FeMRA Judgybitch Takes Her Parental Alienation Syndrome Out on Kate Winslet

This one’s rich. Get some popcorn and settle in.

Kate Winslet’s former husband Jim Threapleton got cozy with the British group Fathers4Justice when he felt Kate wasn’t allowing him to see their daughter Mia. F4J is similar to A Voice for Men with their misogynist rhetoric and anti-feminist stance. Many of the men in the group have criminal records for beating their wives, restraining orders, and generally just being deadbeat dads.

Fathers4Justice recently made a poster campaign featuring Kate with the caption ‘Kate, every child deserves their father this Christmas.’ She is now in litigation with the group to stop the campaign to which they say they’re going ahead with it.

Many have accused Kate of being a bad mother. She replied to this criticism:

‘My kids don’t go back and forth; none of this 50/50 time with the mums and dads – my children live with me; that is it. That is it!’

She also told Vogue that her children have great relationships with their fathers but this is too tasty a morsel and needs some spin by the cheezeheads at A Voice for Men.

Enter a FeMRA named Janet Bloomfield, aka Judgybitch from A Voice For Men. Upon reading

Fathers4Justice poster that Kate Winslet is suing them for

Fathers4Justice poster that Kate Winslet is suing them for

these tidbits about Kate, Judgybitch went into a staunch rant about her own terrible parents. Using Kate as the example, she said kids have to have 50/50 time with mums and dads. It’s not surprising that Judgybitch lacks contextual analysis of the issue of child custody. In her mind, no matter if the father is a batterer or the mother is ill, the kids have to be with both of them.

Judgybitch’s personal story begins with her father not being there:

‘My father was rarely a full participant in the celebrations, but he would drop off gifts, or have them mailed to us, and then be on his way.  We had no idea at the time that he was in violation of court orders when he showed up, and that my mother would only permit him to stay for a few minutes. He considered himself lucky to have even that.’

There’s usually a good reason when a restraining order is issued. MRA’s seem to think that they’re given out like candy and that women just file them on a whim. In Judgybitch’s case, that doesn’t appear to be true. A father who beats his child and forces child labour on them is a bad father and yet Judgybitch goes on to blame her mother for lying to her.

‘My mother built a careful psychological cage around her children and taught us to hate him.  Not just dislike, but to actively despise and hate him.’

She admits later in a roundabout way that her father was strict and probably carried out corporal punishment on her and her siblings. She said he

’embraced a particularly violent form of Christianity that encouraged… interesting, shall we say… disciplinary techniques.  He believed in the value of physical labor, and took that to extremes, sometimes.  He believed in the character-building value of hardship.  He was not always the best father.’

She thinks Kate Winslet is guilty of doing the same to her children but there’s no evidence of that.  It’s just an excuse to release her own pain. Paul Elam has often said that A Voice for Men is the place where men can vent their anger and I can’t agree more. I think the entire staff of the site have severe mental health issues that aren’t resolved and are playing out in every piece they write.

It’s quite possible that most of the staff suffer from Parental Alienation Syndrome. Dean Esmay commented that he most certainly has this problem. What’s common in all of them is the blame of women, their mothers, their ex-wives, and females in general. Judgybitch writes:

‘In most cases of parental alienation, it is fathers and children who are victims of vindictive mothers – women who are fully prepared to destroy their children psychologically for their own twisted desires.’

She then gives a link to Robert M. Gordon (which seems random), a psychoanalyist who wrote about Parental Alienation Syndrome within a Freudian perspective. The book chapter focuses on PAS with an emphasis on power relations. He states:

‘Although Parental Alienation Syndrome is induced by mothers, fathers, grandparents and same sex parents, it is far more common with mothers. We are more likely to abuse the people who are most available and under our power. Men tend to abuse women, and mothers are more likely to abuse their children.’

This is the only link given to support Judgybitch’s idea that mothers are to blame for PAS. I’m sorry but as a person with an Honours degree in Psychology, I don’t take Freudian analysis very seriously since the man covered up the sexual abuse of his female clients. Plus, it quite clearly states that any family member can cause it.

It’s quite sad reading about her lack of good parenting and it’s odd that she stoically writes about how she couldn’t change her childhood and yet she can change how she reacts to it. There’s an unresolved anger in her and it’s most certainly directed at her mother. It’s no wonder she’s a FeMRA. I’m sure her mother was probably doing the best she could considering her husband was beating the children but Judgybitch is too judgmental to see that both of her parents made mistakes.

None of her explosive anger has anything to do with Kate Winslet. It’s just another excuse to beat up on women who actually take care of their children and keep them out of the hands of deadbeat fathers who align themselves with misogynist groups like Fathers4Justice. I applaud Kate for standing up for herself, for standing up for motherhood, and how important it is that children have a stable life with the stable parent. That would be Kate.


