Attila Vinczer’s Prostate Woes

Attila Vinczer is raving mad that he has to pay for a prostate screening (PSA) test in Canada.

The best way is to start with a rectal exam. They're free.

The best way is to start with a rectal exam. They’re free.

‘In Ontario, Canada men must pay for prostate cancer screening. Our health care will NOT cover preventive cancer screening for men, which is curable provided it is caught in time. The healthcare system will cover the cost of treating the cancer, but not to screen for it. Men’s issues are never a priority, not even their health.’

What he fails to say though is that he actually doesn’t have to pay for the test in most circumstances. Most Canadian GP’s (General Practitioner) say that men should have a PSA test in their 40’s to determine a baseline measurement so they can detect any future problems. Also, Attila fails to mention that at any time your doctor can get you a free test simply by judging you to have a risk. All this complaining about paying $30 for a test is a bit ridiculous. MRA’s are complaining because they think this is some sort of conspiracy to get men to die faster.

There is a finer point to prostate testing. In many cases men are needlessly put through biopsies that can cause infection, sepsis, fever and hemorrhage. In other words, the risks of further testing becomes greater than having the test itself.

Instead of complaining about men dying as part of some uncaring program of the Gynocratic Provinces of Canada♀, you’d think Atilla would link services to help men go to the doctor since the Men’s Health Network found that 2/3rds of men wouldn’t go to the doctor even if they had chest pain. A Canadian poll found that

‘87% of Canadian men aged 35+ fear prostate cancer, less than half anticipate being tested in the next 12 months.’

To me, that’s shocking.

As a feminist, in the spirit of actually doing something to help men I give you resources for Canada and some simple tips that are free.

  1. Go to your doctor. You’re not less of a man for saving your own life.
  2. Have the rectal exam. Not only is it free but it’s the better way to check for prostate abnormalities before subjecting yourself to biopsies.

More information on prostate cancer:


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