Monday Update

Hey all. Just a quick update of the posts for the last week and a bit of a personal update as well.

If you didn’t check out the PUA reversal of male circumcision you’re in for some typical good ole fashioned hatred of women’s bodies., and they say MRA’s and PUA’s are totally different!

If you’re more of a video person then listen to the pathetic video by RazorBladeKandy where he goes out on a date.

AVFM is attacking the media for reporting honestly on the conference, specifically Bucky Turco of Animal NY, because he didn’t immediately recognize Dean Esmay’s two kids were autistic. While you’re checking out le stupid from Dean you should hear what Paul’s new rules are for media personnel that deign to come to his next con.

The personal update is: Boogie is not dead. I repeat. Boog the Boog Master Mouse of Mischief is NOT dead. I did tweet that I thought he was.  He was just on vacation for a couple weeks. My guess is it got too hot in the walls for the mischief and the mouselings moved house for a couple weeks til it cooled down. He came and stared at me last night from his favourite spot. So all that expressed condolences for Boog, thank you. He’s alive and up to no good once again.

Finally, I’m talking to David Futrelle over at We Hunted the Mammoth about starting a wiki for the St. Clair Shores conference as sort of a one stop shop for those interested in understanding the first intl men’s human rights conference and all the misogynist neckbeardy stuff that went with it.I don’t have the first clue in how to do this and that’s where you all come in.

David and I will still post what we like on our blogs but I think this is worth the effort for the public. I will obviously ask my commenters who are excellent with research to help out. It will be a great opportunity to expose the MRA’s. You’ll also all get credit too!


Judgybitch Shows Us She Knows Fuck-All About Feminism

MRA’s like Judgybitch (Janet Bloomfield), nay, all MRA’s, have to re-invent feminism in order to rage all over the internet about it. In her new ThoughtCatalog piece ‘Casual Sex Is Empowering” And 4 Other Feminist Lies’ she munches a lot of straw.

She describes a feminist as

‘an unattractive, angry woman who blames all her problems on men. She is single, bitter and spends most of her time showering other women with withering contempt for not making the “correct” feminist choices, whatever those happen to be. She is loud, screechy and deeply unhappy.’

The only one being loud, unhappy and screechy here is Judgy but let’s continue.

1) Feminism turns women into children.

Her reasons? Trigger Warnings.

Trigger warnings are not only completely illogical (they usually state what will be triggering, thereby triggering the trigger), they literally assume that women confronted with words on a page will be incapable of taking any actions (like maybe stop reading?) and will have their softly addled lady brains turned into a swamp of impenetrable emotions from which there is no escape.

A trigger warning does trigger the reader that what is ahead is, um, graphic. It actually gives us more choice whether we want to read something graphic. More choice. Not less. She also takes issue with rape culture, victim-blaming, and enthusiastic consent but never defines them so we’ll just move right along.

2)  Feminists Set Women Up To Make Terrible Choices.

She claims feminists make women have less choice because it gives them the option to work. Then says

Girls are taught from a very young age that earning money will bestow upon them all the satisfaction and self-fulfillment they will ever desire or require. For some women, this is true, but for most women, it’s not. Most women want to marry and have children and the overwhelming majority of those women want to be at home with their children, working only part time at best.

Derp. Does she even realize she’s the one advocating for restricting women’s choice? Self awareness level=0.

I hope it tastes good Judgybitch

I hope it tastes good Judgybitch

3) ‘Feminists Lie To Women (And Men) About Sex.

This one’s a gem. She claims that teaching women that casual sex is a, wait for it, CHOICE, that women can make is what causes false rape accusations and general unhappiness in women because

‘Humans are a pair-boding species and the majority of us crave intimate relationships with deep emotional attachments that are expressed through physical actions, including sex’

Less choice, right Judgybitch?

4) Feminism Hates Men.

That hay must taste pretty damn good.

5) Feminism Leaves No Room For Humans To Be Human.

I love little boys who prefer kittens and bubblebaths to swords and skateboards but that doesn’t mean I don’t like swords and skateboards too. I love all little boys. I want them all to be who they are. And, I love all little girls and want all little girls to be who they are too.