6 thoughts on “FeMRA Judgybitch Takes Her Parental Alienation Syndrome Out on Kate Winslet

  1. Excellent article!

    I don’t know the first thing about the British system, but here in the U.S. it’s really terrible for children and mothers who have to share custody with the men who abused them. I have stories from friends – I’m sure you do, too, if the Canadian system is anything like ours – who are forced to hand their child over to the abuser. They have to make the exchange in public places for fear the ex will try to assault or possibly rape them, again – they *have to* by law hand their children over to such men. I know of one such case, in particular. He started beating her when she got pregnant. They have joint custody of some kind. She has to take the kid to him hours away – they meet at a half way point. She feels certain that the sperm donor and his mother would like to kill her and take the child. She has to keep on him all the time to get child support payments. They live in terrible poverty and last I talked to her, she was going back to school for a second degree to try to get a job that provides a living wage. Probably not going to happen in this economy…

    I know another case of a woman who ran – changed her name and went on the lam to escape a sperm donor who tried to kill her and her little boy.

    I know of two women who have had their children kidnapped by sperm donors.

    This is why I say that men should have zero rights whatsoever to women’s children. They are formed from women’s bodies. Children belong to us. And, if men have entered into some agreement with a woman to have a child, their only rights should be to pay for that child. They should get no visitation. Too many of them abuse that privilege to try to maintain control and domination over the woman and child. Most men don’t care one iota about children except to make a woman’s life hell.

    By the way, have you seen this? http://abcnews.go.com/Health/Wellness/domestic-abuse-abusive-men-sabotage-birth-control/story?id=9639340

    You’ll find a bunch on that subject if you Google “Men sabotaging women’s birth control.” They do it to create a bond between themselves and the woman – which could only be accomplished through the family courts, which the MRAs insist favors women. This tells another story, though – the true story – the one we all know if we know women with children.

    • womanofthewoods, while I agree wholeheartedly with much of your sentiment, your last couple of paragraphs went wildly into radfem territory.

      Abusive, manipulative, and awful men should not have rights to children, and should be legally blocked from coming within several hundred yards of the mother.
      “if men have entered into some agreement with a woman to have a child, their only rights should be to pay for that child. They should get no visitation.”
      In the case of abusive men, I agree. But the idea that men should be nothing but breeding stock is just a mirror image of the way MRAs see women.

      “Most men don’t care one iota about children except to make a woman’s life hell.”
      No, not most. Too many, yes (and even one is too many, in my opinion.) But not most. Again, you’re veering dangerously close to mimicking MRA claims; this time, it’s the “women intentionally get pregnant not because they care about kids, but to trap men & make their lives hell.”

      My ex has visitation with his daughter. He’s a sweet, caring guy who would give the world for her. We parted amicably, and he has even been paying more child support than we agreed upon with our lawyers. He has never been abusive, manipulative, or controlling. (And in fact, we had a BDSM relationship in which he was the submissive – it is simply his nature.)

      Do not fall into the trap of painting every member of a demographic with the same brush as a handful of the worst ones. “Most men want to make women’s lives hell” is no more true than “most blacks are criminals” or “most Mexicans are lazy.” Stereotypes are a tool of the intellectually lazy & willfully ignorant.

      • Sorry, that first line should read “your last couple of paragraphs went wildly into *the stereotype of* radfem territory.”
        I edited & deleted too far. >.< My mistake.

      • Re: …” your last couple of paragraphs went wildly into radfem territory.”

        Excuse you???


        I didn’t even read the rest. I read your other comments. Okay, so you enjoy dick. Fine! Why tell me about it?!

        If you hate radical feminists why are you here?

  2. One more personal story…. I lost a friend recently. She moved away because her daughter got pregnant by some crazy man. The daughter was still a teenager, very sheltered and naive. I don’t know what happened to the girls’ father, but he was never in the picture – I never asked about it and she never volunteered to tell the story. But, he daughter was very naive about men. This guy got her pregnant, then became violent – so violent that she was scared for her life and the life of the child. So, she ran to another state. Shortly after that, my friend followed her – once she got her employment situation squared away. I haven’t heard a word from my friend since.

    I lose a lot of friends to male violence. I recently lost another friend when the man she moved in with the love of her life. This was a few years ago when the economy took a major dip. She couldn’t make it on her own and it seemed a logical thing to move in with him and they could help each other out. He started drinking and turned on her like a vicious dog. He put a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her. She ran to a friend several towns away, then eventually back to her home several states away. She is a lovely person – one of the kindest most beautiful souls I’ve ever met. She actually brought me dinner on Thanksgiving a few years ago when I was still recovering from being attacked by a group of unknown men. I felt like she was the only person who didn’t forget about me. Ironically, she worked with battered women and in women’s shelters at one point… But, this still happened to her.

    By the way, these are not young women – I’m not a young woman and a lot of my friends are older than me. Men are just violent and unpredictable and you can have problems with them at any age if they have some way to get at you.

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