13 Year Old Little Girls Are Predatory

AVFM agrees with the forced to resign Robert Colover that little girls who are raped are sexual predators. Colover had to give up his career (poor thing) as a Crown Prosecution Rape Panelist after he made those remarks about a case where a 13 year old was raped by a 41 year old male pedophile. Not surprising that Paul Elam and Co. would take the side of a convicted pedophile and a whacky prosecutor who will never work on a sexual assault case again.

This enlightened thought was recently posted in a rant by British MRA Angry Harry where he is just fed up with false accusations of rape and he says that police won’t tell the truth about how common false rape claims are for fear of getting fired. Of course there’s no citations, no research, but when has that ever stopped MRA’s from spilling their vitriol all over the internet?

In the same rant Harry labours over the idea that domestic violence is symmetrical and that women are just as violent as men. He posts a link to a new report by PASK that you can’t read. I read the abstract of the meta-analysis. It only focuses on quantitative research which means that the countless qualitative studies on the context of domestic violence aren’t included. I smell the Conflict Tactic Scale. I bet it dominates this new paper.

The main problem with the Conflict Tactic Scale is that it is devoid of exactly that qualitative data that defines the root of domestic violence. If a woman is being beaten by her husband and she pushes him to try and get him to stop she is counted as violent, even though she was only trying to protect herself. This is the only way these MRA’s can claim some sort of symmetry in domestic violence. Murray Straus came up with the scale and it’s useless.

As a feminist I’m well aware that women can also be batterers but it is no way symmetrical. The majority of injuries occur to women and the predominant factual theme of domestic violence is male on female. No amount of self defense by a woman should be considered violence, which is exactly what these MRA’s want you to think.

In discussing false rape accusations, MRA’s want people to think this happens all the time. It does not. The FBI puts a figure of 8% on rape cases that are unfounded, which means cases where there is either not enough evidence or potentially a false accusation.

The poster campaign that Men’s Rights Edmonton did a few months ago brought forth a statement by the police that false accusations were less than 1% (as well as in Britain: LINK). Since the ‘Don’t Be That Guy’ poster campaign was launched it has reduced sexual assault crime by 10% in Vancouver.

The last thing MRA’s want is for society to look at the perpetrator of sexual assault, which is almost always a male. In fact, many MRA’s told themselves they were rapists and got offended by the poster campaign. There’s an MRA meme about ‘bricks of logic’ that they somehow throw at feminists to stop us dead in our tracks, that somehow MRA’s are bringing facts to feminists that we are ignorant of. With this latest rant by Angry Harry, it appears they’re lacking those bricks they so like to talk about.

AVFM states in a promo for their rally in Toronto

‘The Men’s Human Rights Movement is building a solid wall using bricks of logic and compassion’

They’re actually building a wall around themselves where research and facts can’t be heard.  Bricks are also not commonly associated with compassion either, another MRA fail. I bet they’ve never heard of the Berlin Wall. The visual I see when I read this statement comes from Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ where the child is surrounded by a wall that keeps getting higher and tighter around him. (Sorry to Pink Floyd fans for evoking this image in the same piece as whacky woman-hating men but it’s really how I see it).

Angry Harry continues:

‘Indeed, even if 95% of women would never dream of making a false accusation of “abuse”, this still leaves us in the UK with one million adult women who would. And, in fact, this number is more than enough to account for all the rape allegations made to the police over a 50 year period

And, in my view, it is mostly women drawn from this population of one million who, every year, are flooding the UK police with false allegations.

Now, whether this is truly the case or not is somewhat irrelevant when it comes to criticising deceitful government officials for proclaiming that false allegations are rare because, as we have seen above, they can have no legitimate basis for this claim.’

This is just weird and yet this is the kind of twisted extrapolation these MRA’s are known for. He even admits he doesn’t know this is case but posits it anyway, just because, just because it feeds his misogyny and some notion that governments are Gynocracies.

At the end of his rant he publishes what are supposed to be two statements, one by a police officer and one by a prosecutor who state that false accusations are common. The police officer says that what lies behind the bad conviction rates is this:

‘For example, I couldn’t possibly tell you that out of every ten rapes which are reported in XXXtown, at least eight turn out to be nonsense. To be fair, eight out of ten of everything reported at XXXtown police station is nonsense, why should rape be any different?

‘I couldn’t tell you that of the remaining two, an existing alcohol-fuelled chaotic drug-based relationship is a factor in at least one of these, and ‘consent’ is probably present in the other to some degree. In my whole service I can only recall three stranger rapes and a half a dozen where consent was withdrawn at the time and he carried on. But I can’t tell you that.’

Are we supposed to believe that this one statement from a police officer means that false rape accusations are high? After all, the police have a bad record when it comes to taking rape seriously and treating victims with respect.  His language is clouded with problems. ‘Consent is probably present?’ What does that mean truly? That’s HIS own opinion, not a fact. Yes, we know alcohol is a component in many rapes but it sounds to me like he’s relying on this as some factor that invalidates a claim. I don’t know about you but I don’t take the word of one police officer over actual researched stats.

This officer talks about how ‘real’ rape victims suffer because of the false allegations they have to shruggingly deal with. Basically he’s telling us that police DO a horrible job due to their own personal need for a conviction. It tells us that this is how police actually treat rape victims. Not like we didn’t know this already.

‘The next genuine rape victim to walk into the police station, that’s who. The next genuine victim who may face the cynical looks and delayed reaction from officers who have just finished dealing with the last ten Charlenes.’

Finally Angry Harry gives a link to his video, and several others, that are supposed to show that rape stats are just feminist inventions to get public funding and to make men look like terrible people.  He uses stick figures to demonstrate his theory about ‘real’ rape victims with his own projection of how many women go to police station to report. If you can get through the entire video I applaud you. It’s more of the same MRA conjecture we’re all used to by now.

Angry Harry’s Website



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