouldn’t treat all men as potential rapists!

Ladies, I think we see where this is going. It’s our fault for drinking with men and it’s our fault for assuming that any man can be a rapist. It’s a no win situation for us, as if we didn’t already fucking know that. We know that in every rape women will be blamed. That’s rape culture. This dude just doesn’t seem to understand that but he promoting it.

The bonding process of date rape is important he says.

He uses a ‘combat environment’ scenario to describe how women need to be alert to rape. I think that’s an apt analogy because women are always on alert around men but of course this same man is offended by that because most men are good men, like him. He describes a typical teenage scenario where a girl hangs out at her boyfriends house. He instructs her not to ‘encourage him’ sexually because if she does he won’t be able to understand the word ‘no.’ See where this is going? This, to him, is the bonding process where teenage girls get close to their rapist, even though they don’t know if he’s a rapist, she’ll soon find out that he doesn’t take no for an answer and she sat on the bed next to him which was a wrong move.

This is a minefield for sure. Women and girls are in combat 24/7. This is the way we live. He sees that but insists we can somehow see a rapist a mile away and he’s not sympathetic to us because it’s on women to figure this out in his crazy fucktarded scenarios.

In his final video ‘Conclusions’, he says he’s done it all for us. Now we women know how to avoid being raped but of course the disclaimer is there that ‘sometimes we can’t avoid it’ and ‘these are complicated issues.’ That should’ve been the whole video in 30 seconds. Women don’t know which men are rapists. Regular guys can be rapists. We women are in a minefield. We live in combat situations.

Imagine if all women could carry and men could not? I can imagine that world. I can imagine just being able to shoot and ask questions later.

Men can stop rape, if they want to, but they don’t want to.

Orthrus is a dummy. Elam is a dummy. All MRA’s are dumb.


This post was accidentally posted earlier than intended. If you saw it a couple days ago, that’s why.

AVFM Says Feminist Wrote Death Letter to Utah Uni (Anita Sarkeesian)

They’re offering $5550- though to figure out if an MRA did it. It’s hilarious. On one hand they blame feminists and then raise money to find out if it was truly an MRA. I guarantee you the one who wrote it was male. Guarandamntee that. Men like threatening violence anonymously to a woman. Welcome to being a woman online. Oh and AVFM knows the cowardly MRA dude isn’t going to come forward so they say their money is ‘safe.’ What better way to let us all know it’s an MRA than by offering thousands of dollars for info? Smart move AVFM. You’re admitting this is an MRA. Everyone knows it’s a batshit crazy MRA too.

David Futrelle over on We Hunted the Mammoth researched the phrases used in the long death threat letter to Anita Sarkeesian. The letter was written by an MRA/Red Piller. These guys are part of the Manosphere. The Manosphere is an online collection of websites including the men’s rights reddit where men go to blame women and feminists for their shit lives.

You can read the death letter to Anita here.

Paul Elam at AVFM is claiming that feminists wrote the letter, which is hilarious because nobody but MRA’s use those phrases. Basically, AVFM is mad that David has exposed the hatred and violence endemic at AVFM and the rest of the Manosphere.

There is no doubt whatsoever that this email was written by a feminist posing as an MHRA. The entirely fictitious character, who is supposed to have written it, conforms so closely to the feminist mischaracterization of MHRAs as dangerously violent psychopaths who dream of brutally silencing women that it could only have been written by someone whose goal was to maintain and embellish this outrageously slanderous threat narrative.

Nice try AVFM but no dice. You are a bunch of violent psychopaths. Nobody second guesses that. AVFM’s new weekly shows featuring a different MRA and their ‘wake up call’ to the red pill give you all away. For the last 2 weeks I’ve heard 2 separate MRA’s talk about their domestic violence charges and their anger management problems. [1] Al Martin, violent male with anger issues [2]Christian Chassion, puts his hands on woman in a walker, throws objects at g/f, gets DV charge

AndyBob, the author of the lameass AVFM attempt at deflection had this to say about the letter:

“I’m giving you a chance to stop it,” the email author added thoughtfully. Even for an entirely fictitious MHRA psycho, I thought that was terribly decent of him.

See what kind of male violence we’re dealing with? It was terribly nice of the guy to say he might not murder women! A feminist did it though? Don’t make me laugh.

The rest of AndyBob’s screech-fest is diversion after diversion throughout bits of misogynist screed about Anita’s appearance and of course the predictable ‘she’s lying’ excuse. As usual, with misogynists, it’s a woman’s fault for getting attention because some porn addicted gamer MRA decided to threaten endless people with death because a woman criticized a few video games on Youtube.

So is her uncanny ability to time these damseling episodes for maximum effect, publicity, and fiscal reward.

I don’t think people are worried about money at this point you dumbass. I think we’re more concerned with you crazy fucks who spread this kind of misogyny to the point where the woman can’t speak without getting death threats.

Andybob uses the excuse that while Lepine and Rodger were misogynists they also killed a few men. Who cares? That’s not what motivated them to kill. Andy’s attempts to make Rodger and Lepine not fit into AVFM and the Manosphere are incredibly lame since they all have the same things in common: hatred of women and feminists. He even says Rodger wouldn’t be welcome at AVFM because he was a ‘pussy beggar.’ Nope. No misogyny there!

