Don’t Die for Me Argentina: MRA’s Call Women Who Want Legal Abortion ‘Pigs.’

There’s a very popular video on the interwebs showing Argentinian women confronting a barricade of men. These women are protesting the oppressive law that criminalizes abortion.

The Catholic church has a stranglehold on Argentina and other Latin countries. In a report by Human Rights Watch, between 400,000-600,000 illegal abortions are performed each year in Argentina. In March of this year the government reworked a penal code which criminalized women who had abortions after being raped.  One particular case where a woman who was sex trafficked and raped became the first legal abortion in October of 2012 but only after a long legal battle. A Cardinal in the Catholic church chided the Supreme Court’s decision to allow raped women to have an abortion calling it a “regrettable” move. He also said that the Catholic Church wants to ‘promote and protect a mother and a child in all cases.’ Bleh.

Wealthy women can get an abortion in a hospital by saying it’s for an appendix. Poor women don’t have any options, including the lack of birth control. Illegal abortions are costly.  Women pay anywhere from $800.00-$2600.00 CDN for an illegal surgical procedure. Some women buy a black market drug called Misoprostol, which is an ulcer drug that will induce miscarriage, for $400.00. If a woman can’t afford any of these she will use anything to induce abortion, including knitting needles. It’s estimated that 30% of maternal deaths are due to unsafe, unclean illegal abortions.

Anti-feminists (MRA’s) think the female protestors (who they assume are feminists) sexually assaulted the men and I agree that spitting at a few of them wasn’t exactly the right course but imagine if you worried about death each and every time you had sex? I see women who are frustrated that their fathers, brothers, partners and grandfathers won’t value their lives and instead protect the Catholic Church by locking arms and praying around it while their daughters, granddaughters, girlfriends and wives are dying from unsafe, illegal abortions.

Paul Elam wrote a small bit about these women. Notice how he fails to mention what the women are protesting and of course calling them ‘pigs’ for daring to challenge the patriarchy, which is invisible right Paul?

‘Extremely disturbing video footage from Argentina shows a mob of feminists at a recent protest attacking and sexually abusing a group of Rosary-praying Catholic men who were peacefully protecting the cathedral in the city of San Juan from threats of vandalism.

Charles Clymer.* This is your feminism. This is the scum that you represent, and the scum that you are.

NSFW Warning. This video contains nudity. And pigs. ‘~ Paul Elam

Sexual abuse Paul? You’ve got to be kidding. With that in mind, Paul thinks that women who protest are breaking the law and need arresting. Paul is a totalitarian but I’ll address that further down.

Paul Elam and cronies are calling these women ‘pigs’ because they have this insane notion that they, as men, have no reproductive rights and because of this perceived ‘injustice’ they want to control women’s bodies. MRA’s deny patriarchy and simultaneously support it. They want women to get abortion approval and if he doesn’t want a child, he can abdicate his fatherhood and take off, leaving the woman and child in the dust.  Can anyone say ‘deadbeat dad?’ If Western whiners could have it their way they’d put women back 100 years in an effort to control and dominate them just like the men in Argentina. They don’t seem to understand that women’s reproductive rights and access to birth control benefit them too.

In a video, Paul Elam’s crony Tara Palmatier, who’s supposedly a psychological therapist, said this about the women in Argentina:

‘I call it Lord of the Flies, with tits.’

Tara isn’t the brightest bulb in the shed and she doesn’t understand what Lord of the Flies represents. It’s a story about totalitarianism and its’ genesis. Tara, that is what the Catholic Church represents in Argentina. Not only is it representative of the Catholic Church but it’s also true of Paul Elam, you, his friends, and A Voice for Men.

In response to a video made by a collection of men who said ‘A Voice for Men doesn’t speak for me’, Karen Straughan made a video calling the organizer of the project an anti-semite. When you go after people who don’t agree with you lock-step you are a totalitarian. Karen’s video was featured on A Voice for Men. I don’t recommend you watch it, in fact, I’m not even going to link it except to show you a screenshot:

Karen Straughan AKA Girlwriteswhat calls man who disagrees with A Voice for Men an anti-semite.

Karen Straughan AKA Girlwriteswhat calls a man who disagrees with A Voice for Men an anti-semite.

It’s quite clear A Voice for Men spokespeople aren’t incredibly smart nor do they know what a human rights movement is. To use my family’s pain of the Holocaust to try and smear people that don’t accept their totalitarian message is incredibly painful, not to mention incredibly stupid but I’ll save that topic for another post.

