Excellent Media Coverage of the Manosphere

I’m just about to start grinding the gears and getting back into the ‘Manosphere.’ I’ve been reading some mainstream articles published in the last couple of weeks on the Men’s ‘Rights’ Movement. One was particularly good. It’s an article in Truthout by Amanda Marcotte. The highlight of her analysis centered around male entitlement to women’s bodies. Specifically, she mentioned the recent book cover contest for an e-book by Warren Farrell. There were three main submissions and all three of them had pictures of scantily clad women sprawled across the page in sexually suggestive positions.

The cover that got the most attention was this one:

AVFM ebook cover for Warren Farrel ebook

Popular ebook Cover submission from AVFM

You might be thinking ‘what does this have to do with men’s rights?’ I didn’t make the connection that Marcotte made and it was brilliant to read it.

‘Men are oppressed because there are women they find sexually attractive who are sexually unavailable. And that this is the real oppression, and not all that feminist jibber-jabber about rape, domestic violence, abortion bans, and pay inequity. Indeed, that women are actively oppressing men because women don’t accede to demands to have sex with any man just because he wants it.’

This idea is the epicenter of the ‘Manosphere’ and especially Paul Elam and his pals over at A Voice for Men. Marcotte says

‘For the anger and vitriol and whining at AVFM to make any sense, you have to assume that men are the rightful owners of women’s bodies.’

Once you understand this main premise you understand why these whiny, entitled men screech about how they don’t have reproductive rights and why it’s not just feminism they’re after. They’re after women. They want control. I will keep this premise in mind as I critique them for another year.

Underpinning radical feminism is the fact that women have to be in control of their own bodies and specifically their own reproduction. In the US, Roe V. Wade made these rights a reality. In the decision, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor said the case was about the ability of women to

‘…organize intimate relationships and make choices that define their views of themselves and their place in society The ability of women to participate equally in the economic and social life of the nation has been facilitated by their ability to control their reproductive lives.’

Once women own their reproductive and sexual function it allows freedom of movement in all spheres of life that men have always had access to.  MRA’s and the Manosphere are blindingly angry about this. They want the control that their fathers and most certainly their grandfathers had over women.

In the US, women still have to fight for these rights as they are eroded in various states and are non-existent in Latin America. Paul Elam and others called women who protested in Argentina, pigs.

birth control cartoon

This year AVFM is having their grand ole meet-up to spread the word about the oppression of  boys and men. The city they picked to have their 12-person party is none other than the most depressing, most economically challenged place in the US: Detroit. Nobody will know they’re there except them.

Many of you might know that I keep another blog here at WordPress. The other blog is here.  It’s just a record of my observations on my wild house mice that I care for. No, I don’t kill them. I’m an animal lover so I adore them. I hope you take a quick hop to my other blog and read about their antics.

6 thoughts on “Excellent Media Coverage of the Manosphere

  1. Well, you nailed.it. I read the article you linked to, also. Both this article and that one are very good.

    Even before I understood much about the MRAs it seemed obvious to me that they were just upset that they couldn’t rape women at will. Their efforts to thwart a campus rape reporting system and their latest attack on an Edmonton rape survivors’ advocate show that their mask as an actual “rights” group is thin at best. They are a hate group and they really hate women.

    But, it isn’t just the MRAs – like the article you linked to points out, most of the time men disguise their hatred of women and hide behind religion or the usual tired tropes – like the oppressed really *enjoy* being oppressed, women don’t need money, women enjoy being abused and seek out abusers, etc.

    So, the MRAs are really just saying out loud what most of the rest of the male population wouldn’t say – frankly, it’s the only explanation I have for my life and all the violence from men I’ve personally survived.

    Now, I think the rest of my life is going to be a lot more peaceful because I really understand for the first time how dangerous men are to me personally and how much they really hate women. I wonder how many other women feel the same way reading these things online – not just things at MRA sites, or at comment sections at YT where women have been nearly completely run out, or at comments sections at news articles any time a woman or her child is murdered by a man. I wonder how many other women have had their eyes opened by the MRAs and how many – like me – have just had enough!

    Great article, once again!

    • Hi JW

      I remember you telling me about your ideas regarding these misogynists. remember it well.

      When I read Amanda’s article my eyes opened wider. I knew they objectified and thought of women as lesser property but I guess I needed a reminder of it.

      This reminder makes me feel exactly the way you do. I don’t know if I can ever trust a man fully again. Even men who claim to be pro-feminist will not admit defeat in an argument. He’ll just continue to dig himself deeper in so he feels superior and right. I find that every man I’ve met aside from a rare rare few that I can count on ONE hand are like that.

      Paul Elam’s remarks about these pictures are just disgusting. His ideas about women are just.. . I can’t even put words to it even though I write mainly about him and his cronies.

      • Somewhere I read someone’s idea about this that went something like this and I’m very much paraphrasing it here:

        Women’s refusal to have sex with men (any man – on demand) is seen by them as a denial of the expression of their sexuality.

        The fact that women won’t have sex with them or dare to complain about being sexually violated is – in their warped minds – an infringement on their sexuality.

        What I cannot yet figure out is how we – men and women, boys and girls – grew up in basically the same environment (same country, same state, same culture, same educational system, etc.) and got completely different messages about how other people should be treated.

  2. By the way, I read the article you linked to before reading the rest of your post and I couldn’t make the connection with regard to the cover, either. I read the paragraph explaining it three times and still didn’t get it. Only when I read Marcotte’s explanation did it make any sense at all.

    For a men’s rights movement, they certainly are obsessed with women, women’s bodies and what women do.

    I would think a genuine men’s rights movement would focus more on making life better for the allegedly oppressed men…Of course, in order to accept that men as a class are oppressed anywhere in the world, you would have to completely suspend your disbelief. Reading about the manosphere is like reading a sci-fi novel in which the reality we know is turned upside down and inside out.

  3. Adding to my last comment about how did we get such different messages:

    I don’t know if you ever say the movie “Sleeping with the Enemy” with Julia Roberts – it’s really scary and very realistic in its portrayal of a domestic abuser and stalker. And, there’s a line in there where Julia’s character asks if they take the boys aside in school and teach them how to hit women. …I’ve wondered about that a lot of times – how do boys/men learn their violence against girls/women without us knowing about it?

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