Two of the reasons why feminists posing as MHRAs are so easy to detect are the style of language they employ and the fact that their purported representation of MHRAs has the unmistakable tone of caricature that frequently devolves into the realm of pantomime.

I know you’re delusional Andybob but there’s nothing pantomime about it. Lepine hated feminists. AVFM hates feminists. This doesn’t require much of a leap.

here isn’t the slightest hint of articulated performance in the glib and terrifying words of genuinely deranged psychopaths like Elliot Rodger and Marc Lépine.

Except that they’re MRA words and phrases. David Futrelle proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The only commonality between the anonymous email, Marc Lépine’s suicide statement, and Elliot Rodger’s manifesto is that none of them were written by MHRAs.

I know you think if you repeat that to yourselves enough times you’ll actually start believing it. Everyone knows MRA’s have ZERO self-awareness. The commonality is a deep hatred of women. Wasn’t it AVFM that published endless articles on Anita Sarkeesian? Yep. David did the work you fools.

Who has a history of making death threats via emails to venues hosting talks on potentially contentious issues and has a vested interest in publicly demonizing the MHRM by maintaining a false threat narrative through attempted character assassination and misrepresenting everything we stand for? If you answered “feminists” without sneaking a peak at the key below, congratulations, you are no longer a newbie in the MHRM.

Yep, a bunch of feminists got together, used your exact phrasing, and sent this letter to Utah in order to ruin your reputation. Is this going to be used to distinguish old from new MRA’s? You guys are a joke. We all know about your obsession with Anita Sarkeesian. We know you’re just desperate to do damage control. We all know that another Rodger is in the making from your camp.

While you might like to talk to yourself and tell yourself it ain’t so nobody believes it. I notice you say that at the end of your ‘lookee over there’ rant. We all know it’s one of you misogynist freaks. You might be dumb enough to think it’s not one of you but the rest of the world has an IQ.

UPDATE: AVFM released a video of them calling the University to see if the threat was real. The threat was real but they decided not to DO anything with the school that got it. This got AVFM to declare the threat wasn’t real. LOL. They can’t even comprehend that the cops aren’t going to shut down a school that easily. The cops don’t want to get people panicked and the threat was REAL.

It makes me wonder why AVFM is so concerned if it was a feminist that masterminded this whole plan? The motivation is to denigrate and further seed the hatred against a woman for daring to speak out in a feminist perspective about video games. It’s more about trying to discredit her.

Once again AVFM does a silly stupid male thing and outright lies.

Sweden’s Best ROKS

ROKS is the the largest radical feminist shelter organization in Sweden fighting for equality and succeeding. They have excellent representation in Parliament through Margareta Winberg. Here are 2 shows on ROKS. The program was probably made by a man who is upset that the feminist influence is changing Sweden for the better, for women’s rights. However, some women have a hard time changing perspective as well. You can see the effect of this in the women who posture and gain financial advantage from male MRA’s when they’re just your average run-of-the-mill misogynists. Male MRA’s hold up the handful of women in their ranks as an attempt to legitimize their woman hatred.

Some women in the show below claim men need help breaking their violence against women through specific programs to help him see what he’s doing is wrong. According to ROKS, and I’m assuming people here, men know they’re doing wrong. They’re making a choice to violate women. This is a key distinction between those who see male violence as a gendered issue of power and those who see male violence as something wrong with him, as if it’s a unique disease. It’s not unique. It’s men acting out their power and control that our gendered society expects. Women are truly the ones who need the help to leave men and to understand what he’s doing he’s doing by conscious choice.

ROKS sees male violence against women as a part of Patriarchy, as a power imbalance, and they make educational policies and social services for women based on this key point. They even incorporate monotheistic philosophy to explain male violence, comparing men to God, in the sense that men strive to be like God (hence why God is an invention of men), like an omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent being that is above nature, which is then considered woman. This is literal in monotheistic patriarchal religions and metaphorical. It’s brilliant and it plays out on how men order nature and how men see and treat women.

The tv programs below are biased, in my opinion, against ROKS. Like I said, probably made by a man who doesn’t understand any of this and who’s never had to consider his privilege. ROKS admits the struggle for women’s liberation will be hard and violent because men do not want to give up their power.

I want to move to Sweden and be among these women. They have a chant that I loved: ‘Macho macho bye bye!’ I love these women. They are amazons. They are the future. We talk about what a female focused egalitarian society would look like on this blog while it seems ROKS is making this happen.

This first episode, which is actually 2 in 1, starts with something I found confusing so I’ll explain. Two young women went to a women’s shelter and somehow there were threats by male satanists/pedophiles against them. The shelter organizers moved them around to keep them safe from these threats of organized pedophilia and satanist rituals meant to harm these women.

One of the women thinks that the shelter she went to was trying to brainwash her to think men are evil. I found it incredibly unbelievable that a women’s organization would move girls and women around over an empty threat. We know on this blog that men are capable of great violence so if I was running a shelter and threats were called in against the women I’d move them too to get them out of harms way. It’s just logical to believe male threats of violence because it’s right in front of us: prostitution, pornography, male violence against women.

The second episode, running concurrent to the first, is better and clearer. It really explains ROKS positions and how these women are trying to change society.

I really want to know more about ROKS. Men don’t like ROKS so to me that means they’re doing something innovative and good for women. Gunilla Eckberg has worked with ROKS too and she’s brilliant in her analysis of prostitution.