When you explain to MRA’s that they have the same reproductive rights as women they scoff and make some comment about how women are controlling them and that women should shut their legs. It never occurs to them that they have reproductive autonomy. I simply ask them ‘Do you not have control over your own body?’ They don’t answer back because, well, cognitive dissonance. It’s a no-win situation when you’re trying to converse with woman-haters.

I stand by the Argentinian women. Controlling women’s reproduction is the epitome of patriarchy. Joyce Arthur writes

‘The origin of patriarchy can be traced to the male need to establish paternity of their children, especially in a propertied society where ownership is heritable. Men have lost control over women because they’ve lost control over paternity. That’s why we see such a backlash by right-wing governments and groups today against pre-marital sex by women, contraception, and especially abortion.’

Thank you MRA’s for showing us what patriarchal assholes you all are. I’ll leave you with a final comment from Paul Elam:

‘But this is particularly nothing new for Argentina. As a matter of fact I almost titled this hangout ‘What the fuck is up with Argentina’. This is the same place that, I guess about 20 years ago from now when Helena Bobbit was on trial for mutilating her husband a band of Argentinian feminists vowed publicly that if she were convicted of any crime that they would cut the penises off of 100 men.’


*Paul Elam is in a constant state of pain because Charles Clymer of the Huffpost debated him and made him look like the ‘charlatan’ he is. Paul has now taken to mentioning Charles in every article, every video he appears in.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Die for Me Argentina: MRA’s Call Women Who Want Legal Abortion ‘Pigs.’

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  3. Calling the beasts responsible for this lunacy “pigs” is an insult to four-legged pigs. They’re animate pieces of shit, nothing more.

    “When you explain to MRA’s that they have the same reproductive rights as women…”
    Excuse me? What man has a “right” to have his unborn son or daughter dismembered and butchered because he’s too much of a selfish turd to want to have anything to do with it? Hmmm? I hear crickets chirping. No, the woman has the “right” to have her unborn human passenger slaughtered because she’s too much of an irresponsible piece of shit to act like a grown, mature woman and take responsibility for her own actions… and the man has to live with her decision. If she wants to get it sucked out of her uterus then the man becomes the proud father of a bloody little pile of severed arms and legs. But if the woman wants to be a mommy and the dad doesn’t want any parts of it? He’s on the hook for 18 years of child support for a kid he’ll probably never get to see. You see, the law doesn’t allow the man to be an immature, irresponsible piece of pig shit like a woman getting an abortion, no, the law FORCES the man to act like a grown adult while allowing the woman to be as free from responsibility as a child. Here’s a clue feminitwits: part of being an adult is taking responsibility for your own actions. If you want rights without responsibilities you’re asking to be treated like a child and frankly would deserve to be.

    “Sexual abuse Paul? You’ve got to be kidding.”
    OK so topless women rubbing their breasts in mens’ faces isn’t sexual assault?
    Let me ask you, if some man took his pants off and rubbed his naked nuts on your face do you think you’d laugh it off and claim it’s “not” sexual assault? Somehow I think you’d find it less than amusing.

    What’s really amazing however is the restraint showed by the Catholics shielding their church from these violent cunts who were spitting on them, spraypainting them, putting their underwear on priests’ heads etc. These men stood there and took all this abuse without lifting a finger to fight back. They showed far more restraint than anyone should expect. Frankly they should have gotten a firehose, hooked it up to a septic tank and blasted these bitches with sewage though it’s debatable whether anyone would have noticed a difference in their smell…

    • Henry, sweetie, do you know why men don’t have the option to end their pregnancies? It’s because men don’t get pregnant. Surely even a lint-brained moron such as yourself is smart enough to understand that. Clearly it’s easy for you to judge women for making a decision that you will never have to worry about being in a position to make. You’re probably saying, “Men would never get abortion if they could get pregnant, ’cause we’re all responsible and stuff.” And to that I respond with a hearty snortle. Men don’t ever abandon a pregnant girlfriend or not pay child support, do they? Well, I suppose in your Male Supremacist Fantasy Land they don’t, but here in the real world they do all the time. I believe it was Dennis Miller who said that if men got pregnant, there would be an abortion clinic on every street corner. I have to agree with him. And you can bet that few people would argue that men shouldn’t have that right.

      Now go get fucked by a horse, you hateful, misogynistic prick.


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