Paul Elam: Using Sexual Language with Images of Children

I bet Paul will claim this is all satire but when you involve children in your misogyny you’ve really hit a new low. In response to Slut Walk Paul has made a post titled ‘Memewalk: Quit blaming kids!’ He posts a picture of 3rd World children photoshopped with signs that say ‘Don’t tell me to not accept candy!’ ‘Don’t tell me to look both ways, tell cars to stop hitting us.’

For those of you who are new to MRA rhetoric they are equating women to 3rd World children. It’s supposed to be a denial of rape culture but if anything it supports the fact that rape culture exists.

Paul, you jackass, when you make a meme about rape apology you are contributing to rape culture. You are asserting it.

By using images of 3rd world children he is suggesting that rape is a first world problem. I don’t think Paul got the memo that rape is a problem all over the world and is an oppressive war tool.  Are we in shock to learn he’s a racist?

Paul Elam doesn’t know the difference between telling children not to cross before looking both ways and telling a grown woman how to dress. Do I really need to explain this to my dear readers?

The most horrific, and yet not surprising, statement in his writing is his sexualized message. He says at the end of his rant about children:

‘STOP pounding your PUD.’

In his deranged mind he’s trying to be funny by making up a new acronym (Postmodern Utopian Dreamland) and of course using it sexually. He does this a lot in his writing and this time he used it with children. Nothing like putting pictures of children on the internet with sexualized, racist and woman-hating language. I suppose he thinks he’s being clever but as usual it’s disgusting.



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