Freedumb: The Male BCP and MRA Reactions

Researchers in Australia think they have some pretty good ideas about how to develop a male BCP. The news has floated around the interwebs for the last few days and of course the MRA’s have things to say about it. I will warn you. None of the responses talk about anything pertinent to this development. Here’s a twisted collection of thoughts by MRA’s on what a male birth control pill would mean for them:

Women would have to date men they don’t want to date ie. MRA’s

Actually taking the pill doesn't cross the mind of MRA's

Actually taking the pill doesn’t cross the mind of MRA’s

‘A male pill will complicate or put the kibosh on ambitious and unscrupulous women that exploit (men’s) unplanned pregnancy to gain financially, genetically, or both because there will be no shortcuts. The silver lining is that by cutting off the opportunity to advance to Boardwalk, women will need to become more rational with their expectations thereby opening the door for more men down the reproductive food chain.’~

It will somehow stop the mythical ‘false rape allegation’:

‘It won’t stop bitches like these from making false rape charges though !
Her rape kit showed 2 DNA s !’~ Bewildered

Feminists have wheels?

‘Watch and laugh as feminists turn their wheels ranting and raving. Laugh because they tried, and failed to stop this from happening.’ ~ Jim Byset

This one is classic stupidity:

‘This development, if realised, will wipe out world gynocentric culture as we know it.’~ Peter Wright Tawil

I don’t know what this has to do with the male pill but this guy is srs:

‘It is to have plans in place to permanently leave the country and settle somewhere else both more friendly to men and where one’s original country can’t pursue you for child support payments. Permanent residency must be easy to get and ease of obtaining citizenship should be considered, especially if your home country won’t issue you a new passport once your old one runs out if you are in arrears on child support payments.’~ NobodySpecial

Apparently, MRA’s think it will give them access to sex:

‘Not only would the male pill offer limitless, no-strings sex,’ ~ Peter Lloyd

‘Men in general, and MGTOWs in particular, will get more sex, even if it’s with devious women determined to trick them into becoming fathers. Prepare for feminists’ heads exploding. Oh happy days…’ ~ Mike Buchanan

The ever-popular notion that men are incapable of doing the simplest things to prevent unwanted pregnancy:

‘Its only odd because she can’t see or comprehend why men have no reproductive rights and no male pill. Its because women don’t want them to have it. Women don’t want to have to share the power they have over men’s lives.’ ~ itry2brational (hilariously ironic)

They think it will eliminate accidents with added misogyny:

‘Finally, no more accidental pregnancy caused by selfish bitches..Feminists cunt are gonna hate on this shit lol..’ ~MorphVerse
‘This is could be a equalizer for whether or not a woman gets pregnant and fucking runes your life. because if your are a man there is no benefit to having children. The women get all the perks in our culture for having children. If you are a man you are nothing to a woman but a work horse that she can legally extort money from.’ ~ David Stephens


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