Well that sure is grand Judgybitch because feminists made it possible for boys to play with kittens and not be shamed into playing with only swords. Again, more choice, not less.

‘Feminism, by definition, values the feminine over the masculine. I don’t. And I never will.’

MRA’ are pretty cheap to feed. She’s probably still chewing.





Rulez for Paul’s 2nd Annual Neckbeard Ball, PLUS Paul Promises More Online Bullying of Women

The first Men’s rights conference has come and gone like a fart in the Universe. The media has done its job once again only to meet the drama queens bitching and moaning over at AVFM. If it wasn’t Bucky Turco they blamed for not knowing Dean’s two kids were autistic, they were bashing Jessica Roy for being too young, ‘pimply faced’ and for just getting out of a ‘gender studies course.’ Tara Palmatier called Monica Hess of the WashPo a ‘rat.’

Alienating the media with these tactics isn’t a good idea since Paul depends on it for his 100K/year schtick where he thinks he’s changing the world with his misogynist rants yet continues to stoically say he’s helping men and boys. Paul loves to rile the media up because it truly does get his pockets jingling. The more outrageous it gets the more money he can get. As long as there’s some feminist enemy somewhere in the world, Paul sleeps well.

In an attempt to control the media Elam announced in a video he’s going to fix this wascally problem of ‘pimply faced twerps who only report lies.’ Lies! I tell you! He likens the mainstream media to a Kindergarten class where he says he’s going to use ‘positive and negative reinforcement’ to get them to behave for the second conference he’s already planning.

‘We’re used to scumbags these days. We need to have a contest for the scummiest of the scum and obviously Turco would win that this time without any effort, but it seems like we may need to have the golden banana award for yellow journalism that we put out once a year to coverage [snip]‘~Paul Elam

His solution? Here are the qualifications you must have in order to interview listen to droning rhetoric byanyone at AVFM or any of their members at the next Neckbeard Ball:

  • 50 years old or over
  • no pimples
  • straight white male
  • no personal bias
  • hates feminists and women who look/sound like feminists
  • ask relevant questions
  • bitter and resentful toward women
  • has never taken a gender studies course
  • wants to be on the right side of history
  • will pay full price for the ticket

Ok, I took some liberty here. The ones in bold are Paul’s actual demands for what kind of journalist he’ll let in to next years con to interview AVFM staff and members. It’s gonna be a pretty empty press con at the rate he’s going. The picture will be a lot clearer though: a AVFM panel wankers talking to the wall in the back and listening to the sweet echo. Now that’s how you do men’s rights cons.

Paul also announced a potential fist fight with Adam Serwer of MSNBC after making the claim that Serwer looked like he wanted to fight and obviously didn’t want to be there. To this little inventive threat narrative Paul replied:

‘Next conference he’ll get his fucking wish.’

Ya right Paul. I can see you trying to fight. It’ll probably look like some sort of kangaroo boxing with you falling on your balls. It’s always good to want macho violence at your conference that supposedly focuses on men and boys amirite?

Paul has a conspiracy theory about why the media just never reports the hearty goodness of the men’s rights movement:

‘…the mainstream media is just an advertising arm to sell products to women. Part of the… knowing that women control  most of the spending in consumer culture and appealing to their resentment of men, to the feelings of… to the garbage they’ve been fed in gender studies programs to what they’re doing on a feedback loop with themselves about men about their existence in the world, is that the way you sell stuff is by making men look like buffoons and making women look like deities.

And the press media has gone hand in hand with this and they’ve gone right straight to hell in a handbasket because they know that for one minute if they got up  and starting telling the truth, if they came in and covered the conference honestly, it would start costing them female consumers who don’t want to hear the truth. ‘


Finally, Paul and Dean say there will be more doxxing and abuse of women (aka what they call ‘activism’).

If I get a whiff of a group of people that is out there meeting secretly that wants to kill black people, or Jews, or gay people and i find out who you are, guess where your names will go? The front page of my website. Every time.

Somehow I don’t think Paul cares about Jews. If he did he’d be doc dropping Hamas members. No. We know who he means. This little linguistic trick of ‘sounding inclusive’ is just that, a trick to make himself sound like an equal opportunity doxxer.

The protection of privacy is something that I do believe in but there is a limit to it.