Can we do something like this in Canada or the US? I think it can be done but the major problem is the capitalism our societies worship. Sweden is a very socially aware country. I think Canadians would be better suited for the changeover. The US has to get to the point where they actually care about the social welfare of all its citizens and not the lucky few.

Canada has mediocre social services, especially since the Tories came in, they’ve been slicing all women’s services. However, our collectivist mindset is present whereas in the States it seems non-existent.

After reading Witchwind’s blog post, which is here, I’ve learned a lot about how this needs to be implemented. I think it must start with small villages. As V said, the wealthy women have to start putting that money to that kind of purpose. They must lend their hand to the majority of women who are still not at that level. Once there’s a momentum it will be hard to stop.


Jack Barnes shows just how ignorant he is by criticizing C36 and it’s basic premise. I’ll go through his silly rant and correct him and AVFM.

According to feminists, prostitution is something that men do to oppress women. Feminists believe that women cannot choose to engage in prostitution because the patriarchy forces them into selling their bodies for money. Basically, feminists view prostitution and sex slaves as the same thing.

It’s not just according to feminists you numbskull. It’s according to women who were sex trafficked into legal brothels all over Canada and the world. Women cannot choose if the only avenue they have is selling their bodies. That’s not a choice. That’s economic force. Forcing women to sexually please men for money is slavery. Not so difficult to grasp.

Sex slavery and sex trafficking are part of the larger problem of human trafficking. We like to think that we live in a society that is free from slavery. To use this situation to advance an ideology is unthinkable to most people.

Typical mansplain. Slavery has existed forever so nothing should be done about it. What an argument.

Both men and women engage in prostitution on both sides of the equation.

Nobody denies that but women are the majority of prostituted women and men are the majority of the buyers.

See, according to feminists, prostitution is a form of “male” violence. Violence has a gender? That’s a topic for another day.

This is where the typical MRA inability to analyze shows its ugly head. Knowing that the majority of buyers are male and knowing what they do to prostituted women is certainly male violence against women. In an unequal world where men hold more socioeconomic power it forces women in a subjugated position. The only way women can make enough money to feed their kids and their families is to sell sex to men. Men are the powerful in this relationship and they enact violence on women’s mind and body. This is male violence against women.

Let’s set aside for a moment the fact that many women who become prostitutes have options and often willingly chose prostitution.

Some do but many do not. Do we sacrifice a certain marginalized set of women for a few who may choose it? Do we think it’s ok as a society to legitimize an act that is inherently male violence against women? Do we allow people to sell organs, limbs? No.

Okay, then shouldn’t we be giving them choices? Shouldn’t feminists be working to set up programs to help these women get education and/or work placement so that they will have more options for employment? And shouldn’t this be accompanied by programs for women who use prostitution to feed their drug addictions? But that’s not what feminists are doing.

Yes feminists are doing that but because you’re so incredibly ignorant you didn’t watch the House or Senate talk to these NGO’s who do precisely this. It doesn’t solve the main problem where men pay money to abuse women sexually.

Then Jack tries to make this ridiculous claim that because some women are sex trafficked by women it somehow shows that this isn’t patriarchal. Or something. It’s incredibly dumb.

Who’s safer: a woman who is working in a brothel with bouncers and security guards or a woman who has to do her business under the cover of darkness and in hiding? Brothels are like strip clubs; they have security to protect their employees from anyone who gets out of line. What if the owner of the brothel is abusive? We already have laws against abusive employers, and since everything is out in the open, reporting him or her is a lot easier and is legal.

You are incredibly dumb. Women are sex trafficked through legal brothels and you admitted a paragraph earlier that some madam sold children. It’s about money, not safety. Brothels are not strip clubs. I can’t believe I have to tell you that. Brothels don’t solve the problem of marginalized aborginal women working in darkness. If we don’t recognize that prostitution allows marginalized women to be beaten, raped, and killed by johns’ and pimps we will never solve the problem which is male violence against women. You are saying that it’s ok that some women will endure those problems instead of saying that ALL women deserve human rights not to be beaten, raped, tortured and murdered because a few women want ‘security’ in a brothel which many times doesn’t actually exist.

They have to hide to do their business and can’t go to the cops, not even if the selling of sex is legal. If a prostitute turns in one of her Johns, word will get around and her clients will disappear.

We don’t want women to be relegated to the violence of johns and pimps and yes if selling is decriminalized they can go to the cops without being charged. The whole point is to get rid of the demand. I’m willing to bet you haven’t studied the relationship between demand and supply in relation to prostitution. Here’s an interview with a German expert on trafficking. He’ll tell you that prostitution and sex trafficking go hand in hand. This is why eliminating prostitution will eliminate this male violence against women.

If a woman in a brothel gets one of her clients thrown out or arrested for being violent or abusive, the brothel will still be able to attract clients like nothing ever happened. Why? Because the guy who got arrested wasn’t arrested for buying sex but for being an asshole.

No dumbass. He’ll go cruise the street and find a desperate woman who he can enact that violence upon.

Brothels also offer better health and safety for both sides. In the U.S., condoms are mandatory, the Johns are examined for physical signs of STDs, and the workers are regularly tested. You can’t get much safer than that.

