NEW! Illustrated Comments from Paul Elam’s Fans

I stumble across some real doosies in the comment sections on A Voice for Men.  So I figured I’d have a little fun, maybe start a trend of reproducing comments in pictoral form.

So let’s begin this new trend with a comment from Alphabetasupe:

‘Animal Farm is an observation, not a prophecy. The revolution has not been won – it has barely begun. Let’s not assume victory in any area of feminist governance as it is far from assured. Feminists are merely sitting counting their ill-gotten gains on a pressure cooker of misandry that will eventually blow its stack. For the moment, the weight of gynocentrism is holding the lid down, giving the illusion of stability. But pressure is building…

Crock Pot of Misandry

Crock Pot of Misandry

“Men’s greatest weakness is their façade of strength, and women’s greatest strength is their façade of weakness.” – Warren Farrell

Let’s also not presume that all men are weak and that all women are strong. That’s not what Farrell is saying here, in case it isn’t clear. Many weak men are certainly presumed strong because they’re men, just as many women are presumed weak because they’re women, but there are also many men who are actually strong and many women who are actually weak. Not that it matters.

When the time comes, the strengths and weaknesses of men and women won’t matter, as the right cause will prevail. This is because the agents of evil have no chance of victory against righteousness. Nothing on earth, now or in the future, is more powerful than a righteous cause whose time has come. It’s truly only a matter of time.

Evil feminists and their seeds.

Agent of Evil

Orwell is no more the Messiah than Marx. The downfall of feminism is assured simply because it fails to care for men and women as God intended. The seeds of its own destruction have already been sown. Nothing else is certain, or needs to be.’



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