The limit is wherever Paul wants it to be. Just the other day the men’s rights subreddit was doxxing a young woman on twitter who responded to someone about a kickstarter to get rid of white men. Her tweet was obviously an answer to something preposterous but the MRA’s went ballistic, found out she was a law intern, and doxxed her on 4chan attempting to get her harmed.

Paul continues:

 ‘When you’re advocating illegal violent acts against a group of people and AVFM finds out about it, and guess what? If you happen to call yourself ‘men’s activist’ and you are advocating violence somewhere against women and we find out who you are, we’ll put your name on the front page and shame you with the rest of them.

This is something we’ll never retreat from or apologize for.’

Not one MRA has ever been doxxed and the minions sent to bully that I’ve ever seen, not even the ones who have advocated violence on the comment sections of AVFM articles and I know they’ve done it because the mod comes in to explain why he had to remove a comment. I never hear a single word about that MRA.

At least now we know he’s going to continue to bully women and that he’s still more interested in that then say, men’s and boys issues.

Dean offered this lame justification of doxxing as an aside

‘…that was still not for the purposes of harassing them that was for identifying people who were actually advocating for really horrific shit.’

Dean Esmay thinks radfemhub, a small online blog, contains ‘high profile public celebrities, who were advocating horrible things.’ I’ve yet to see one thing even remotely serious enough to warrant doxxing of anyone but I do think it’s rather strange that Paul Elam couldn’t tell the difference between an Elliot Rodger quote and an MRA quote by Stefan Molyneux. Something tells me that if AVFM members had come across Rodger, they’d never dox him. They’d recruit him like they did Molyneux.

It’s not about men and boys. It’s about AVFM endangering women online/offline. It’s the only activism they know. VIDEO BELOW


N.B. The SPLC labelled AVFM a hate site, not a hate group which Dean Esmay parrots loud and often all over the internet. What Esmay leaves out of course is that last bit about them being a hate site. If you remind him of what they really said he’ll launch into the next rant about the SPLC not being a good source since the FBI dropped them (which they actually didn’t).

First Date With an MRA/MGTOW

This video is pathetically sad. RazorBladeKandy made a video about what he hears when a woman talks to him on a date. This is not activism. This is pure paranoia and hatred of women. When I listened the first time I was stunned at how sick these guys truly are.


This movement is nothing but hate. MGTOW dudes think they’re enlightening other men while they only want another guy to sit in the sad, pathetic, and paranoid boat with them.

Here is a few comments I just noticed on the video:

‘Might include the line, “I fuck abusive men because I have something very important in common with them, we hate the same thing: me.”‘~ted best

Does that not sound like Elliot Rodger? I’m telling you, an MRA/MGTOW or whatever the hell else they call themselves is going to harm more women. I just know it. One of these days, we’re going to see it on the news and there will be no question this time as to whether he was an MRA.

From the video creator himself:

‘Well I think it has been widely established that if you ask a woman what she is looking for in a guy, she will give you a list of the exact things that clamp her legs shut and turn her frigid.’

Just a matter of time.

MRA’s: The Ultimate Wedding Planners

Weddings are so much fun, but take a lot of planning, sorta like a conference but in this case wedding planning is misandry or so the misogynists over at AVFM say. August Lovenskiolds is running around like a chicken with its head cut off because a lovely feminist, Laura Bates of the Everyday Sexism project , is tying the knot, fortunately not to August or any other lonely dudebros over at AVFM, but to her ‘new domestic slave.’

"one should never underestimate the power of a feminist to exploit traditional roles to harvest money from men to buy shoes and wear-once clothing."~August Lovenskiolds, AVFM

“one should never underestimate the power of a feminist to exploit traditional roles to harvest money from men to buy shoes and wear-once clothing.”~August Lovenskiolds, AVFM

AVFM is totally concerned that the weddings feminists are having are traditional and yet are furious that Bates seems to be contributing to ‘misogyny’ by having a traditional wedding, which she’s not. ‘It’s a ‘feminist sham worthy of the same respect due campus sexual assault claims,’ says Lovenskiolds, and ‘Valenti’s feminism erases all feeling and passion from pair-bonding and sexuality.’  Read that in your best David Attenborough voice and tell me you didn’t laugh.

