Demanding a Loving Goddess: The Color Purple

I watched The Color Purple a couple times in the last few days although I watched it as a teen when it was released in 1985 it made me angry, really angry, as a radical feminist. Black women are doubly victimized in this movie. That double whammy is what got me thinking that I had to write.

I am really fucking angry for two reasons. The first is that third wave post-modern feminism would have me believe that I can’t talk about violence against black women because I’m appropriating their individual experience. Second, in this culture of fear of ‘appropriation’ it means that less women can talk about men’s violence against us. It essentially forces women to disconnect from each other.  It’s a side effect of the term ‘intersectionality.’

As a disabled, middle aged, Jew I’m told that I can’t possibly understand a poor, black, woman like Celie, the main character, when Walker’s entire crux of the book is about a world of chaos and disjointedness evolving into one of connectedness.

As one of my readers, a woman of colour, told me: we need more women to speak up against male violence done to us. Essentially she reminded me that while she is black and I am white, we’re BOTH women. The reassurance that I should address misogyny, whether it comes from a black or white man, was important.

celie and nettie being separated by mister

‘Mister’ violently banishing Nettie forever from her sister Celie

I wrote a scathing article about an misogynist man a bit ago, who happens to be black, who posts over on AVFM. I think that statement is critical: who happens to be black.

While writing that article I double and triple checked every word. I was walking on egg shells because I didn’t want to offend my black sisters or get called a racist in the sense that I was ‘co-opting’ experience. Honestly, I was more afraid of offending some 19 year old white 3rd wave feminist who just read about intersectionality in gender studies and was gonna come over here and give me problems. That’s the bitter truth.

The Color Purple features Celie and Nettie,  two young sisters with an incestuous father who impregnates Celie twice. Both Celie’s infants are adopted/sold off after they’re born leaving her heartbroken and without. The only person that loves Celie is her sister Nettie who is banished from seeing Celie by Celie’s new husband who they call ‘Mister.’ The title of ‘mister’ can be any man because all the men collude in patriarchy.

Throughout this movie black men emulate ‘successful’ white men by enslaving black women and children. Celie was sold off like a farm animal to a black man, not a white man, where she cooked, cleaned, mothered children not her own, and spread her legs dutifully all while being beaten. She’s was also forced to care for her husband’s girlfriend Shug Avery, a sultry singer, who comes to live with them.

celie and shug

Celie and Shug become close and have a lesbian encounter.

Shug is the antithesis of Celie. She’s the woman who decided to suck up to patriarchy by being a red-hot bar singer, tempting men with her skimpy red dresses and her shimmy shake. She gets the benefits of being a whore to all men, giving them what they want. Her father, a preacher, refuses to talk to her and we clearly see that Shug is desperate for male attention. She may have a freedom that Celie cannot conceive but even still she’s bound up in agony over a man.

Shug and Celie find common ground in their abuse by men. Celie comforts Shug and Shug reciprocates this love in a lesbian encounter that reaffirms the power of connected women.

‘Mister’s’ children are all cared for by Celie and they are just as bad as their father. In one scene where Mister yells at Celie to come give him a shave you see his only son Harpo swinging on a chair opposite. It’s a reminder even boy children are masters over grown women.

The movie doesn’t stray from the narrative of black man as patriarchal masters of women except one time. Sophie, Harpo’s adult wife, is at a gas station with her children while the mayor’s white wife is slobbering kisses on them and telling them how ‘clean’ they are. The mayor’s wife asks Sophie if she wants to be her maid and Sophie responds ‘heeellll no.’ The white mayor intervenes and Sophie clocks him in the head. The white people in the town circle Sophie poking and prodding her, calling her a nigger. When the Sheriff arrives Sophie screams for him to help her. She doesn’t realize he’s not on her side until he hits her in the head with the butt end of his gun.

Sophie gets 8 years in jail and when released is forced to be the Mayor’s wife’s maid.

Sophie eventually returns to live with Harpo and her children but she is broken, greyed and sits mumbling to herself. What’s interesting here is that Sophie wasn’t enslaved by her husband Harpo. They had a turbulent but loving marriage which resolves itself at the end. Walker wants us to remember that eventually a black woman will be enslaved and broken, whether by men in her own family or a white male stranger.