Citation please? Oh and STD testing in brothels doesn’t work well because you can spread infections during the window of testing. Johns are examined by the prostitute by just looking at his genitals. He wasn’t screened by a health professional. You can get safer than that. No man gets to buy sex and spread disease.

Back into the shadows and the cheap motels the women will go, and more than a few of them will be assaulted, contract diseases, and some will end up dead.

They’re already there because of the demand. Prostitution has been legal in Canada for a long time. The diseases come from the Johns. Many have already ended up dead. No more prostitution. No more prostitution deaths by serial killers. No more raping and beating of women by johns. It’s really simple but you seem so dull.

We have seen that feminist ideas about prostitution are not based in reality.

Except they are and there are plenty of dead, raped, beaten and tortured women to prove it.

These feminists hate men to the point that they are working to pass legislation that would throw other women under the bus just to discriminate against men.

Right there says a lot. Men only care about their erections or that this is manhating. It makes you cry that you can’t buy women because your poor manfeelz. Women will always be thrown under the bus in legalization you doofus that’s why outlawing it completely, well it completely works.

Here are some of the comments by men who would like it that women’s bodies are for sale. Let’s examine how violent they are.

My body, my choice! Nothing wrong with being a slut, don’t slutshame!~Sanguifier

This comment really displayed to me what men think when they buy a woman’s services. They really frame it as if they bought her complete consent.

It’s just that they want the option to be able to withdraw consent at any time of their choosing, perhaps decades later, so they would not want men to have the option of having sex with women whose consent is guaranteed. Prostitution could well be the last “safe sex” for men, and that is the thorn on their sides that needs to be eliminated.~Seele

Feminists can give all the bullshit excuses they want for why the are against legalizing prostitution , but the REAL reason they are against it is b/c if legalized, there will be less sexual assault/violence/rape~John Smith

In usual fashion, feminists have conflated human trafficking with prostitution to make the issue something other than what it really is. The heart of the matter is that feminists resent men’s sexuality, especially in areas where they believe men to have more options than women do.~Malcolm H Johnston

Human trafficking for sexual purposes is absolutely miniscule in developed countries, mostly half males, and what there is of it would be immediately curtailed by legalising prostitution as customers themselves would report suspicious activity to the police. Or just keep a registry of sex workers and check their credentials online on your phone.

Simples.~Dagda Mor

Dagda Mor is an idiot.

“Women work as.prostitutes because society gives them no other choice!” Wow, I thought my mother was a nurse, but apparently that’s not possible.~NotoriousPAT

Modern day prostitutes rarely have pimps and research has shown that when they do, it is often a relationship controlled by the prostitute, one that they can walk away from quite easily. The pimp is usually little more than a driver. Prostitutes (other than ones who do it to feed drug habits) are the quintessential strong women. They get to travel, earn more than high level executives, can save money, not go into debt for an education and quickly save enough to move into other lucrative areas that an average worker could never do.~NunyaBidness

Then why aren’t men all over the world outnumbering women in prostitution?

Here’s an MRA commenting on feminism. It’s deliciously ironic, especially since that’s exactly what we’re doing with prostitution.

They resist any and all attempts to call out the way things work or the imbalances and injustices in society, and refuse to acknowledge their privileged status and their actions and attitudes responsible for arresting social progress.~G. Quan

Study of child sex workers in NY found only 14% had a pimp. 14 month study of sex workers in Atlantic City finds only 5% had a pimp. Yes, it’s evil men exploiting the poor women all the way.~WordsIView

He doesn’t know he made an argument for abolishing prostitution.

I hope this make the price go down.~RazedbyWolvz

Only concerned with his dick and how cheap it’ll be to abuse women.

Basically ANYTHING that gives hetero men pleasure is exploitation to feminists.~evilwhitemaleempire

This bill will sure as hell benefit Nevada’s economy.~David Sutton

Yes, the reason why it will is because men, the demand, will flock anywhere where they can buy and abuse women and due to women’s second class status in socioeconomic terms there will always be women around to buy to rape, beat, torture, and murder.

That’s why prostitution is male violence against women.

Monday Open Thread NO MRA’s Allowed

UPDATE: #C36 passed the House’s 3rd reading just moments ago.

Prostitution is a Human Rights Violation: C36

I haven’t been posting MRA shit because I’ve been doing something much more important. I’ve been watching both the House and Senate hearings on Bill C36. C36 is a response to the decriminalization of prostitution in Canada. Three laws were struck down in Dec 2013 to this effect. This bill is similar to the Swedish model which criminalizes men for buying women but also criminalizes prostituted women, which almost everyone opposes, including me.

Not one woman should be criminalized for being a victim of male violence. That would be like arresting and charging a battered woman or a rape victim. It’s foolish. I have my doubts that the police will crack down on the men. I highly doubt it. However, the great part of the bill is addressing the human rights aspect in the sense that women are not objects to be bought and sold just as we don’t allow people to buy organs, limbs etc. Prostitution is a result of patriarchy, the second class status of women in relationship to men. This is why most prostitutes are women and most buyers are men.

The NGO’s and individuals in the hearings come from everywhere. Bridget Perrier, an aboriginal woman who was prostituted reads off a statement from a young woman whose mother was murdered by Pickton, Canada’s serial killer of prostitutes. He admitted to murdering 49 women from my neighbourhood,dismembering them and feeding them to pigs. Aboriginal women are overrepresented as prostituted women as are Chinese women. The racism inherent in prostitution is just another layer that adds to the fact that this is a human rights violation.

