I am never out of good material from the cheezeheads over at AVFM. Karen Straughan, a FeMRA who is known for not understanding the late 18th/early 20th century roles of women has now ventured into a windy diatribe about Slutwalk.

Slutwalk is an activist movement of women (and men) whereby women challenge the notion that dressing ‘slutty’ is somehow indicative that a woman deserves to be raped. Women from major cities all over the world protest this idea in Slutwalks where they wear sexy clothing. A few MRA’s went to Slutwalk in Edmonton, Canada where they wore sandwich boards that said ‘I love sluts.’  When asked how they felt about the message of Slutwalk their eyes boggled and they said ‘Well, we just love sluts.’ I don’t find it particularly stunning that none of the MRA’s actually understood Slutwalk. As a radical feminist I have some issues with Slutwalk but they involve a thorough understanding of the politics behind it.

Karen has an entire theory about Slutwalk that definitely deserves to be laughed at by picking it apart. She says:

‘I see slutwalks as a bizarre economic niche for the female sexual cartel. Tons of sexual imagery, a lot of it “cheap”, at least in the sense that the slutty outfits (slut-fits?) worn tend to not be expensive. The use of “slut” is a flagrant evocation of “cheapness” (also individual, female-only freedom and empowerment).’

Sexual cartel? So if the women dressed in Gucci bras then it would evoke what exactly? No Karen, the term ‘slut’ is being used because word appropriation is the name of the game here. The point is taking that word away from people like you who quite clearly don’t get it. I don’t really know what’s wrong with female freedom and empowerment but I find it curious she uses the words ‘female-only.’

She says:

‘It’s like slutwalkers intuitively understand that the price of sex can no longer remain inflated, and that the effort to boost the value of female sexuality to pre-sexual revolution levels would require all or most women to exercise self-restraint (both in how they present themselves, and in their sexual choices). So they seek to maintain scarcity through other means, in order to keep the price artificially inflated.’

I didn’t know these women were prostitutes but in MRA-land all women are money grubbing

whores who sell sex to men for security aka traditional marriage. If Karen wants to have a serious conversation about the sexual revolution then she can’t begin this ignorantly. The sexual revolution has been criticized for its patriarchal intent. In fact, in watching a documentary about the ‘free love’ generation every man from that time period didn’t consider it about peace and harmony. They considered it about getting laid. What a great idea eh? Let’s convince the ladies that having sex with us males is going to bring world peace. I don’t doubt that people genuinely thought of it

Because this is what women were made for. (L) some MRA dudebro (R) Karen Straughan

Because this is what women were made for. (L) some MRA dudebro (R) Karen Straughan. Complete with oven mitts.

that way and believed it. However, as feminists we know that the sexual revolution happened within a system: patriarchy.

According to Karen, all the women in Slutwalk are prostitutes. She even has the gall to say:

‘Slutwalk economics: an exchange of goods and [sexual] services, in which the purveyors of the services can behave in any way they choose, with no quality control or restraint, but in which they can affix an after-the-fact “price” in the way of punitive damages if the goods offered in exchange are not to their liking. Slutwalk economics is the boulder slung up above the dish of free bird seed.’

Why do these FeMRA’s always frame women in terms of what women can give to the menz sexually for money? Well maybe it’s because that’s how FeMRA’s operate? Every single one of the women involved in the MRM has donation buttons on everything they touch, especially Karen Straughan. One time, Karen, according to her own ideas about women like Anita Sarkeesian, ‘damseled’ herself to the MRA’s and made several grand from doing it. Paul Elam defines damseling:

‘…threatening to cry and faint and never step up to prove their equalness again if men don’t start protecting them from harsh words typed from behind anonymous screen names on the interwebs.’

Here’s her followup video to this one where she claims she got a false DMCA. She cried about how her family was in danger over a lousy false DMCA on Youtube. She also blamed it on several feminists (including KristinaRad),  and then asked all her MRA pals to send her money. She even brags about her ‘fat purse’  and how the men will rally to her cause.

It’s not only this kind of e-begging she engages in but she also allows the male MRA’s to endlessly sexualize her without saying a peep. In one radio show she did there were male MRA’s in the audience that said he wanted her breast milk for his coffee:

MRA sexualizes Karen in a live radio show asking for her breast milk and she says nothing.

Allowing random men to sexualize you means you get paid more.

It’s no wonder why Karen can’t appropriately understand Slutwalk. In her mind women are just prostitutes who ‘damsel’, give sex, and enter traditional marriage for money and that’s her strategy, not feminists.

‘And the thing is, this strategy helps them maintain the value of what they’re selling, not matter how many people have already purchased it or enjoyed free samples.’~Karen Straughan aka Girlwriteswhat




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