Celie gets her sister Nettie and her two children back from Africa where they lived with Missionaries. The reunion at the end of the movie is feminist candy. The women all move into Celie’s new home. Mister is stripped of his power.

The Color Purple is touted as a feminist movie. It’s never too late for a woman to wake up and while it’s heartbreaking to see so many years wasted on a man there is hope in your 40′s.

I sincerely hope that feminists, and radical feminists are the 4th wave as my regular reader V points out, can see that we have more things in common than not. This is not an attempt to steal black women’s experience but an attempt at correcting the unintended consequences caused by ‘intersectionality.’

There is no appropriation when we’re talking about woman hatred. It wears the same face in every patriarchal culture. My hope is that we start seeing women as a class again and not a mismatched collage of individuals who can’t frame male violence properly out of fear. Should we be afraid to name misogyny? Can we not be daughters of the same mother goddess?

When women, no matter the color, come together and bond we kick patriarchy in the teeth.

Today is IMD: Who Fucking Cares

Today is International Men’s Day and I don’t really care since every other day of the year is men’s day.

Women are not safe from men in their homes. We are beaten and raped by men we know and love. We are controlled by the ‘head of the household.’

Women are not safe from men in public. We are catcalled, stalked, and harassed when we try to go about our day.

Women aren’t safe from men.

If you’re an enlightened man then you should have no problem with me not celebrating this day. If you’re a male supremacist then of course you think I should bow down and defer to you.

Such is the sickness that is Patriarchy.

In a WaPo article on IMD, a mansplainer posted this comment to a woman:

Lisa, I see you are harping on the few bad men and ignoring all the good men and all the good they do and have done.

Like build the house you’re living in, farming your food, building your car and computer. In the past men, because they loved the women in their lives so much, developed safe childbirth medicine that saved women’s lives.

The least you could do is say thank you to our husbands, fathers, brothers and sons.

I don’t think so. Fuck you.

PS To top it all off I went out for TEN measly minutes at 7:30pm in the middle of Vancouver. On the way home an older man eyed me, then walked right into my space while I was waiting for the pedestrian light to change and said ‘I’m standing right next to you! Yeah, I’m Freddy Kruger and I’m standing right next to you! Come have a drink with me at (closest bar).’

Fuck you, idiot men.

Inclusiveness In Gaming Doesn’t Include Radical Feminists or If You Don’t Like the Acronym TERF Then You Are a TERF

Ever wonder why TERF is such a horrible word? Ever wonder if it silences women from speaking? Think no more on this subject because Irby Tremor has answered this question.

So today I said I didn’t like the acronym TERF and got booted from a supposedly inclusive feminist subreddit called r/gamerghazi, which is supposed to be fighting against gamergate for inclusiveness of women in games, well, just not a woman who thinks TERF is a bad acronym because it unfairly stigmatizes feminists.

UPDATE: people are having problems in the link below reading my initial comments that got me banned so I screencapped them:

Comment one (in response to someone using the term TERF as an insult (not to me)

comment 1Comment two, as a response

comment 2

That’s so much hatred. Can’t you see it oozing from those two comments?  So much. I’m glad I documented it so the next time some asshole calls me a TERF I have the comments right here.

Then I was banned:

banned 1banned 2If you’re a woman who doesn’t like the acronym TERF because you think it unfairly stigmatizes feminists then you are one because, uh, I dunno, it’s easier to silence feminists than it is to have a conversation? I said it was possible to criticize gender without hating people.The asshole who banned me just proved my initial point. So much for including women!

Read the epic transphobia I posted. (People were having problems finding my oh so hateful comments so they’re posted above). They’ll probably delete my comments tho b/c it really does make them look like a bunch of MRA reactionaries. My handle is joyintorah.

Oh and I also stuck up for Dworkin’s writing too. People were saying her writing was ‘crazy’ like MRA’s do and I responded that she wrote about being pimped and prostituted and that her work was critical to read. I suppose that’s not allowed. Only CERTAIN women, CERTAIN feminists are allowed.

