Illustrated Comments From A Voice For Menners

Defeating feminism is like a video game:

‘Feminists are sexists, plain and simple, and the number of people willing to claim the label of feminist is plummeting, but much like world of warcraft, the corrupted feminist movement still has inertia to exhaust before it finally grinds to a halt and goes into full-on retreat.’ ~aewehr

If you’re going to be a woman-hating ‘activist’ at least learn English:

Defeating feminists in World of Warcraft

Defeating feminists in World of Warcraft

‘so while they attack and misrepresent the meaning of anti feminist them expose themselves to be the clueless windbag parroting the same old uninformed bs and they lose credibility, as for us making sure we come prepared with actual fact and never shy from scrutiny.
They say we hate women ? they got no proof as we don’t’ ~toothless

Getting rid of feminism will allow him to have a life:

‘Being an antifemite, it does hurt us because American women are so self centered they cannot even see how badly they are treating us. It is like talking to a child. You take their candy away(like to a child) and the cry like babies get angry and try to isolate you as a man like you you are no longer going to get companionship or have a fullfiling life.’ ~maninazi


5 thoughts on “Illustrated Comments From A Voice For Menners

  1. it does hurt us because American women are so self centered they cannot even see how badly they are treating us.

    We need an Whaaambulance for the Manosphere stat!


    Cancel dispatch – whinging is par for the course. 🙂 :

      • Why fewer men are accepting the term “feminism,” – if this is true – has to do with patriarchal education and patriarchal pop culture, I think. The men run it all.

        When one of these loonies says that the hate mongering at his web site is “satire,” I have to wonder if by that they mean they are turning the whole situation around. They’re like the 5-year old on the playground, sticking his tongue out and saying, “I’m rubber and you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.”

        Their use of the term, “feminazi” is disturbing on so many levels and really demonstrates their ignorance. Women were not treated well under the Nazis. Hitler had a special hatred for prostitutes or women he perceived as prostitutes. German women had to “earn” their citizenship and even then, the full benefits of citizenship were denied to them. Women were only recognized when they gave birth to a male child – more cannon fodder for the war machine – or when they contributed in some other way to the patriarchal state. And, Naziism is pretty much the patriarchy on steroids.

        Another one that bugs me, personally:

        Centuries of men hanging women as witches, burning women alive, destroying women and their children in the witch hunts – and yet the constantly refer to what’s happening to *them* as a witch hunt. In fact, those hunts never really ended, they just changed their character a little bit. And, when we say, “Please, stop raping us.” Their response is to say that we are conducting a witch hunt, persecuting them, falsely accusing them, etc.

        It’s like they take every flavor of oppression ever meted out by the white man upon women and minorities and turn it all around… and in a sense, I guess that is a kind of “satire.”


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