Big Red Neckbeard Hates Women AND Children

Paul Elam’s intent to go softer on his woman hating is failing miserably today. In response to an angry letter from a man regarding AVFM’s new mission statement, he wrote ‘There Is No Such Thing as a Sperm Donor. They Take It All.’ In it he rails at the guy who wrote him telling him he was done with the Men’s Human Rights Movement because of AVFM’s hatred. Specifically, Elam and friends have decided that paying child support needs to go and men need to have control over women’s reproductive rights. The ‘former’ MRA wrote him:

‘I am writing to let you know that you just lost another reader. In fact, I now consider myself DONE with the MRM.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw in your new mission statement that you think a man should be able to walk away from his responsibilities as a father when he gets a woman pregnant.

Is this what your new world looks like, men having all the sex they want and then turning their backs on the women who are carrying their children?

This casts a shadow of shame on every man who supports your movement. I refuse to be one of them.’

Paul Elam, being the aggressive misogynist that he is and who hates it when men question him, doubled down on his stance  and proclaimed that yes, men should be able to fuck and dump women and walk away from any babies that result from it. He also gives us a clue into his stance on abortion.

‘Men (at least those they bother to inform) wait to be told if their child will be surgically terminated. If the child is allowed to live, the man will wait to be told how often he will have access to it, and how much it will cost him. He will also be pointedly informed of the price for not paying up.’

Paul Elam needs a class in reproduction. It’s not a child before birth Paul. It’s a foetus.

His reasoning for why men should be allowed to run off and leave their children without a dime?

‘Women have almost limitless options where it concerns reproduction. There are multiple, inexpensive forms of birth control. They can keep their legs closed. That option is very affordable, even if telling women life as a cum dumpster is risky, both for women and for the people who point out that the statement is true. There is abortion as a unilateral decision. There is even a post-conception abortion pill.’

Children are not only are stuck with a deadbeat dad who doesn’t give a fig about them but women who have sex are cum dumpsters who deserve to live in poverty with their kids because it’s more important that men screw women and leave their progeny in the dust. He thinks caring for a child financially is slavery for men.

What’s at issue here is deadbeats. AVFM is full of them. These are men who are older and have kids and either don’t pay child support or pay portions of it. Basically, they’re just men who hate their ex wives and take it out on the child.

‘Consent to sex does not mean consent to parent. Ask any woman. She will tell you.’

What Elam and friends don’t understand, what they get wrong every time, is that consenting to sex is NEVER consenting to parenthood for either men or women. Consenting to sex means you consent to the possibility that a pregnancy may come of it and that if a child is born you financially must support that child. Giving money to support the child isn’t parenting. Mothers who raise children that come from deadbeats are the parents who are parenting the child. Anyone can give money but not everyone parents.

‘I am just saying that unless you are willing to tell women to quit expecting handouts and a cup of sympathy every time they get themselves knocked up by the nearest thug, you may just be proving your hypocrisy and your intellectual weakness.’~Paul Elam

Women aren’t expecting sympathy. The child has needs which Elam calls ‘chivalry.’ You can see a bit of Elliot Rodger in his writing too. Elam, like Rodger, thinks women just go for Alpha males who treat them badly while ignoring the lower status males, like Elam himself, who are the real men, the men that really care.

‘Your body. Your choice, and your fucking baby. Now let’s hear some shit about how you don’t need a man. But you might want to consider the fact that a growing number of us have heard that one enough to start honoring it whenever possible.’

The anger Elam has towards women is so palpable, so intense and now we know he hates children just as much. I’m going to start calling him ‘Big Red Neckbeard.’ CLICK ON IMAGE FOR FULL SIZE

Big Red Neckbeard

Big Red Neckbeard




AVFM’s New and Improved Misogyny, er, Mission Statement

AVFM’s come out with their new mission statement. If you just read the first two paragraphs, it’s well written, but it devolves very quickly into taking women’s rights away and calling women ‘gynocentric parasites.’ I had thought that a men’s movement would focus on men but we know this isn’t about men ending traditional gender roles. It’s about eliminating women’s hard won rights. Here’s the first few paragraphs, which you would agree with until they go full tilt woman hating:

‘The past 50 years has been a time of remarkable change in the world of western women. With the help of technology and forward thinking our society has thrown off sex based expectations and limitations for women, allowing them important, long-deserved access to the path of self-actualization.

We now live in a world where a woman’s role in life is one of choice, not a destiny shaped by tradition, determined by biology or forged in law.  This, we think, is as it should be.

This revolution in freedom and identity, however, will not be complete until the same standards find their way into the lives of the average man. The absence of that complimentary change in the lives of men has created an imbalance that erodes the autonomy of both sexes. Unless this changes, that Imbalance will worsen.’

Now it turns batshit crazy.

Here are some of the missions of AVFM. Out of 24 new missions, 21 of them involve harming women.

End rape shield laws.