I realize this is just pointless but I think it illustrates that radical feminists are immediately labeled with that term in order to be silenced and it is indeed a form of misogyny which was the whole fucking point to begin with!

Thanks Irby Tremor for proving my precise point.

Oh and if you read this Zoe, Alex, Anita, or anyone else I’ve been supporting that’s been unfairly treated, I’ll still fight for you and expose the assholes responsible. I just think r/gamerghazi has more in common with MRA’s now with their reactionary tactics. I’m just one voice but I’m an important one. HAIL PONG!

Oh and later I plan on doing a post about The Color Purple and standing with my black sisters. I’ve already started writing it but I wanted to post this post, timely and all that.

Monday Open Thread UPDATED

Hi Sisters!

I had an 8 hour nap today to make up for all my lost sleep on the weekend. Wow it sure feels good, that sleep!

I have a very important specialist appointment tomorrow to deal with my disability. I’ve been waiting almost a year to see this doctor.

In other news, Time magazine has taken the word ‘feminism’ out of their ‘words that should be banned’ poll. MRA’s are reeling over it since they got wind of the poll and massively voted for the word. Now they’re whining that feminists bullied TIME. LOL. Idiot MRA’s!

Britain still hasn’t banned woman hater Julien Blanc from coming there and giving seminars on how to rape women. The fact this is being drawn out gives credence to these misogynists but I have a feeling he’ll ultimately be banned and Canada will also ban him.

Is Paul Elam putting up Craigslist ads for anti-feminist misogynist Karen Straugn? Here, check it out.

MRA Patrick Doran is blaming a man for the rape of his daughter, which he says wasn’t a brutal gang rape but a drunken orgy. Her stepfather is the target of MRA’s who think he failed as a parent. So much for standing up for men.

No MRA’s are welcome on this thread and in general aren’t welcome here. You’ve been warned.


Paul Elam is trying to co-opt Gamergate by being the most oppressed man on the planet who’s done the most kicking, screaming and whining about women that would make even the most staunch GGers blush. IOW, Elam is the ultimate victim of women having rights and in the last 25 years has started a creepy website and attacked women.

Activism yo!

Let’s put that cup under his poor little red eyes and collect those mantears.

Elam Tells David Futrelle to Kill Himself

Elam’s just had a meltdown over David Futrelle about a shirt that was most obviously sexist. Matt Taylor, some sort of STEM/NASA dude, wore a shirt with half naked women on it in various poses in a public interview. Of course Elam thinks a man who does sciency stuff is allowed to objectify women and of course the natural thing to do when a feminist points out it’s sexist is to tell that person to kill themselves.

In fact, just a few months ago Elam hosted probably the most sexist, misogynist douche bag STEM professor in the USA, although I’m sure Thomas Impelluso isn’t the only STEM prof that thinks ladies should just be quiet and not enter STEM fields because he wants his ‘dudes club’ to be penises only.

When confronted with his obvious sexist discrimination Impelluso dug out the backhoe and started digging.

Some dudes over at AVFM see this as a really bad move but Elam snaps at them to get in line.

David Futrelle- Please kill yourself 2014-11-14 16-01-59So Paul’s honest opinion is that David Futrelle should end his life. Glad we’re up front about that Paul.

You see, Elam’s on a sinking ship and I think he knows this. As the ship goes down we’ll see little fits like this from Elam where he tells people what he really thinks.

Elam is a bully and this will live with him forever. I hope he realizes what a dumb mistake he just made. In the time when online harassment is getting a serious look-see, Elam does the stupidest thing imaginable.

Happenings On Twitter: #C36 and Strange Bedfellows

 photo 4cf31da9-5d23-49c6-ae46-e191d9ba0665_zpsa41af634.png

Passage from Woman Hating by Andrea Dworkin, referencing Gynocide

I’ve told all of you that I’m being harassed and verbally abused on Twitter by the pro-prostitution lobby. Johns tell me I’m a cunt and send me porn for speaking the simple truth about male violence against women in the underground we call the sex industry. Today I was grilled about my time in the sex industry by a woman who I believe is still in the industry. Here’s the Storify to view.