Face to Face With Canada’s Serial Murderer

I remember when I got back from Boston one year and my street was cordoned off. They had arrested Pickton that day and I remember the haunting feeling knowing there were body parts and bone fragments all over the place. The vigils and candles quickly lit up the night at the entrance to his pig farm. There were two large white tents marked ‘victim services’ while crime scene tape blew in the wind. The ground was hard because it had been cold, unusually cold. The backhoes and the sifting machines worked all day finding teeth and jawbones. The media was everywhere and I could barely drive out of my neighbourhood and could only get back in with ID.

Happy Hookers with Internet Connections

A few years ago, on Youtube, a bunch of ‘sex positive’ women, two of which wanted to own a brothel, bullied the few radical feminists who made videos against prostitution. Our premise was radically simple: in an unequal world where women are the lower socioeconomic class, prostitution is a human rights violation against women. I don’t expect that many of you will disagree with me but if you do disagree feel free to make your case in the comment section.

Arguing for prostitution on Youtube is like fishing in a nest. Since Youtube is predominately male these few ‘sex positives’ didn’t have to do much to have lots of men doing anything and everything to please them and bully for them. These men became johns and pimps, gratefully abusing a few radical feminists who didn’t sugarcoat, smile, and cater to their feelings and the idea that women’s bodies are commodities. We few radfems were attacked every single day.

The leader of the sex poz bullies made a sock account and emailed a radical feminist pretending to be an abused teen in order to get dox on this radfem. It was quickly discovered and a whole slew of them gaslighted us by changing their profile pics and generally just being foolish. We radfems knew these people would stop at nothing to harm us. These bullies would stalk us around Youtube and, like MRA’s, would take an innocuous comment, blow it out of proportion, turn on the fauxrage, and make endless videos about it. They accused us of dropping dox, which we never did and of course the same old slurs like TERF and sex-negative.

Eventually, the few radfems, being exhausted, started fighting each other. The whole debacle was terribly sad. We divided. This taught me many valuable lessons which I won’t outline here except to say that whenever the subject of prostitution comes up on Youtube it has the effect of dividing women. Men get involved to protect their interest and women who are friends with these men are too afraid to speak up and stand with the sister the male just denounced.

Currently, the prostitution debate, which isn’t really a debate, has creeped back on Youtube and this past week has been very revealing to me as to who is an ally and who isn’t. Self professed socialists won’t take a stand against the human rights violations of women and pay lip service to pro exploitation folks. It’s disgusting. Of course, I don’t listen to men on this subject because they have a vested interest in making sure women’s bodies are on the market for them to buy, whether they ever do or not. If these same men think it’s wonderful to sell then I’d like to see them sell their ass to larger, stronger gay men for a year and then tell me how great it was while being force fed drugs. I’d love to see that.

Men’s Voices, The Real Ones

Prostitution is driven by demand. Johns don’t care about the women they buy. Men who buy women or support buying women are the most insidious male supremacists and racists because they view women as something they can buy for the right price. This is what one john says about buying women:invisible men canadaIf you want to see the full project it’s here. Not one john appeared for C36 to tell the Canadian government how nice they are and how they need to buy women.

Canada, I hope, will make herstory. The key elements to C36 revolve around the basic premise that prostitution is male violence against women and violates the Charter. This is important and I expect that the preamble to the bill will be modified to clearly reflect that so it will survive a court challenge.

House hearing videos are here.

Senate videos are here.

These are hours upon hours of video. Some of the best interviews are in the House because they have more time to speak than in the Senate, plus the questions in the House are much more detailed. Some of these presentations are morbid. There are parents of girls who were murdered and indeed they drown out the voices of happy hooker NGO’s and ‘researchers’ like Chris Atkinson who say this is all consensual and great fun. He says the Johns are nice people but when asked if he interviews the girlfriends and wives of these men he’s silent. Seriously, I wanted to punch the screen when he spoke as well as when a couple Adult entertainment lawyers spoke who actually said that strippers don’t sell sex in the clubs they represent. Thankfully, there are presenters who are well researched and who don’t lie to the committee.

An older prostitute, when asked if prostitution was inherently violent, stated that only 20% of women have that experience of violence and then went on, in the same thought, to say she had several episodes where she was beaten. I couldn’t believe how normalized and compartmentalized these women thought about the violence directed at them. They put on a good face to the committee saying how happy they were but cavalierly revealed they were abused. You could tell the MP’s weren’t buying their stories of happy hooker.

One of the applicants on the Supreme court challenge was a minor when she was pimped into prostitution! I watched some of the pro-exploitation NGO speakers making disrespectful ‘rolling eyes’ at witnesses who contradicted them. The Swedes were interviewed too. They said quite clearly: this is a human rights violation against women. Men do not need to buy sex and they aren’t entitled to sex. The demand is the problem.

I’ve been on Twitter tweeting under the hashtag #C36 and there are john’s on there simply don’t give a fuck whether they buy underage kids or trafficked girls/women. It’s frustrating and I’ve had to block a few people who can’t argue their case and who resort to low tactics or silly analogies. One john told me I needed to get out more.

