John Hambling Explains Male Sexuality

John Hambling (I purposely spell his name wrong) has written a piece on a campaign called ‘Stop Demand!‘ Nowhere in his writing does he actually address the subject of the campaign. Stop Demand informs men that paying for sex harms women and girls. The entire message went over John’s head. He writes:

‘This particular example of hatred seeks, apparently, to eradicate male sexuality.’

I didn’t know male sexuality involved purchasing women and girls, increasing the demand for more women and girls and ultimately sex-trafficking them. John doesn’t realize he’s making men look like rapist sex addicts and sex trafficked women u.s. 2-thumb-300x191-11299predators. This is why we have entire police task forces dedicated to breaking up sex-trafficking rings, even in the modern, Western world.

The first point on the Stop Demand pledge:

Acknowledge that sexual violence, sexual exploitation and sexual denigration of women and girls is widespread, shatters lives, does not take place in a vacuum, and is a men’s issue to address and solve.

John responds by saying he refuses to acknowledge it saying it’s a lie. It’s impossible for MRA’s to focus on women and girls without screeching ‘What about the MENZ?!’ 

Point #2 of the pledge:

Reject and denounce all forms of sexual violence, sexual exploitation and sexual denigration of women and girls.

John flies off the handle and insists:

‘It’s also a reinforcement of the hateful and populist mythology that male sexuality is predatory, violent, exploitative, and otherwise malevolent.’

I think we can safely say that any campaign to get men involved in stopping things like sex-trafficking will be taken by MRA’s like Hambling as an insult to his sexuality which by his very own admission is confirming that males are predatory and exploitative. If you don’t get behind this campaign and instead mock it, you are contributing to the notion that you, as a man, are a sociopathic asshole. In fact, he addresses sociopathy:

‘That setting aside male victims, human carnage, real harm and real sexual violence against girls and women is the raw marketing material these sociopath rape-profiteers require to justify their continued existence and incomes.’

Who is really profiting John? The cops who are paid with taxpayer money? The rapist? The victim? It’s YOU John. YOU get paid by Paul Elam who made $150,000 last year and bought a $130,000 townhome.  Don’t believe me? Watch this:

I won’t go into the last point on the pledge but will leave you with perhaps an ironic bit by Hambling:

‘We recognize you are in pain. We recognize you are wounded, or harmed. Tough shit for you.

Your pain doesn’t matter, and doesn’t count. In fact, we won’t even count you a real man until and unless you just suck it up and get back to being a utility, a doer, a provider or a dispenser for those we’ve decided matter more than you.’

And that’s exactly what John thinks about women and girls who are sexually trafficked and used as fuck holes.  Predatory male indeed.


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