Prostitutes tweet me with silly notions such as ‘New Zealand’ has a low trafficking rate’, as if that’s something to be proud of. Liberals incessantly tweet about the joys of unionizing women, joining them together in their suffering.

Are there some prostitutes with choice? Of course. Senator Mobina Jaffer relays on her blog the story of Taryn Onody in what she thinks is the representative of hookers everywhere. Onody wrote:

“I started ‎in the adult industry when I was 21 years of age. I grew up in the suburbs of Toronto. I’m a practicing Catholic. My parents are upper-middle class. My siblings are tax paying, working citizens. I come from a wonderful home, wonderful people, and a great upbringing. I was an over-achieving student with accelerated grades, and hold multiple post-secondary diplomas/degrees. I am the ‘girl next door’.

I started looking into sex work when I became bored with my corporate job, which ‎I had held for 5 years. I felt bored, trapped, and craving something more in my life’s experience.”

That’s the ‘happy hooker’, ready to be consumed as the product of the American dream. She’s just a highly educated religious ‘girl’ (mother/whore) who wants more, wants more dick. Onoda is the perfect woman.

She put aside her possible high earning career in order to cater to the sadomasochistic male fantasy. Men will line up to pay to punish her for being such a stupid woman who went to school, got the grades, and realized that all she’s really worth is to be fucked, repeatedly, by men.

If Mobina Jaffer wanted a true representation of male fantasy, she got just that. The reality however, is much different.

My comment truth remains in ‘moderation’ on Jaffer’s blog. It will never be approved.

AWAN, the Aborginal Women’s Action Network, has a different story, one of colonization, one of horror. Brown women are coerced and trafficked by white men to supply the demand for 14 year old girls. These ‘other’ women don’t deserve to be liberated. The pro-prostitution lobby doesn’t hear them, even as they whisper their names from the grave. They remain un-named, as un-people.

The pro-prostitution lobby will stoop to any level to get what they want, which they say is full decriminalization.

The dominatrix who wants to run a brothel, Terri Jean Bedford, one of the three women who brought the original constitutional challenge followed me on Twitter last week.  I thought it was strange but I realized the intent was to put the spotlight on me, so others could come after me, and that’s exactly what happened.

Bedford has some strange bedfellows. She’s retweeting MRA’s. She’s even retweeting MRA’s who are retweeting some of my tweets that have nothing to do with C36 but about Gamergate. MRA’s are pretty much behind the stalking, online threats, and harassment of women in gaming but hey, if it will get more people to attack me, she’s for it.


 photo 1b49f03b-718b-48bc-84dc-367fbbef4003_zps977ee5ac.png

Terri Jean Bedford retweets MRA’s

I don’t particularly care if she retweets MRA’s since she’s the one who looks foolish. MRA’s are just nuisances on Twitter anyway and most of them I’ve blocked, including the one in the picture. He loves to stalk my tweets because I blocked him and he’s butthurt about it.

The same strange alliances held true on other social media platforms. Pro-prostitution folks on video sites align themselves with male supremacist/white supremacist MRA’s because they both hate radical feminists. I’ve seen them on Twitter. It’s only a matter of time before they attack me too. No arguments, just dumb adhoms. That’s what will happen.

I’ve been accused of being an ideologue, which to me isn’t even a criticism. I have to laugh at this because everyone tweeting has ideas about this issue. Then again, I’ve not encountered one MRA or one prostitution lobbyist who can actually make a truthful argument. I had one pro-prostitution lobbyist accuse me of not seeing people as people.

I do laugh at how determined they are to make fools of themselves and they quite clearly know that the research is on my side so I suppose the only thing left is to personally attack.

I’m not the only one being attacked. Anyone who speaks positively about Bill C36 is singled out too. One common tactic is to accuse an exit program of collecting grant money from the federal government, as if that’s a crime while johns in my neighbourhood pay marginalized aboriginal women $2 measly dollars for a blowjob.

It’s a 3-ring circus. The johns, the circus masters, remain behind the curtain in the shadows. Not a single john offered to speak at either the House or Senate meetings to tell the Canadian people about the 13 year old girls they buy to re-enact violent porn scenes on and how this is their ‘right.’ In truth they don’t have to. We see their destructive wake in our nightmares, the collective women’s nightmare.

