Paul Elam’s Damseling

Paul Elam is such a hypocritical little man. Whenever I hear him espouse his angry woman hating I see a Napoleon complex. The little man wants money and attention, which he calls ‘damseling’, and today he’s made up a new word for it that we can apply, well, to him.

The new word is ‘Sarkeesian’. He says:

‘This technique of using damseling to achieve goals that are quite likely stupid or worthless, like choosing people to be on currency because they have a vagina, or raising a cool $160,000 to make YouTube videos about video games that you don’t even play can only be called one thing. A Sarkeesian.’

Paul just did a ‘Sarkeesian’ the other day when he announced he was going to open a new shop on his website. It will feature the latest in misogynist T-shirts that A Voice for Menners can wear. Nothing about a battered men’s shelter. Nope. This money will go straight into Elam’s pocket. If he does manage to donate even a little bit to some actual goal of helping men, I’m sure it will be to fund frivolous lawsuits like the Tom Matty case where they sued the Canadian courts for being

We know Paul's next profit scheme will involve something like this

We know Paul’s next profit scheme will involve something like this

biased against men. It went absolutely nowhere.

Paul, being a ‘former’ addict,  gives us a hint to what he might like to spend his $150,000 ‘damseling’ money on:

‘Do the Sarkeesian. You could laugh right in the face of your most avid supporters and blow their money on cocaine and Stoly. They won’t even know the difference.’


One thought on “Paul Elam’s Damseling

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