How MRA’s View Working Women

In the comments section of AVFM I find some real gems.  This MRA describes to us what a woman told him her idea of a good job was:

‘to be fulfiling ,decent work hours (9 to 4 with 1 hours lunch break and at least 2 break during the day of at least 15 min each plus ability to take day off .) has to be fun , rewarding ( somehow not same as fulfilling. ) pay well, indoor, has possibility for advancement and is close to her home.’

She even told him that she’d be willing to work farther away from home for more money. That’s totally rational right? Not to him. This is what he thinks about her job:

‘this is a good example of why most women earn less, as this is not a job as much as it is a paid hobby.’

MRA’s: devaluing the work of women and being patriarchal idiots.


4 thoughts on “How MRA’s View Working Women

  1. Let’s go over the list of careers of just some of the women I know personally:
    university professor, classical pianist, school teacher, bank teller, master electrician (yes, MRAs, you read that right), ski instructor, barista, bar tender, liquor store clerk, trash collector (you read that one right too, MRAs), biologist, retail worker, waitress, auto technician (don’t be too surprised, MRAs), nurse, medical doctor, software engineer, video game designer, dean of students at a university…

    And that’s just taken amongst the women that I know personally who are friends, colleagues, and family members. If those are jobs we can insult people for having, then I guess we can insult pretty much every man who works, right? Because that pretty much runs the gamut and when I think of all the men I know the list is fairly similar. Indeed, let’s go over that just for fun:
    university professor, classical oboist, school teacher, town office clerk, plasterer, waiter, liquor store clerk (come to think of it I have three friends who work at liquor stores, so I guess that sector of the economy isn’t doing bad =P ), toll booth collector, microbiologist, retail worker, auto body technician, LPN, medical doctor, software engineer, dean of admissions at a university…

    Well, I guess all those men have pointless jobs because they’re similar to the careers of many of the women I know. I guess the men I work with also have pointless jobs since it’s the same one as mine.

    MRAs are fucking stupid and disrespectful to men… and women, obviously.

  2. All kinds of men seem to be threatened by women’s success. It’s a regular thing in relationships where men try to sabotage the woman’s work – they try to start big emotional fights with you right before you have to leave for work, they question you about the nature of your male business contacts, clients or colleagues, monitor your whereabouts 24-hours a day in the guise of concern, kick you out of the house, take your money, threaten violence. I could go on, but you get the picture. And, it’s happened to me and it’s happened to a lot of women I know when they were in relationships with men. It’s happened to a lot of women who are too public about their success and they get these online male trolls who can’t stand it that women are out-performing them in every way. I know women that’s happened to and it’s another major reason I keep on the down low.

    So, either men take women’s abilities in the workplace very seriously and are threatened by it…

    Or, they think we have magical vaginas that some how *poof* make money for us, so we don’t really need to actually *earn* it! You know, “Money is less important to women.” ‘Cause, you know, we women don’t have to pay taxes, or the mortgage, or the utilities, or pay for groceries like men do… magical fairies pop out of our uteri and spin straw into gold for us while we sleep. This is the magical world many men live in.

    • I’ve had that experience of a man who manipulated me constantly. I ended it during one of his manipulations and I know it knocked him on his arse. He expected me to come crawling back to him and I didn’t. It took him 6 years to finally realize I wasn’t coming back. While I loved him intensely, he wasn’t worthy of me.

      I’m very proud to have put my foot down in one final act.


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