Every Valentine’s Day I hear the screams of the murdered women. Aboriginal women and other poor women march by my window so I never forget. They lost their lives so a man could have an orgasm. If anyone tells you different they’re lying.

Why is there such a divide in experience between exited women and current prostitutes? One side is lying and it’s not the survivors. When I was prostituted I thought I was awesome and in a ‘job’ too. I based my entire psyche around normalizing what I was forced to do. You have to see it as normal because it’s the only way you survive.

The stigma that lots of individuals in the sex industry talk about doesn’t come from anyone else but the johns, pimps and traffickers who coerce minor girls to serve men’s needs for sexual violence.

The problem with legalizing or decriminalizing prostitution without any culling of the demand is that it guarantees marginalized women and girls will be coerced, pimped, and trafficked to supply the demand. This is tragically simple but the prostitution lobby is in denial.

The longer we cater to this denial the longer we have to wait for women’s liberation from male violence.

Prostitution is not fun. It’s not a job. It’s an oppression. Blaming radical feminists, religious institutions and exit groups for pointing out this truth is just another way to strawman. It’s exactly what MRA’s do. It’s no wonder they’re in bed with each other.

They deserve each other.




How Dumb Men Are When They Street Harass Women

Here’s the first video, which I had to relink b/c of the damn playlist function on YT.

And the second.

Monday Open Thread

We’re due for a relaxing, winding-down thread. So much going on lately! I need to chill the hell out.

I know my readers have noticed me editing male supremacist/MRA comments by putting pictures of gay porn in their comments. I’m sorry. I really am. I know most of us don’t want to see silly dicks that all look the same. I’m doing this because I know how homophobic they are and it drives them nuts. Yesterday some angry dude, who I think is an asshole john from Twitter, posted at least 10 comments where he was verbally violent to me and us. None of his bullshit got through. I edited it all.

I can understand if you don’t want to see gay male porn. I don’t really want to see it either but there’s a method to my madness!

I am reading Woman Hating again. Andrea Dworkin broke down homophobia really well in that book and from what I gathered, to heterosexual misogynist men, being gay is like being a woman. So what I’m doing is taking male supremacists and giving them what they understand to be humiliating. Part of me wants them to understand that this is done to women every day, every millisecond, and I do it in the hopes there’ll be some lightbulb moment. I’m not hopeful though.

If some angry dude is gonna try to violate me verbally then I’m going to smack him upside the face. It’s as simple as that. I do not take any crap from men. If you try harming me in any way, I will make sure I get you. You don’t want to be humiliated? Then stop coming here with male supremacist blabberings that don’t make sense.  Yeah, this is one tiny little fucking dot of space where women can speak their minds and you’re not getting free reign here. Deal with it or get kicked in the metaphorical nuts.

Get this: I don’t like any of you. I am wary of ALL men because the abuse of women in our culture is a non-stop event, a non-stop nightmare. On street harassment did you fuckwit males patrol other men to get them to stop? No. Instead you’re all whining about it, and on the C36 and JianGhomeshi hashtag  you’re either violating more women or using women’s suffering as clickbait for your silly exposes on how you’re a ‘good guy’ while the woman next to you is probably being sexually harassed by a male in your workplace. So you can fuck right off.

I don’t give cookies out to men for being humane to women. That’s expected.

In more positive news, I love good cuisine. I have a store next to me that sells lots of different foods from around the world. I got this fig spread that’s spicy. It’s made here locally. My GOD is it good. I got some cashew butter too and some of those thin crispy bread things. I put em all together and yum! Perfect for computer snacking.

Okanagan Falls Spicy Fig

Okanagan Falls Spicy Fig

My wild house mouse Cheech is doing very well. He’s a bit pissed off because the lighting in my place has changed. My 3-way 100 watt floor lamp died. The switch in it is fucked so I had to use the overhead lamp with a 60 watt bulb. I hate it too. However, one of the security guards at my building gave me an 80 watt desk lamp to compensate. It’s much better.