He even reminisces about Jessica Valenti’s wedding nuptials saying that she lacked ‘marital commitment’ because she kept her last name. Bates is also a violator of the patriarchal naming principle, all in the spirit of traditionalism, which er, isn’t actually present.

He moans Laura Bates wants to

 ‘demonize and demolish, in an abstract way, men and male sexuality in general and the civilization men built at the behest of women: she has decided that the personal is political and so she plans to enslave, torture, and destroy one exceedingly unlucky bloke in order to reify the feminist inclination to exterminate the patriarchy that feeds, clothes, and shelters her from the hazards of the world.’

The concern about the gown didn’t escape Lovenskiolds either. Laura Bates is ‘undeserving of a white dress symbolizing purity/virginity. But consistent with her brand of feminism that emphasizes the importance of celebrating female narcissism, she opted for the traditional white gown anyway.’ The horror.

This, he says, is feminists being ‘traditional’ and feminists aren’t supposed to be traditional at all or else they’re giving in to the patriarchy. I never knew AVFM was so concerned about something they claim doesn’t exist and yet claim it’s happening in this wedding when it’s not.

Even the poor plants are going to suffer according to Lovenskiolds. ”They are also the sliced-off sexual organs of plants,’ he complains.

Has anyone else noticed that every complaint revolves around sex and some phallic paranoid theory about castration?

Lovenskiolds has realized that weddings are about ‘channelling your inner slut’ and even throwing the bouquet is something Bates threw ‘like a girl.’

For so much venom from MRA’s over at AVFM for feminist weddings, one thing’s for sure. AVFM can’t say these two feminists are man-hating lesbians like they usually do to women . He also attacks the men who are marrying these lovely women. Valenti’s husband is a ‘cuckold’ and Lovenskiolds worries about Laura’s future husband’s ‘dwindling masculinity.’

This is uh, supposed to be about men’s rights but as the misters show us once again it has nothing to do with what men want to do with their lives. It’s about shaming men who are doing things they’d love to be doing if only they could get past the hatreds and jealousies that clog their small minds.


I’m Not a Misogynist You Yellow Journalist Cunt!

It always produces a laugh for me when the MRA’s do a publicity stunt, aka the big dudebro ball in St. Clair Shores, and then get all pissy about it when the media reports accurately on the things that were actually said there.

Now we all know AVFM is a misogynist hate site according to the SPLC and we all know Paul Elam writes woman hating screeds he passes off as satire while we all snicker at him and his cronies, but what astounds me is how they get on their fainting couches and attempt to smear the journalists that were at the conference because they don’t like when the journalist is honest.

For example, Elam’s article on Jessica Roy of Time, was a ranty rant about how she didn’t pay attention and published lies about the conference. Lies I tell you!

‘Roy is a biased bullshit peddler with an agenda who has lied to them. Her status as a liar and a bigot will be exposed as surely as it is in her twitter exchange with fellow haters.’~Paul Elam

Of course Paul tries to come out the big tough guy thanking Roy ‘for the donations that will hit AVFM for exactly the same reasons.’ We all know he’s just in this for cold hard cash.

MRA’s call any article they don’t like ‘yellow journalism.’ It’s so incredibly funny. They’re also really stomping mad at Bucky Turco of Animal NY for writing two perfectly apt pieces on the con. Elam bends the truth in his rant claiming Bucky ‘never attended’ and yet mentions that Bucky met Esmay’s ex-wife and children at the con claiming Bucky made an assumption about the kids which I’m hesitant to believe based on Elam’s propensity to twist.

Elam blames Bucky for not reporting on the kids, who happened to be two autistic boys

‘Actually, it would have made a good story for the setting, given the disproportionate incidence of autism in boys. Well, it would have had there been a real journalist on hand.’

Maybe if Elam spent the conference talking about these issues instead of blaming women and feminists this might’ve been reported. Or how about actually having resources there to help autistic kids? Duh Duh Duuuuh!

Elam isn’t interested in helping a single male except his own ego. He somehow thinks he’s  conquering the world with a new narrative that will eliminate feminism by relentlessly pecking at people from his perch. Keep tryin birdy boy. Keep pecking that mirror.