Why would MRA’s want to end protection of a woman’s sexual history when it comes to rape cases? To punish her of course. To add to rape culture. Please see my in-depth post on rape and how MRA’s and men justify its existence.

Rape and other forms of sexual assault shall not be based on “penetration” or any sex-specific characteristic, but based on clearly-stated lack of consent.

Rape is a specific crime. Redefining rape to mean something other than penetration won’t make any difference as all sexual violence is counted as a sexual assault. In order to get accurate stats there is a need to separate rape from envelopment. They are two different things yet both are counted equally under the law.

Dispense with child support except in special circumstances.

They want to be able to be deadbeats. MRA’s don’t care about kids.

Reproductive rights, choice in parenthood for men. Consent to sex is not consent to parenthood. Upholding this idea for women while denying it to men must end. Men must be allowed to unilaterally reject parental rights and obligations during the same period of time in which a woman may legally obtain an abortion. The identified father must be served with legal notification of the intent use his assets for the benefit of a child while an abortion is still legal, or the right to use said assets by the mother are forfeit.

I once read a comment that dealt so eloquently with this issue. Consenting to sex has nothing to do with parenthood. You consent to the possibility that a pregnancy will occur. It’s still a choice equally whether to be a parent for both a man and a woman. Many MRA’s want to leave women in the lurch and not financially care for kids aka promoting dead beats instead of promoting contraception and responsible behaviour.

Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) precisely as it was originally written, and sign it into law. Or the equivalent in other countries if they do not yet have equal rights as a matter of law.

Their plan in doing this is to put this in so they can then claim men deserve jobs that they think women are ‘stealing’ from them.

Selective Service must either be abolished or include women.

It’s interesting that their focus isn’t just on ending it, which feminists support anyway. MRA’s want an equal number of deaths in manual labour jobs and in the military yet don’t support women getting into those jobs to get the higher pay or in the military. This isn’t about lifting up men. It’s about focusing on women and how best to harm us if they don’t get what they want.

Affirmative Action programs based on sex must be abolished

Racist, sexist assholes. What more do you want?

Abandon Duluth Model and all patriarchy theory-based models of domestic violence in favor of non-ideological evidence-based solutions and programs.

The Duluth Model doesn’t preclude men being victims. The problem is that women are the majority of victims in frequency and severity of battering. The only way MRA’s claim this outrageous stat is by using a flawed method that isn’t accepted by govt. research projects on DV because it doesn’t measure violence accurately. Plus, there is an ideology behind battering women: patriarchal control and dominion over women’s lives.

Require all state and federally funded DV programs to extend full and equal services, including shelter, without regard to sex.

They already have services based on demand. Men who call DV lines can go to hotels and other accommodations set up with the service they call. The issue here is men don’t need the same amount of services women do. Men are never going to be allowed into women’s shelters. I wonder if this means Paul Elam is going to take that 100K and the extra 33K he got a couple months ago and start a battered men’s shelter in Texas? Prolly not, which is why they wrote this:

‘It is time for feminism to fulfill its promise, and to quit making a mockery of it.’

Does anyone find this absurd? They expect feminism to start taking those hard won rights AWAY from women? Isn’t this where Paulie steps in and does something with all that money except make stupid mission statements on his website that promote hatred of women and children? What promise did feminism make? It’s a movement for equality. It never promised to allow dead beat dads not support their own kids. Wow. These guys are so entitled and so dense.

Implement the assumption of equal physical parenting during divorce.

This is not what MRA’s are for. This is their tricky language. What they really want is what’s called FORCED shared parenting. This is what father’s rights groups have been trying to do for over 2 decades. Forced shared parenting allows the abusive parent who doesn’t really want the kids (usually the father and as we can see MRA’s don’t want to support their kids either) to get equal custody to harm the ex  Recently in Canada there was an MRA styled bill that got decimated in the senate due to its harmful proposal that abusers should have forced shared custody and that after divorce the financially weaker partner, (usually the mother) can’t move unless the father says so. It’s also a strategy to get out of paying child support. You can see by the above mission statement that MRA’s don’t want to care for their kids unless it’s to harass their ex.

End alimony except by pre-nuptial agreement.

Another thing to hurt mainly women and kids after divorce.

Marriage should be based solely on contract law.

I have never heard of this before but I’m guessing this is where people get married always with a prenup.

End federal funding and provide penalties for universities that interfere with the rights of men to form campus groups.

Wow! One that actually deals with men, one of only two that deal exclusively with men. You can’t end federal funding because a student body won’t vote you in and dedicate money to you. It’s called democracy. The Canadian Federation of Students VOTES on these things. You’re not entitled to that money. You must serve a purpose. Five dudes don’t warrant a TV and video game room on campus if it doesn’t pass muster. If you actually came up with a purpose for these groups instead of ‘DOWN WITH THE WIMMINZ!’ maybe someone would take you seriously.

Prohibit state interference in any sexual relationship between consenting adults.