Cheech usually waddles out a couple times a night and I sit on the floor with him with an open jar of peanut butter next to me and let him crawl inside the jar and lick. Most of the time he gets up on his 5-toed feet and licks the top of the jar. His little eyes squint as he licks. The other night all you could see was this jar of pb with a crooky mouse tail sticking out of it. I couldn’t resist. I touched his tail and he got mad and ran away.

A minute later he scampered back. He’s just being a little Prince who doesn’t want his tail touched.

I’ve been tweeting a lot on the #C36 hashtag on Twitter. I’ve had johns abuse me, calling me a cunt and sending me porn. I block them immediately. Let me put it this way: the only thing I haven’t got yet is a rape threat but I suspect that will happen sooner or later.

The pro-exploitation lobby has no argument so instead they’ve been attacking exit programs and john schools for getting grant money from the federal govt. They’ve been personally attacking Sen. Joy Smith and other politicians. In general, they’re being assholes. Some of them start new accounts just to attack survivors. They’ve even stooped so low as to call the bill the ‘Pickton Bill’ after a serial killer of prostitutes who confessed to murdering 49 women and lamented he didn’t get to 50. Their rhetoric is so fucking disgusting but it’s all they really have.

Laws don’t kill prostituted women. Men do.

I painted my nails peacock metallic blue and watched a couple feminist movies over the weekend. One was about Bikini Kill, the punk group of Kathy Hanna. I’d love to find some online copies of her E-zine. I don’t know if she considered herself a radical feminist because she may have taken the wrong view on prostitution but she definitely spoke our message in many ways. I was so inspired I went on Twitter trying to find women in Vancouver to start a homemade radfem e-zine. I’d love to take submissions from my readership here as well.


Using a blue metallic and green metallic I achieved this look. No, those aren’t MY nails.

These ARE my nails in 'Jade' which cost me 3 bucks.

These ARE my nails in ‘Jade’ which cost me 3 bucks.

I also watched Frida, a biography about Frida Kahlo. I loved the film because unlike a typical Hollymanwood movie she fucking told her husband he was a bastard and was more talented than he was. You’ll love it.

Frida Kahlo with pet Fawn 'Grani'

Frida Kahlo with pet Fawn ‘Grani’

If you have any feminist movie recommendations leave em below. I’ve found a good list of them but as usual, they’re hard to find for free online, never mind Hollymanwood ever promoting one and Disney sucks rocks mostly.

Dec 6th is ‘Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women.’ I plan on going to events on Dec 6th, which is when C36 will take effect. I plan on hooking up with some of my radfem sisters on that day.

PETITION: Keep PUA Julien Blanc OUT of Britain and Japan

PUA Julien Blanc was booted out of Australia for holding seminars where he taught men to be violent with women in order to rape them. He’s a ‘pick up artist’/men’s rights dude and he’s now trying to get into Britain to sell his particular form of male violence against women to dudes in Britain.

Sign the petition to keep him out of Britain. Sign this one to keep him out of Japan.

UPDATE: Canada wants him out too. SIGN Canadian petition here.

Here’s part of his seminar on violating Japanese women.

This MRA/PUA asshole uses the famous power and control wheel that illustrates why women stay in abusive relationships. He says it’s a ‘checklist’ to ‘make her stay.’

Oh and for the idiot MRA’s who might want to distance themselves from him, it’s too late. He tweets about taking the red pill, which is the staple meme of MRA’s. Paul Elam wears and sells shirts about taking the ‘red pill.’

julien blank tweet about red pill

‘Take the red pill’ is a meme of men’s rights activists.

Here’s Paul Elam in his ‘red pill’ t shirt.

Paul Elam wearing Red pill shirt

Paul Elam wearing Red pill shirt

Here’s the full article from Global News, Canada.

This post will be updated as information comes to light.


The DWR Friday Musical Interlude – Johann Sebastian Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D minor by Sarah Svendsen

House Mouse Queen:

Women rule.

Originally posted on Dead Wild Roses:

Wow, just wow.  Impressive keyboarding skills.  5 tiers of keys, your instrument is the damn hall… no pressure at all.   And I still get timid while playing the piano..:/

Masterful work by Sara Svendsen.  Enjoy!

View original


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