Ami’s Tumblr Place of Cat DOOM! wrote a brilliant piece on why MRA’s hate the word ‘creep.’ Here’s an exerpt (you can read the rest here):

I think what bugs MRAs and guys like them so much about the word “creep” is that it’s the only word they understand means “Game over, you lose.  Don’t ever go near me again.”  Anything else, they feel they can work around, even a flat out “no”, just means “okay try again later” or “maybe it’s not a firm no, let’s see if I can talk my way into her phone number with another 5 minutes of pushing.”

This generated some responses on the G+ ‘Manosphere’ community which are, to say the least, supporting her conclusion.


I love how MRA’s think that hooking up with women is about ‘numbers’ and how women misread men. I suppose when you meet creeps like these dudes you’d have to go against your intuition in order to hook up with them.



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