The Manosphere Holiday Edition: Satire of Paul Elam

satire definitionPaul Elam has graced us with his frantic misogynist rants for years. He calls these rants satire. He doesn’t truly know what satire is but I can hopefully teach him what it is through this extra special holiday piece. In this special Edition for Christmas and the other Festivals of Light, I’m going to pretend I’m Paul Elam. Here goes:

Give Equality to Women For Christmas

Christmas and other holidays allow women to legitimize Hypergamy. Those bitches just want more and more. They bleed men dry the rest of the year and especially on Christmas, Chanukkah, and other holidays. Chanukkah is especially rotten because it lasts for 8 days and men are expected to give a gift every single night. We MRA’s sympathize with Jewish men (except Michael Kimmel because he’s a Mangina). We’ve often compared ourselves with Holocaust victims in order to let those wimmin know we are suffering terribly from the knives in our backs.

The winter holidays aren’t the only days where men have to serve women. Look at Valentine’s Day. That’s the day when bitches and whores make men feel guilty and shamed into giving them things. If a man doesn’t spend a lot of money for women on these holidays he will hear about it the rest of the year. She will withhold sex from him and put him in the proverbial dog house until he worships her with gifts. Women are the leisure class and we men put them on pedestals because of their wet slit between their legs.

These holidays are nothing more than feminist driven Gynocratic shame days. Men are dying and bloody with knives in their backs from working so hard only to have to spend money on their ungrateful whore-wives. If the man is married, he is imprisoned to this Gynocratic holiday system until he dies. Women don’t care about men who are dying with knives in their backs. Feminists love making men bleed whether it be real blood or taking men’s money. This is why women are Nazi’s.

I’m a married man but I know all about those crazy bitches. I used to work with them. Before the Christmas season I had to hear them all cackling about what they were going to get and how their husbands better pay attention to them. They didn’t care that their husbands were slaving away in the mines, crab fishing and doing the most dangerous jobs in order to serve women. It didn’t even occur to them that maybe their husbands didn’t want to spend time in a store buying them shit. It made me furious down to my very corpuscles. I wanted to shove their little slutty noses in shit until it was all they could smell for days.

I propose that all men boycott the Gynocratic holiday season. Don’t get those whores a single thing. Let them know that men and boys are in crisis. Don’t offer to carry the Christmas tree. Don’t lift a finger to help. If women want equality then they’ll have to break a nail while carrying the tree.  When the menorah has wax all over it, don’t offer to clean it. Let her do it. Let her get dirty. Show her that you’re not just a tool for her pleasure to use as she sees fit. Let women have equality this season.

MGTOW 2014~ PE



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