Paul Elam Supports False Rape Reports by Manosphere

I knew eventually that Paul Elam would address the 400 false rape reports that men’s rights ‘activists’ submitted to Occidental College through an anonymous data collection system.  He says he doesn’t like it but he supports it.

‘To be clear, AVFM was not engaged in this particular event, nor do we officially endorse what happened. We do not denounce it, either.’

He’s really good at talking out of both sides of his mouth. I somehow doubt that out of 400 false reports not one AVFMer took part. He continues by blaming feminists:

‘There is some conditional — and temporary — sympathy for college administration in regard to this event. Their creation of a device where students (read: women) can make anonymous rape complaints (against men), a dicey proposition to say the least, was taken up somewhat under duress.’

In order to support the actions of the Manosphere I suppose he has to admit that there are no male rape victims at Occidental. This is another case of contradiction that is inherent in Paul Elam and the Manosphere. He gives the poor college sympathy because well, the feminists made them do it. Those evil feminists who are trying to help rape victims are screwing it all up!

Occidental has been under fire for years regarding their lackadaisical handling of sexual assault on campus. Students formed a group to combat the problem and openly wrote about their stories. One woman, who didn’t report her rapist, wrote:

‘I had watched multiple friends go through the Oxy system, and get totally chewed up by it, with no resolution at the end. A close friend was told she was making it up because she didn’t have enough bruises and physical damage.’

Another woman writes about going through the Oxy system after she was raped:

‘During the hearing I listened to him lie about the evening. He called me a liar and said I threw myself at him. He argued that I gave physical consent and described how I “spread my legs.” He left out the part where I shouted “no.” The panel found him responsible for raping me. He was given a one-semester suspension, 10 hours community service, and a book report. He appealed this decision with a letter full of more lies and excuses. His appeal had no standing, but his punishment was changed to 50 hours community service and a book report. No more suspension. He was still guilty of raping me, but he did not have to spend a day off this campus. I asked the administrator in charge of appeals why they made this change, and they said they could not remember the details. (Maybe it had something to do with the giant lawsuit his family was pressing against the school???)’

Some of these stories go back into the early 80’s and reading them there is no doubt that the college has an extensive problem. Designing a confidential anonymous reporting system that wouldn’t result in any prosecution is the latest step taken by the college and it’s that system that got the Manosphere in a huff. Paul writes:

‘It would also help that those feminists could possibly be able to control the number of reported sex crimes by manipulating the system themselves.’

It’s this kind of twisted conspiracy thinking that makes one wonder what planet Paul is living on.  I suppose the male reports of sexual assault are real and the female reports are false? Is that how it works on Planet Paul? He continues:

‘What we actually have now, sitting squarely on our metaphorical table next to that horrific reporting system, is a network of Star Chambers driven by hysterics and ideology’

Star Chambers?


Ye olde English Feminist Star Chamber

Many have pointed out the hypocrisy in filing over 400 false reports. The Men’s rights community think false rape reports are hiding behind every rape claim so why would they file false reports? Many have stated they wanted to ‘break’ the system because they thought it was faulty and that men on campus would be charged. The college declared the reporting system wouldn’t result in any prosecution. It’s just a data collection system.  It seems MRA’s forgot about male victims who don’t go to the police and who would be more likely to use this form.

The recent antics by the Manosphere  is yet another example of what Michael Kimmel calls ‘aggrieved entitlement.’ It’s about lashing out in rage at some perceived threat. Kimmel defines it:

‘a sense of using violence against others, making others hurt as you, yourself, might hurt. Aggrieved entitlement inspires revenge against those who have wronged you; it is the compensation for humiliation. Humiliation is emasculation: humiliate someone and you take away his manhood. For many men, humiliation must be avenged, or you cease to be a man. Aggrieved entitlement is a gendered emotion, a fusion of that humiliating loss of manhood and the moral obligation and entitlement to get it back. And its gender is masculine.

Paul Elam can continue to blame feminists for his own actions. Nobody’s buying it. He will continue to use his humiliation (probably at being fired from his old job as a counselor because of his woman hatred) to justify his revenge seeking. His latest attempt to wash his hands of this mess has done nothing to absolve him and his buddies. He’s actually proud of it.

In a final strange twist of narcissism, a Voice for Menner reframes the entire fiasco into martyrdom:

‘This is an act of civil disobedience in the same vein as Gandhi and Luther King.’

Somehow, I don’t think they would agree.

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2 thoughts on “Paul Elam Supports False Rape Reports by Manosphere

  1. So, they weren’t involved – but, at the same time, “Viva la resistance!”

    They don’t endorse this disgusting, disrespectful and remarkably stupid act that has caused them to be the subject of derision by a whole bunch of people who never heard of them before this, but they don’t denounce it, either.

    Maybe he’d like some syrup with his waffles.

    I read part of his lunacy, then I had to quit. I left my first university because of rapists. I was being followed around campus by an already once-convicted rapist. I was told we had two of these guys on campus and one of them had zeroed in on me for no reason whatsoever that I know of. In other words, I never had a face-to-face with this guy other than trying to get him to go away. I didn’t know who he was until he started literally following me all over campus.

    I had already had the experience of having some guy I met one time through a mutual acquaintance coming up to my dorm room to try to find me while high as a kite on something. Instead of anyone being concerned for my safety – as I was – they *blamed* me for this. I moved off campus shortly after that. I already knew I would be blamed for anything a man did.

    So, I never said anything to anyone about the guy following me.

    I had another close call with a guy who supposedly needed help with an English paper. He used my kindness and willingness to be helpful to someone I didn’t really know to try to lure me to a location where he could rape me. I managed to actually talk my way out of that… the guy was a Mormon and I knew his programming, so I shamed him out of raping me and talked him into letting me go.

    Then, one after the other of the girls in my immediate social group were raped. One of my best friends was still in the hospital, severely beaten by a “friend of the family” (family refused to prosecute for this reason) when I got on a plane out of there, scared for my life.

    I never reported anything to anyone because I already knew what would happen… most women have had experiences like this before they’re raped on campus or they’ve seen it happen to someone else – they know they will be blamed – and that’s why almost nobody ever reports anything to anyone ever – not the cops, not the campus…

    This all happened over the course of two semesters….

    Rape on college campuses is like water in a fish bowl. It’s everywhere. I’ve come to believe that it’s just what most men – maybe all men, ’cause I can’t prove they don’t – do.

    How could I believe anything else?

    And, the MRAs have made it all crystal clear to me now – all those things that happened to me, I now have a way of understanding a little better because these guys are very transparent and very vocal about their hatred of girls and women. I now understand that they just hate us and want to kill us… and that’s why they do what they do on these campuses and everywhere else. That’s why they spammed Occidental College. They don’t want women on campus because they don’t really want any of us alive.

  2. Reblogged this on The Wise Woman Speaks and commented:
    A MRA chief dirtbag denies involvement in false rape reports. Check out the links at the bottom of this blogpost to see what has been going on at Occidental College that led them to create the online form, which was spammed by misogynistic idiots from the Manosphere.


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