This one is strange to me. Am I reading this right? Are they saying to end laws against sexual assault? The state doesn’t interfere if there’s consent. The problem is Elam and friends don’t like the notion of teaching men and women about consent or what rape is. It’s better left blurry so men have avenues to coerce women with alcohol. My next post is about this very subject.

Those are just some of them. Like I said, 21 out of 24 were about women. The last part says

‘It is time for the interests of humanity to take precedence over the interests of men and women as political factions and social adversaries.’

That’s what feminism is. That’s not what you guys are. You really think people are that stupid and can’t read the 24 item list you’ve made and figure out it’s about taking rights away from women and bawling because you think feminists should do that for you?

I suggest EVERYONE, right NOW, click on the book on the right hand column of this blog. It’s called Backlash by Susan Faludi. Decades ago she wrote a book about these fringe misogynist groups and how they raise their ugly visages at every turn where women gain even the smallest bit of equality. It will explain why MRA’s are infatuated with Warren Farrell and why Farrell is just parroting the same trash peddled in the Victorian era as a backlash against women. It explains why feminism is always the target. It also sheds light on why men do this and what they’re trying to gain by it. It’s an eye opener because once you read this book, the entire MRM becomes more hilarious than it already is and most certainly pathetically predictable.


Justifying Rape

Rape is a huge topic in the Manosphere, from the insistence that women are always filing false reports due to ‘regret sex’ to the posters AVFM made in response to an effective public postering campaign by SAVE to educate people on consent. The slogan ‘men can stop rape’ is an anathema to MRA’s. Their response to the slogan is curious. They think they’re being called rapists. The question is ‘why?

Men Don’t Worry About Rape

Then there are MRA’s like John Hembling aka JohntheOther who make videos saying ‘I DON”T GIVE A FUCK about rape victims!’

Recently he double down on the video in a new one titled ‘I still don’t give a fuck about rape’ after furiously trying to erase his old video by falsely DMCAing anyone who had a copy. In this video he addresses me as a Youtube feminist.

In a recent conversation with an MRA named George Booth over on this article an MRA made this comment:

First, women dress up to go out dancing, to be attractive.
Second, women dance in such a way to be sexual and thus attractive. That’s rather the fun of it, eh?
Third, to ‘go out dancing’ means that women intend to dance with a series of men, therefore actively attracting them closer.

And then, she drinks.

Upon consuming alcohol, she is suddenly – ACCORDING TO THE LAW – impaired and incapable of giving considered consent and any man she has attracted and then has sex with her, has – UNDER THE LAW – raped her.

Since women now have these nifty new laws to “protect” them from being taken advantage of, a woman can’t legally say “yes”.

So, I’d pretty much have to agree that – LEGALLY – any woman that goes out drinking and dancing is at least asking to be raped. Remember! All rape is rape!

This is one reason among several that I just don’t care about rape anymore.

He’s saying that women who are dancing and wearing certain clothing are doing it for male attention. Male attention means rape.  Alcohol is the secondary component that he thinks should absolve the man of doing what is ‘natural’ and that the dancing and clothing mean she’s asking for it. This seems to be the mindset of MRA’s and plenty of other men too. Are men just too stupid not to rape or are they feigning ignorance hoping the spotlight doesn’t shine on their coercive strategies?

When I asked this MRA what clothing and dancing had to do with anything he claimed that the clothing industry was a ‘multi-billion dollar industry.’  This typical mansplain is what I like to call the MRA ‘skipping needle’ routine where once you corner them logically they skip to a new topic, a new song on the vinyl.

Rape Isn’t That Bad Because It’s Natural

I ran across another MRA blog called Deansdale’s Blog where he questions the severity of rape in a post titled ‘How bad is rape, really?’ He makes a hypothetical list of 12 horrible things that could happen to a person wherein the last 3 are rape scenarios. He tells women that if they didn’t choose the last 3 rape scenarios they’re crazy.

So what’s the purpose of men trying to compare rape to other horrid human tragedies? What I find interesting is that women must choose an option, and therefore must choose rape. What are women complaining about when it’s not as horrible as a drunk driver smashing your hipbone or becoming financially bankrupt?

Men keep rape around because it’s a tool of oppression. If men truly wanted to eradicate rape they’d be postering their locales with ‘Don’t be That Guy’ posters and educating themselves and other men about consent, not posting on their blogs about how insignificant it is compared to other human tragedies. It does suggest, in this case, that Deansdale recognizes the magnitude of suffering a rape victim endures.

I’ve seen many men, and especially MRA’s say rape will never go away and that it’s a natural occurrence that’s been going on since the dawn of time. This is yet another mansplain to let women know men intend to do nothing to stop it and want it around to use to keep women in fear.