One NGO that focuses on how Chinese women are exploited really had serious impact on me. The racism that is enacted on Chinese women’s bodies was clearly stated. Chinese women are sex trafficked to Canada and forced into ‘massage parlours’ where men want them to act like children and obedient, which is a racist stereotype. I think it really impacted me because I live in Chinatown and I interact with so many Asian women on a day to day basis and it made me wonder how many of the women I see are here in Canada because they’ve been sex trafficked.

On Channeling Your Inner Cheech

Lastly, and with more happiness, I have a new young buck (male mouse). I’ve named him Cheech. He’s really a fool. He runs with his tail in the air and is extremely playful. It took a while to gain a bit of his trust. He comes when I call him and then acts silly. He reminds me of a hobo. His ear is bitten and he’s thin. He’s the goofiest mouse I’ve ever met but also very friendly. I sort of feel like I need to protect him because he does crazy things. One night he climbed up a wall hanging while I watched him. He sat up on the thin wooden rod looking down at me and then climbed down only to go back up again because he could. He’s a clown.

Shortly before discovering he could literally climb the wall he climbed a wire behind my desk, sat on top in the corner and stood infinitely still while scanning me with his black beady eyes. Cheech knows I won’t harm him.

Yesterday evening I got down on the floor with peanut butter on my fingers. I’m training him to come eat from my hand. I call him and he comes with his nose moving rapidly while he stretches his body like an elastic when he gets closer to me. His game is to make me sit there while he sniffs the floor for 15 minutes pretending he’s not really interested and not really hungry. He’s bad at this game because he never stops looking back to see if I’m still there. So I wait, silently, while he goes through his own psychological torment.

Eventually he makes a loop near me. His nose pushes forward as he smells my legs. Yes Cheech, that’s Mum. He pops, landing a few feet away and continues looping back and smelling me. Sometimes I think he might be more interested in me than the peanut butter but that’s Cheech trying to fool me.

Beatrix Potter studied mice so well she even drew the usual crook in wild mice tails.

Beatrix Potter studied mice so well she even drew the usual crook in wild mice tails.

You can learn a lot from Cheech. He’s just so pathetic that you want to love him. That bitten ear marks him as a troublemaker among his own kind. His young skinny frame, while muscular, pops when he moves as if he’s the oldest mouse alive. He wears a black spot between his eyes. Looks like someone took an ink pen to him. I love little Cheech. He needs his own hashtag on twitter.


Post Birthday Thoughts

I was writing a reply to V, a regular reader and commenter here and realized that it would be better served as a full post.

My 45th Was A Happy Birthday With A Key Lime Pie

Although my day was hectic and things went wrong I still managed to feel good about turning 45 and yes I bought a key lime pie. I’m gonna eat the whole thing, except the crust, which is too sweet.

I admit I do long to rewind my life 20 years and do certain things over again but overall, once you hit this age you have a different perspective on life in general. I find myself slowing down a bit, smelling the roses so-to-speak.

I’ve lived the past 10 years on my own, absolutely totally 100% on my own. That’s an accomplishment. Now it hasn’t been easy at all. As a disabled woman I struggle so much but I’m free, inasmuch as a woman can be free in patriarchal society.

Overall the day was good but it was like any other day. Plus I had a cold so I won’t take a couple days off until I’m not sniffling.

Why Do I Do This?

I often ask myself why I keep this blog. I used to critique the male supremacy movement on Youtube and finally decided to write it all down. This blog is almost 1 year old. I have many reasons why I think this is important. Knowing how vast male violence against women is it seems the MRA’s are the critical population to expose. In my view MRA’s will say things most men will not. This gives us a good glimpse into what drives men. I’ve found that even left leaning men will eventually show their entitlement and misogyny.

In fact, a man I wrote about a year ago, Charles Clymer, is one of those men who wants in to feminism so he can get dates and silence women. In my experience men cannot be feminists. They can be pro-feminists but never shall they understand women’s experiences. No matter how much men claim they’re feminists they’ll always at some point start mansplaining a woman or disrespecting her. I’ve seen it happen over and over again. Men should never hold leadership positions or any position of power over a woman in feminist circles. EVER.

I also keep this blog because I feel like I have a responsibility to help other women who are being targeted by Men’s ‘Rights’ groups and I know that women need a space to name the problem and express our experiences as women. I recognize the need for spaces for women BY women.

I do most of my work behind the scenes and nobody ever knows about it. It has to remain that way for my safety. I wish I could write about it but I can’t. When I expose a new MRA plot to attack a woman I expect women here to network the way I do, to help them in any way they can, even if it’s just support. I know it’s dangerous out there and I know this isn’t for everyone but it’s something I have to do.

The new methods of attack the internet has allowed have also opened up vast networks of women to fight back. The internet is very important in that regard.

The Journey To Radical Feminism

I came to radical feminism naturally, which to me means that I recognized my experiences as a woman as a natural response to a male dominated world. My progression is quite determinist and that’s because I listened to myself. I knew what kind of society I lived in by the 5th grade. I knew males had an easier time at things and that I was always going to be second guessed or simply not listened to.

I experienced discrimination while trying to get into a coveted educational spot. I did get in but not without a fight. I’m lucky in one respect, my parents were willing to fight for me and they did. I remember feeling like I had struck gold, had landed in a magical place that most girls never got to see. Of course, I also felt guilt because I was second guessed and sometimes felt I wasn’t worthy. Women know that feeling. We know that what comes out of our mouths is usually going to be mansplained and we adjust accordingly. Women are so busy adjusting we don’t have time to live and to me, that’s a crime against humanity.

