Judgybitch’s Incomprehensible Ranting

MRA’s are at it again with their insistence that more men suffer domestic violence than women. This time it’s a FeMRA named Judgybitch who’s decided to grace us with her incoherent article on AVFM where she drolls on about two surveys. The first is the National Violence Against Women Survey and the second is a study by Bert H. Hoff  where he dissects the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey of 2010. His claim is that more men are victims of violence than women but of course it says nothing about the perpetrator and is only a 12 month stat. When you look at the lifetime stats it’s of course women who are the majority of victims of physical and sexual violence.

The first thing I noticed is that she doesn’t understand what intercourse is and how it’s defined. She says:

‘Well then.  Only females are asked to respond to the issue of forced sex, and the only thing that counts as sex is putting a penis in a vagina.  Okie dokie.’

She’s complaining about a question asked of women in the The National Violence Against Women Survey. The question is quite specific and asks women about vaginal penetration by a male. So let’s help out Judgybitch and give her the definition of intercourse:

sexual intercourse definition mirriam websterJudgybitch is confused. She thinks there’s some sort of feminist hijinxs going on. She doesn’t understand that this next question in the survey is asking males if they were ever forced to perform oral sex. It’s like she didn’t even read the questions.

Has anyone, male or female, ever attempted to make you have vaginal, oral, or anal sex against your will, but intercourse or penetration did not occur?

Is that not clear Judgybitch? Did you actually read any of this? Probably not.

At the end of a long diatribe about men being the sex more victimized and how there are no services for them she says this:

‘Looks to me like the sun is about to shine on the truth about intimate partner violence.  Women are far more likely to throw the first punch.’

How on earth does she get there? Well, it’s not the first time AVFM writers make baseless claims and it won’t be the last.

It should be noted that DV is wrong no matter who is perpetrating it. It just so happens though when you measure things without context you get irrational results. This is why any study of domestic violence HAS to have a qualitative component. If you’re Murray Straus you simply count 1,2, and 3 without knowing who is the aggressor and who is the recipient.

It should also be noted that in Hoff’s paper he admits that the majority of severe physical violence are WOMEN. There’s no getting around it. A further note about Hoff. He complains:

‘What is more violent, brandishing a knife at your spouse in the heat of an argument, refusing to wear a condom, or calling your spouse fat or stupid? NISVS did not ask about knife-wielding, but did ask about condoms and name-calling. Men were more often the victims of both psychological aggression (‘‘expressive aggression’’ and ‘‘coercive control’’) (Figure 4) and control of reproductive or sexual health (Figure 5).’

The CDC study did ask about weapons. Here are the results.

Lifetime report: Women= 5.5 million; Men=1.3 million

Of course we see that Hoff, being a man doesn’t understand the nature of shaming and suggests that one is worse than the other. I don’t know if he even bothered to look at the CDC study because they did ask about shaming language and guess which sex had more of it? Women.

If men want services for domestic violence then I think they should have them. I don’t know of any feminist that would deny that. However, to pretend that men are on the receiving end of the majority of physical, sexual and psychological abuse is outrageous when we live in a society that privileges them.



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