False Rape Accusations Are Worse Than ‘Real’ Rape

Recently, Jonathan Taylor of A Voice for Male Students published a piece on false rape accusations on AVFM titled ‘Ten Reasons False Rape Accusations Are Common.’ In it he uses anecdotes from the mass media.  The study MRA’s use to declare false accusations are common is Kanin’s study. It’s so methodologically flawed it should be removed from any serious discussion of this issue. MRA’s also like to point to the Innocence Project which uses DNA evidence in old rape cases to exhonerate the accused who’ve been convicted. However, MRA’s never explain that those who are exhonerated are usually black and just a case of mistaken identity, not a false claim.

The Duke Lacrosse scandal is another oft mentioned retort to the argument that false rape accusations are rare. What wasn’t so rare about that case was a bunch of white jocks hiring strippers who weren’t supposed to be black and then yelling racist shit at them while they stripped. That kind of entitlement, the jock who thinks he can do what he wants, is everywhere. This one case doesn’t remove the Daisy Coleman’s and the Oksana Makar’s from the world. The fact is, for every case Jonathan Taylor cites as a false case, I can name 100 that aren’t false, that are happening now.

In his list Taylor claims

‘Female students are systemically taught that sex is rape when it is not, essentially being taught to make false rape accusations.’

This is patently false as Universities are giving freshman students lectures on sexual assault, what it is and how to report it. Taylor scoffs at universities clearly laying out what sexual assault is. He takes issue with things like verbal sexual harassment of women by brushing it off as not important but he’s really angry that colleges are being incredibly specific on how to not sexually assault women. The reason, in my view, is that it becomes harder for men to do what they’ve always done: coerce. Now that it’s more difficult, men are angry. Sexual assault isn’t  important to men because they don’t experience it the way women do.

Taylor tries to boost his thesis by listing out-of-context feminist quotes. He quotes Carol Bohmer: ‘In this book we will be using the term victim to refer to people who claim to have been sexually assaulted.’ This is supposed to be Taylor’s gotcha moment. Problem is he didn’t read the book because it was taken randomly from a page on Google Books.

Perpetuating Rape Culture

On the men’s rights subreddit there’s a post called ‘What Feminism Taught Me About Rape.‘ As you can already guess, the post is flooded with sentiments on rape culture and is exactly the opposite of what feminism teaches. One MRA defined ‘acquaintance’  with incredible detail because he didn’t want to accept that a man a woman knows intimately can rape her. He also complains the statistics will be inaccurate if we count intimate partner rape.

Your best friend who you know well and trust intimately is not likely to rape you. Most rape is committed by “acquaintances.” A man you met at a party who rapes you later that evening? That’s an acquaintance. The way statistics are tabulated, a prior relationship of “5 minutes of conversation” counts the same as “being your best friend since grade 2.”

Men love to tell women how to handle rape, not how they, as men, can prevent it. One MRA recommended women fight back to ensure physical evidence and that women who do fight have a good chance of stopping the attack. Once again the onus of stopping rape is on her. He cites a stat but never the source. It was obviously pulled from his ass. Another MRA added

‘As someone else said, encouraging women to not be victims and fight back would actually stop a whole lot of unwanted sex, but feminists would be out on the street screeching “teach men not to rape” within 5 minutes.’

He warns women about drinking as if women are not allowed to drink like men drink, which is exactly what that means. He doesn’t comprehend that making women change the amount of alcohol they drink is a form of victim blaming. What he’s teaching other men is that a drinking woman is partially at fault and asked for it. Notice how he switches the language to ‘sex?’ This word substitution for rape is prevalent in men. To me it signifies that men think rape and sex is a blurry concept. Why else would they switch words? Thunderf00t is notorious for doing this too. This is a perpetuation of rape culture.

How Can We Stop Rape If We’re The Rapists?

In this comment an MRA reinforces the notion that it’s the deranged male psychopathic and not average men who are doing the raping.

‘The typical sexual predator has sociopathic personality traits and low-empathy, which makes education a completely ineffective means of reduction. Men who rape do not rape because they are ignorant of what rape is, men who rape simply don’t care’

First, he’s wrong about men knowing what rape is. Judge Michael Mettyear of the UK recently showed a rapist empathy because he wasn’t a ‘classic rapist.’ Also, a UN survey in Asia asked men about rape, without using the word, just scenarios of forced sex and asked them if they had engaged in it.  Many of them did.

The majority of rapists are men. This is undisputed. So why are men so offended and change the subject when we ask them to stop raping? The answer to me is clear. They want to continue this practice and oppression. They want the blurry lines where coercion is an option. I know that when a bunch of MRA’s gather on a  reddit thread talking about rape that they’re going to continue to perpetuate rape myths and tell me, as an individual woman, that not only do I have to be afraid of these guys but that I will be victim blamed if a man chooses to rape me. It’s a choice to rape. A choice.

Many men don’t see it as a choice. They see it as inevitable. That’s part of the problem. If you see rape as something that can’t be stopped, which is what men tell us all the damn time, then the oppression and rape of women will continue. The oppression of women by men in this way is something that can never be tolerated.