Internalizing that guilt let me know I had arrived. I could suddenly understand the relationship between my mother and father, how unequal it was. I vowed never to be a housewife because I saw my mother subjugated in that role and I saw how my father reacted when she wanted to study and go to work. I vowed never to have kids because I knew I’d be bringing them into a world that just wasn’t good. I just said no to kids altogether and admired a life lived just for me. I vowed never to be shamed for this radical decision. So far, so good. I listened to myself.

That’s what radical feminists are so good at: listening to ourselves. When we experience something we aren’t afraid to recognize it for what it is. I think that women who listen to themselves become radical feminists. At least I’d like to think so.

That’s what I value the most about radical feminism. Naming the problem is what we do around here. We don’t second guess or ask whether men want to hurt us. Men are clearly saying ‘we will hurt you.’ I’ve learned many times over that even supposed male allies aren’t to be fully trusted. Why? Because they can’t see their privilege nor do they recognize the structural inequalities we face simply for being women. There’s usually a blind spot somewhere. I just heard a man deride the metaphor that ‘All IPV is rape.’ Did he ask me to explain this metaphor? Nope. Instead he got his back up because well, women must be sexually available to men even  when women are taking the bigger risks in sexual relationships with men. That’s just a fact.

Radical feminism, to me, is about facts. We correctly see the world we live in and we correctly describe it because we use the most valuable tool we have: Our experiences. We must continue to listen to ourselves and trust ourselves.

The Here And Now And Moving Forward

I think women today are in serious trouble, not because of MRA’s but because we’ve always had to struggle. With rampant pornography usage by males, the constant erosion of reproductive rights, the economic problems, and so on, we women are experiencing a serious backlash from male supremacists, hence the MRA’s and men who may not call themselves MRA’s but who share the same aggrieved entitlement and even some of the same unsupported ideas. There are men who parrot MRA talking points who don’t even call themselves MRA’s.

MRA’s are a small group. They’re pretty insignificant in many ways. Their views are not held by the mainstream. However, they harass women and their ideology must be brought into the light of day so it can be shown for what it is: misogyny.

I will always applaud a woman like Emma Watson who brings feminism to a world audience and we must support her. Even if her campaign is ‘fun feminism’ we should stand by her because she is trying even if misguided. Is anything radical going to come of her campaign? Maybe, but I doubt it. How often have women asked men to get involved, to correct their own and other male behaviour? Some might disagree with me and that’s ok. That’s why we have a comment section.

So far all I see is a few male celebrities tweeting out pics of themselves with a hashtag expecting praise and getting it. That’s disturbing. Expecting praise for acting like a human being who treats other human beings with respect is pretty disgusting.

However, vocal women like Emma are being viciously attacked by men. She is their next target. For those who don’t know, after Emma’s UN speech some threatened to release private nude photos of her. It didn’t matter that she included and addressed men softly and carefully which is what women usually have to do in order to avoid male violence. Face it, none of us would’ve been so charming. Yet no matter how gently she spoke men still targeted her. Many feminists have pointed out that simply stating that women are subjugated brings male backlash. Look no further for proof. Speaking up about male violence can bring male violence. UPDATE: the photo leak was just an empty threat but one nonetheless that involved violence against women.

Feminism is a dirty word lately but that is changing albeit slowly. We must stand together even though we may disagree with each other. I’m not asking anyone to withhold their analyses. I would expect that a pro-sexual exploitation person who posts here knows she’s going to have to tend with the radical feminist position. That’s a given but we must, as Gail Dines says, be the leaders. We must take these women in and educate them and speak with them. It won’t be easy. There will be arguments. There will be hurt feelings.

Just yesterday I had a fun feminist engage me in a conversation. First she tweeted that feminists are the ones pushing the mother/whore dichotomy. I corrected her. We tweeted back and forth until she literally put words in my mouth. You know what she was concerned with? Male feelings. She kept telling me she was a feminist and I kept smh. Unfortunately, I couldn’t carry on a discussion with her because she kept asserting things I never said. When asked to provide my statements she couldn’t. I expect that this kind of thing will happen here on this blog too.

Our analyses aren’t fun. We’re blunt and unapologetic. Our discussion might be hard to hear if you’re not a radical feminist, if you’re so used to catering to males. It can get very bleak for women who are second guessing whether to name the problem or not for fear of  male retaliation. However, we unite in that voice and in our personal experiences as women because we matter. We’re not concerned about male feelings around here. If we were this place would be AVFM.

While I welcome liberal feminists here you must recognize you’re in our garden and we will, I hope, help you to see our perspective. I don’t want you to get the idea this is the place for debating arguments because it’s not. I’m just saying that I recognize that some liberal feminists will want to post here. The one thing I will say is not to cut down or try to minimize radical feminist experiences. For example, telling other members that you love men is useless around here because nobody is saying you can’t. It’s not productive and well, nobody around here wants to hear it anyway because it’s usually a response to a woman to get a rise out of her. Just because you love some dude out there doesn’t mean other women have to.

However, if you want to seriously discuss and learn about an issue, feel free. My radical sisters might not feel the same way about you that I do, so keep that in mind too. I have already promised not to butt into any disagreements. I don’t know if that will work across all situations but I’ll do my best to stay out of it.