Blaming Bucky for your own stupidity isn’t going to fly Paul.

AVFM’s Dean Esmay apparently had a phone conversation with Bucky after the event that he recorded and uploaded to Youtube to try and paint Bucky as an evil journalist. Dean explains in this Youtube comment what led up to the phone conversation: CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE

dean's explanation of the bucky videocallLooks like Dean started the whole thing with his ex-wife joining in to harass Bucky on Twitter. Doesn’t surprise me at all. This is the kind of whiny shit they do when they want attention.

Esmay and Elam are fainting so hard they didn’t even link Bucky’s articles in their tantrum on AVFM. Here’s the first article and the second. I don’t see anything remotely controversial in either article especially considering the first article is mostly quotes from each speaker.

Esmay and Elam are now calling him ‘Buckycunt.’ Nothing like using misogynist language to try and make the point that you’re not a neckbearded misogynist!

Dean Esmay is still raging so he made a moany gloaty video with his ex-wife’s hubby, whom he calls a ‘real’ journalist.

In it he blames Turco for not knowing his kids were autistic.  He then tries explaining what an opinion is by making stupid snide remarks. It permanently put to rest the idea that feminism is to blame for misandrous feminists star chambers in the gynocratic KKK of the United States and Canada where white men are suddenly black slaves in the 50′s south.  Thanks dudes for that lesson on opinion.

Men Can’t Trust Women. Guess Who’s Fault That Is?

‘Men can’t trust women and I blame Feminism’

I found this Fidelbogen gem on my Feedly and decided to share because MRA’s constantly say they only criticize feminism and feminists, not women. Regular readers know this is a big ole lie.


I can’t help but think of the Muppet Show. Remember the two old dudes Statler and Waldorf that sat together in a balcony and heckled the whole show? Fidelbogen reminds me of one of those dudes except his one liners typically don’t make any sense and his grammar is atrocious.


And this one



If We Would Just Cut Off Women’s Clitoris, Labii, and Stitch It Up So There’s Only a Little Hole We Could Make Sure Alpha Males Don’t Get HPV

Welcome to Judgybitch’s endorsement of cutting women’s genitals (FGM) to prevent those alpha males from getting HPV and throat cancer. She reblogged the post originally on ROK, a PUA website. Apparently she didn’t research HPV or else she would’ve realized that cutting out women’s clitoris, labii and sewing it all up will not prevent it in those poor menz who are ‘truly our best and brightest.’

I really don’t know why she reblogged this. I suppose MRA’s think this is on par with male circumcision, which it clearly isn’t. They also included a graphic of women’s genitals to spice the hatred up a notch.

The fact is, HPV is carried by both men and women. If she wants to cut women’s genitals off completely to prevent it she should be willing to advocate castration because that’s the correct reversal. You also can get HPV just through kissing. Should we cut out people’s mouths? What about their rectums? 

A Forbes article was cited to support MRA’s cutting off women’s genitals but neither of them comprehended it. If it was they’d realize that HPV cancer is pretty rare

But in a minority of cases, perhaps 10%, they persist. If the strain is of the right variety – for instance, the HPV 16 strain of the virus – this infection can eventually lead to cancer. When it comes to throat cancer, this process takes decades.


The good news is that throat cancer caused by HPV is far less deadly than the old type that resulted from chronic tobacco use and drinking. Some researchers have cited data that it is 80% curable.

This wasn’t a great rebuttal to male circumcision. In fact, it just shows how MRA’s think about women’s bodies and how they project their hatred onto women’s bodies.


Paul Elam Talks At Matt Binder Like a Child and Can’t Tell the Difference Between an Elliot Rodger Quote and a Stefan Molyneux Quote

Paul Elam and Matt Binder debate. Notice you can’t really ask Paul for clarifications in the rules. Paul couldn’t tell the difference between an Elliot Rodger quote and a Stefan Molyneux quote. Scary stuff. Paul almost exploded in his chair at that zinger from Binder.

Here’s the video by Binder that made Paul do his contortionist act.

Alex of MSNBC Segment on the Men’s Rights Con

Alex Wagner and Lizz Winstead take down the men’s rights fellas one minute at a time. Since I can’t embed this video you’ll have to CLICK HERE to watch it.



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