When you get an MRA to acknowledge that false rape accusations are incredibly rare, the FBI says 8% are unfounded (not necessarily false), they retort

‘any good cop knows that is a lie. the f.b.i. is getting to where it lies almost as much as its boss. probably replaced good men in power w/ halfwits and weirdo’s like in the rest of government.

with practically no punishment for making false claims, and long before reason returns to honest men, one might reasonably expect the real rate to reach 8%, in the other direction (8% true). false accusations don’t really cost women and girls anything. you can’t even put their names out there to be punished by society as innocent men are from the first false accusation.’

Just call the cops and the FBI a bunch a liars and use the term ‘real’ and you’ve got mansplaining rape down perfectly. The Edmonton police put the rate at less than 1%. I guess those cops are just lying too right?

Rape On Campus

In California, Bill 967 is causing men to quiver and, in my opinion, for no reason at all. This bill forces universities that are getting money from the federal government to step up and adopt a new preponderance of evidence standard along with clear guidelines for students, faculty, local police and local women’s services to handle rape.  Men aren’t happy that now the rapist is the one worrying about crossing a lower standard instead of the victim trying to prove an almost impossible one. Some men are suing universities for expelling them after being found guilty of rape. I think that men finally bearing the brunt of responsibility is the right way to go. It will stop being women’s sole problem.

I also think, and have stated in the past, that men do know how to ply women with alcohol and they appreciate the fact that there’s space for them to get away with coercion because the beyond reasonable doubt standard allows them to say ‘she wanted it.’  I expect a lot of lawsuits brought by men at their colleges. It’s all part of male backlash.

Hans Bader from Legal Insurrection disavows the bill because he says most communication is non verbal and ‘haggling’ shouldn’t be a part of sex, especially with couples who know each other. Hans obviously doesn’t know much about rape though because most rape is between people who know each other. His is a legal opinion but also a male one. He argues that sex between long term couples will now be considered rape. I don’t understand how that could be unless ONE teensy tiny thing is given: consent.

It’s also apparent from the comment section on Hans’ article that men are infuriated. One commenter writes, after giving us a lesson on the ‘nature’ of men and women:

‘So, the whole idea here seems to be to give females a chance to get revenge on males if they feel day-after remorse. For the most part, the females voluntarily put themselves in the position they found themselves in, with the full knowledge of what might, or maybe was likely to, happen. They got drunk, hooked up, and regretted it the next day. Maybe the guy didn’t call them back. Something like that. But, before thinking that the females can only win, keep in mind that males are more and more dropping out of the dating/mating game, and are getting harder to nail down into marriage, as the reality that the deck is stacked against them becomes obvious to more and more of them.’

The comment section is full of disgruntled men who now are put on the spot to have consent, enthusiastic consent, and they hate the idea. I can’t help but think that they’re overreacting. Some of them are purposely making this complicated:

‘Just handout sexual consent forms at Freshman Orientation. And, remind the male students that whenever they receive one from a female student to make sure that it is notarized.’

I see no women in the comment section, just men. They know they can’t coerce anymore. One of them even flat out admitted that this kind of male pushing and female resisting was just part of normal relationships. I suppose that’s why education about rape and consent it so important.

‘How remarkably weak the women of American college campi must seem, if they need this kind of “protection”. Perhaps we need to revisit the whole “co-ed” idea, and segragate these delicate flowers from the ravishing males.’

It’s Women’s Job As Usual

Women, we are stuck with this mess because once again, men won’t take responsibility or lift a precious male finger to help stop rape. In fact, I bet every MRA on that reddit thread has no idea what consent is, what rape is, or what it might look like one day to acknowledge that rape culture exists. MRA’s aren’t interested in solving problems. They love their echo chamber just too damn much. It’s telling that they label themselves rapists when seeing a poster of three men coercing a woman who is drinking alcohol.

I found a comment on Ms. Magazine blog from a male that pointed out that men really do know what consent is but they don’t want to stop coercing women:

I’ve been out of school a long time, but if memory serves, it really wasn’t that difficult to determine if a woman wanted to have sex. Believe me, guys know what “no” means, if for no other reason than we’ve probably heard it more often than its opposite. Since sex is an activity that both parties–the last time I checked–are supposed to enjoy, taking advantage of someone too intoxicated to know what’s going on or forcing someone to do something violates the victim, the law, and the ethical foundation of physical pleasure with another human being. Any man who claims he didn’t know she didn’t give her consent is either lying or so obtuse he should never have been admitted as an undergraduate.

Men can stop rape but they don’t want to.


VAWA is Related to Michael Brown’s Death Says Elam

Do you think that Elam and Esmay could talk about the death of Michael Brown without bringing up women or blaming women for something? Course not. In their weekly Intelligence Report (ugh) Elam and Esmay went belly up. They started talking about the shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed (as far as we know) African American man from Ferguson shot 6 times by police. Instead of talking about the ways in which white male domination, privilege, and systematic racism keep minorities out of good paying jobs or even having an African American on their program to talk about it, Esmay and Elam told us that VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) and the war on drugs is related to the unrest in Ferguson. In other words, let’s bring this back to blaming women.