Above all, I want to thank all readers of this blog, new and old, for sharing your experiences as WOMEN. We’re almost 1 year old!


Does Fake ‘Dr.’ Rhymes Know He’s On a Hate Site? UPDATED

MRA’s are not fond of any topic where they can’t somehow blame women. Domestic violence is no different. In their latest crap article by Edward Rhymes (who doesn’t actually hold a PhD), while the author clearly seems to understand that male battering of women is a problem, he recites the same crappy false information from cherry picked links.

‘Confusing the very people one is trying to affect is not a sound strategy for change’~AVFM’s Rhymes

I agree. Let’s not confuse people. So why do you post crap? You made the claim that ‘830,000 men fall victim to domestic violence every year. A man is the victim of domestic abuse every 37.8 seconds in America.’ Then you listed your source as an info article from Psychiatry Online that didn’t even contain those numbers.

You also made the claim that ‘more women than men (25% versus 11%) were responsible. In fact, in the 71% of non-reciprocal partner violence instances, the instigator was the woman.’ Then you linked to another measly article, not the source. What I found very curious in the article is that the researcher NEVER once talked about WHO suffered the most extreme injuries. How much do you want to bet it’s women? The researcher very carefully suggested that ‘women start it in reciprocal violence’ but never does he say what that behaviour is. Does she yell at him and then he punches her teeth out?

You see I used to go out with a woman who went on DV calls in the state of Texas. She assisted the police. In EVERY case, and I’m talking severe violence, it was men perpetrating it. Even if the violence is ‘reciprocal’ it’s always the woman getting the beating of her life. So don’t write crap articles with cherry picked bullshit anymore AVFM. Oh, and cite your damned sources. The ACTUAL research paper and not some article where you can’t read the methodology.

I love this next trick. The author suggests men have to learn how to stop beating on women and by assumption that women need to learn to stop beating on men. Then he cites a stat which the reader probably thinks is about women committing domestic violence but it’s not. It’s a study about juvenile crime of women. Good one AVFM.

This writer’s bio states ‘Dr. Rhymes received his PhD from the University of Berkley in Sociology with a concentration in Critical Race Theory & Black Studies. He has over 24 years experience working in the field of anti-racism, equity and inclusion training.’

How in the hell did this writer end up on a hate site? You do know you’re among white nationalists right? RIGHT? Do you know that black women are being blamed for the black community’s problems on an article that’s running simultaneously to yours?

UPDATE: It’s come to the attention of us here at mancheeze that ‘Dr’ Rhymes isn’t a doctor. Also, he might even be fictitious person. I have no idea but the more my commenters dig the more we find. The school that Rhymes didn’t attend is basically a place where you can pay for an instant degree and is not accredited. In fact the man behind this ‘school’ was sued. See the comment section for the links. Thanks to Vychera for finding the lawsuit link.

Oh and here’s a brilliant MRA observation that I think encapsulates the differences when it comes to domestic violence

‘I have to wonder how much of the male violence was a result of constant unending needling by the woman.’

Yes, because reminding a man to take out the garbage is so totes a reason for him to beat her.

Does this author, who claims to have a PhD, read the comments?

‘When a gold-digger chooses an idiot because said idiot provides her with the gold she seeks and then she gets beat up by aforementioned idiot, does she deserve a domestic violence industry, above and beyond the assault-and-battery laws that already protect her, to universally trash men’s rights because of stupid women, like her, making stupid choices? And then she gives birth to his thug-spawn and the DV industry wants to reward her for it, while ignoring the abuse that she dishes out on her children.’

Yes, in MRA hatred land women deserve it if they marry a wealthy man! It costs money to beat your wife and we all know MRA’s love Stefan Molyneux’s theory about women ruining the world.


It’s come to my attention that ‘Dr.’ Rhymes isn’t actually a PhD. He got his piece of paper from a bubblegum non-accredited school which my commenter Ron pointed out and others followed up. I had a hard time believing a PhD in sociology would mess up so badly when quoting things to support his argument and it turns out this guy probably doesn’t even know what a study is. Basically I would say he’s an opportunist, like Elam, and maybe wants to make some money somehow. Most people on AVFM are only in this for money including Elam himself.

Sam Pepper: Rapist

This guy is just one of many male Youtubers who hide their sexual assault of women by calling their videos ‘pranks.’ Oh and Youtube, in it’s infinite wisdom hasn’t shut down the rapists channel yet.

This video is very hard to listen to. She describes her rape in detail by this guy. Many more women, including minors are coming forward.

We women need guns or something to kill/subdue these motherfuckers so they don’t ever do it again. No telling how many women he raped. And of course women are kind and don’t want to hurt men’s feelings nor do we want broken bones if we resist too much. Some serious redistribution of power has to happen here.

There’s so much more to this story that we’ll discuss in the comment section. Here’s a picture of the rapist scum.

IMPORTANT: If you are a young woman affected by this piece of shit please contact Laci Green who is an ally and has been talking to many of you who have already come forward. You can also talk to me as well just for an ear, someone to listen to you. My email is and you can contact Laci from her Youtube Channel HERE.

Rapist scum I hope sees the inside of a jail cell for a long long time

Rapist scum. I hope sees the inside of a jail cell for a long long time


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