‘You can see the same artifacts, with the Violence Against Women Act when you see the primary aggressor laws, when you see mandatory arrest laws come into play in domestic disputes and the cops show up and answer the door, just arresting the guy is as easy as it can possibly be in a minority community. And then, this is another reason that there is no trust. I mean don’t even address all the poverty, the joblessness, the lack of prospects for the future, the feeling of disenfranchisement. The fact is our laws with the war on drugs and the Violence Against Women Act are geared to go in and create chaos and imprison people in black and other minority communities.’~ Paul Elam

Wow. What projection. If someone can seriously tell me what VAWA has to do with Michael Brown’s death I’d love to know because for a group that continually goes around saying they’re diverse and sensitive to African Americans it seems to me they’d ask an African American to talk about this? In fact, AVFMers are all over an African American right now in the comment section of Alternet’s piece on the MRM. White MRA’s are telling a black guy to shut up about racism he faces and white mansplaining to him.

Oh and it’s misandry that’s responsible according to Esmay and Elam even though it’s obviously racism.  I shouldn’t listen to them when I’m eating soup. It nearly flew out of my mouth.

Also, my post on rape is coming up on Thursday or Friday.

Sunday Open Thread

Here’s a place to talk about anything you want without MRA trolls. They’ll be ixnayed from the eadthray! I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing. I’ve been reading Backlash again. It’s the book on the right sidebar that you can click and download. One of the main phrases in there that sums up what we’re dealing with when we talk about Warren Farrell and the rest of the dodo’s is this:

‘Women are better off protected than equal.’

This is what Farrell and the MRA’s endlessly moan about. Farrell assumes that women’s place as subjugated house wife is her natural place and uses backward evo psych theories to support it. His entire thesis is built on a house of cards because the research shows that the more women are liberated and have choice, the more healthy we are. It also turns out that husbands who have wives that work aren’t happy. Men have to rearrange themselves accordingly because women aren’t going back any time soon.

Sweet Reflection

Sweet Reflection

Hence we see MRA’s banging the backlash drum and indulging in pseudo science to do it. Nothing they say is even true and yet they get reported on in the mass media. The reason for this is that they’re loud and pull stunts like flooding Occidental college with false rape reports but an even bigger problem is the right wing think tanks. They give MRA’s a new lease on patriarchal oppression. It turns out that one ‘feminist’ they adore, Christina Hoff Sommers, belongs to a right wing think tank.

The entire charade is to get women to question their liberation, step by step, to try and make us neurotic about our choices, especially if those choices aren’t staying home barefoot and pregnant. Knowing this, I have a ton more power to understand the game. MRA’s object to women’s liberation and choice for women.

I did start a new blog called Mancheeze Book Club. It’s just meant as a compliment to this blog. I haven’t officially opened it yet but you can check it out if you like. I want to read even the most obscure feminist writings. Hopefully with a group of people.

Gender Mainstreaming

This is just an off the cuff segue into the post I’ve written about rape and the obsession MRA’s have with it. They also have an obsession with what jobs women do and have assumptions about what jobs women should do. They imagine equality as forcing women to work manual labour jobs. Let’s put aside that dumbfuckery and talk about their recent idiocy.

It’s well known that MRA’s whine about women not being in the military or in high risk/high labour jobs.  However, when women are side by side with them in the military, they complain about that too. They think women can’t do the job due to their patriarchal sexism and then want women forced into those sectors. They also don’t understand how difficult it is for women to get into those jobs due to sexism. I was reading a paper about women in construction and couldn’t believe how gendered the occupation was. Women are treated by men as gophers and not construction workers who can actually DO the job. Women are sexually harassed and generally just kept out of this high wage occupation. The statistics and personal stories of sexism make women think twice about working in such a field.

It’s men keeping women out of those fields, not women. Gender keeps women out.

‘But the modern wimperers and snivelers have something the men want. Upping the price, the women—quite predictably— abandoned what worked best with respective sacrifices and duties indeed, and went full throttle—bathed in utter selfishness and obliviousness— for the throat of men, society, and all that we knew…even the boys. With their unfounded envy of males who they mistakenly and foolishly thought had glamorous lives, they, historically speaking, quickly became hellbent on becoming more like men.’~MGTOWman

Recently, a dude on AVFM posted about the wild fires in Sweden. Here in British Columbia we are also battling wild fires since we’ve had almost NO rain this summer. The dude on AVFM was blaming the Swedish govt. for training its firefighters and other service personnel in gender mainstreaming instead of buying another helicopter. Gender mainstreaming is crucial new subject when it comes to global disaster planning and reconstruction. It involves training all levels of govt. including NGO’s on the ground, how gender affects the planning and response to disasters and how to tailor them to save lives and minimize suffering.

‘But when we men give them the room to actually BE more like men, do they actually accomplish it? Can they? …Without revamping every single thing…which undermines the concept of being more like men? I mean, if we have to change everything to suit them, how is THAT them being more like men?’~MGTOWman

Just this week, prior to reading the AVFM post, I watched a 4 hour documentary on Hurricane Katrina, how the local up and through the federal govt. handled the disaster. It really illuminated to me why GM is vitally important in saving lives. While focusing on gender it also focuses on class and race. All these variables are critical to understanding how people plan and deal with disasters.

‘We perhaps, with this caving in, with this foolish pandering to misfit women, are possibly making the most serious and consequential mistake our species has ever made.’~MGTOWman

One of the scenes stuck out for me. The Superdome, which is a self contained indoor structure, housed thousands of people during hurricane Katrina. Soon, services within the Superdome broke down. No electricity, no fresh running water, no plumbing and on top of all that the entire city of New Orleans was under several feet of water, for days on end. People had no home to return to so tens of thousands were stuck there while waste piled up and disease spread.

Women who either had to stay in their homes in the flood zone or who evacuated to the Superdome had special needs that weren’t taken care of due to the lack of GM. Women were having children without medical care, unable to access sanitary services while menstruating, were without life saving medications. Many women have special factors operating in their lives that didn’t allow them to evacuate and in the end, they lost their lives. Also, women in the service fields who handle disasters are treated as weak and their input on how to solve problems is usually scoffed at by men. If you’re going to save lives you have to develop approaches that take into account the differences of people. A one size fits all male perspective isn’t good enough. It never has been.

The dudes on AVFM are blaming women, like the Islamic nutcakes did after the Pakistan earthquake, for the forest fires in Sweden. They don’t understand why the Swedish govt. spent money on this kind of disaster preparation. The ignoramuses over at AVFM can balk and be stupid all they like but I suggest if any of them want to actually get a clue they should look up the science behind GM. it certainly doesn’t surprise me that their simplistic little minds see GM as a gender studies course that’s ineffective. The patriarchal lens through which they see and process the world means we have to listen to them moaning and crying.

‘I experienced the same effect. My body hurt soooo much, (still does sometimes) from having to pull my own load AND that of several women as well. A support battalion, staying in the not-so-rear rear, with women for the first time deployed in mass numbers to a “war zone”, my unit was about 50-50. What a mistake I made to join a unit like that. I’d have been better off maybe up front with the grunts. At least my dignity wouldn’t have suffered… as I had to, in my unit, swallow without a single complaint, the fact that most all of those women provably WERE NOT pulling their weight.’~MGTOWman

Having this kind of GM approach, to understand that men and women have different needs, some biological and mostly due strictly to socialization, can help manage disasters so that lives aren’t lost and critical services are in place to prevent looting, disease and famine.

The idiots over at AVFM think that female firefighters are holding back the ‘solution’ to the wild fires because money was spent on GM education. They’re bitter because Sweden needed to borrow helicopters from Norway. Thank goodness the idiots over there don’t have power to make these kinds of upper level decisions and there’s plenty of smarter people that can.

If you want to educate yourselves about GM there are some great papers. The one I’m reading comes from the same research hospital I used to work at. The UN has great resources for this as well. Here’s a Word doc from the UN on the subject. Many books have been published on this topic too. I found one online that has information about the Pakistan earthquake where men blamed women’s sexuality (like Warren Farrell does) as the reason for why the quake occurred. It includes hurricane Katrina too. Let the boobs over at AVFM blame women for the wildfires while we women do actual work and gain critical knowledge to save lives.

‘But the female feelings TRUMP EVERYTHING everywhere for everybody…no matter if the things they want actually work, comply with nature, are irrational, will cost a mega-fortune, or have a single shred of commonsense!’~MGTOWman

Maybe this is why Michelle Obama thinks women are smarter?

‘The burning of these forests is unique since it gives a clear story of how the gender bigots have failed the culture and the people.’~Tom Golden

Aaaand the gender bigot is?

‘Time for an all-out men’s strike, country-wide! Take names of those who don’t go on strike. The pussy-whipping must end.’~Steve Brule

MRA’s are already doing that and the world is still turning.

‘Equality my ass! This social engineering catastrophe, feminism, must end before we get burned. Well, I suppose in Sweden they are getting burned, the men that is. While the women collect all the benefits. Ja?’ ~AttillaVinczer aka Napoleon

What a dope he is. Oh and that comment has 32 thumbs up. LOL

‘A total global catastrophe would have loud mouthed feminists realize just how critically important men are, not just women. Men created all the marvels of technology, to make life better for man. Women seem to have exploited men in a despicable underhanded manner. Instead of being thankful and respectful with men.’~Napoleon

Doncha love how ignorant they are? I hope Napoleon sticks one of those horrid looking coins up his ass so he’ll stop speaking.

‘Nobody tells me how I do my business in the bathroom. And I never put the seat down unless I need to. Adjust your own damned seat as you need it and don’t expect me to position it to your liking as if I was your slave.’~Napoleon

Of course it devolved into a man bawl about putting the toilet seat down because spreading germs is EQUALITY! WHAAAAAA! MOAN! CRY! WHINE! Bacterium should listen when a man is speaking!


Todah Raba

In Hebrew we say Todah Raba for ‘Thank you very much.’ The ‘r’ in Raba is pronounced like a French one. So it’s like this Toe-DAH Ra-BA.

The donation drive was very successful and I can get a printer soon! Now I will explain why I specifically had a donation drive. Since I have a massive spinal injury it’s hard for me to sit or stand for long periods of time. I am on no pain medication so you can imagine how much it hurts to sit at my desk for long periods.

Having a printer will allow me to print off important articles so I can mark them up in my bed and do preliminary articles. Then I won’t need to hurt myself sitting for so long. I already have a few typists tools that help me sit here, like this wonderful heavy clip to keep papers upright for typists that I got while doing NGO community work about 10 years ago. Now I’ll be able to use that too.

With a printer it will be easier for me to bring content to you.

I promised confidentiality so I won’t name names but you know who you are!

The next post is the one I promised. It’s about rape.Sleep-Mice-lWouldn’t ya know, this is my 200th post! It just notified me. What a good sign.

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MRA Finds Out I Published His Comment, Leaves Me Another

No.  Take it down, the wholf fucking thing down, you don’t have the right or the authority to use my work like that.  You stand in flagrant violation of the copy right laws in my country, and I won’t have some stupid bitch telling me what to say and when lest she take my materials and present them way out of their original context.  Next time you want to produce my work for your bunch of brain-dead, man-hating, intellectually-slothful sycophantic worshipers clinging around your vag and spewing venomous calumny forth like a cunt-coven or some shit, you had better fucking well produce YOUR bullshit statements in conjunction with my message, so as not to give my message the illusion that it was something I just jumped out and said without andy sort of appropriate context that might have conceived of it.  Nice display of dishonesty, you fucking rat.  One day you gonna piss off the wrong person and s/he is gonna show your fucking ass what the right way to behave is.  Your parents must be so proud…~ Thismachinekillsfeminists

Copyright law in his country says I can’t post his comment. LOL Again, notice the sexualized violence. I think he watches a lot of porn or it’s just part of being him. As James Cagney says ‘You dirty raaat!’

I Get a Youtube Comment Wall O’Text From an MRA

This dude broke a gasket. He also isn’t a strong believer in paragraph breaks.

In case you hadn’t realized, that conference was for MENS issues, not women.  Say, whose that getting ‘all pissed like we’re not supposed to say anything’?  This is what happens when you give women the right to speak and leave the house; you get a bunch of knee-jerking naggery who calls others ‘entitled’ while refusing people the right to speak their mind in the venues which they have been given (don’t like the protest?  Don’t go to it, you musophilic mental-midget).  I think you’re a little entitled, telling others when and for what reason they can be pissed off.  At least white men have the decency to keep their venues civil; or, so it might have been the case had your lot not shown up, entitled as you are, and screamed like retards into megaphones, thus necessitating the use of future security funds in order to keep creeps and fascists like yourselves from silencing the voice of those who would otherwise speak about their own oppression in this ‘patriarchal’ society.  You blame ‘patriarchy’ for all of this, shitting out this ‘well the patriarchy hurts men too so it’s your fault anyway wah wah wah’ horseshit, all the while you go around doing your damnedest to silence men yourselves from talking about the ways in which society’s sexism affects them (hello pot, meet kettle).  If you wanted people to think you weren’t all a bunch of whining, angry, nosy fascists who seek to stifle alternative views and then throw your arms up like complete solipsistic fucktards and whine ‘WHY DONT TEH MENZ LUV TAH FEMINISM NO ALL FEMS R LIKE TAHT WA WHA WHA!!!!!!!’ then you sure as HELL aren’t doing it right.  You give alternative viewpoints all the ammo they need to establish that you people have had your way for long enough.  Fuck you, you fucking suck.  You fucking really does. You can all line up and fuck each other for all i care.  You are mentally lazy, narcissistic, entitled, spoiled, retarded, inferior, genetic short straws and the more I see of you, the more I think that Hitler had the right idea.  Fucking dumb cunt, if I heard that you were raped, murdered, and that your dumb rat ate your rank pussy’s remains afterwards, I would laugh my ass off so hard I could go bowling with it.

That folks, is good ole backlash woman hatred. The dude knows nothing about protesting and thinks because his lily white ass has a cock that women should just shut up and not say a word while the menz are speaking. He speaks about genocide of women, just like Elliot Rodger. MRA’s are violent.


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