They’re Going After Hanna Rosin, Again

These idiot MRA’s are devoid of reading comprehension. It’s astounding to me how someone can take this statement:

‘It’s the end of men because men have lost their monopoly on violence and aggression.

Women are becoming more sexually confident, and something Camille Paglia has been waiting for, more aggressive and violent in both good ways and bad — that is, going to war, going to jail, and in the case of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, beating up anyone who knocks a drink out of their hand.’~ Hanna Rosin

To this:

‘It’s just sickening that Hanna sees this as a good thing.  There is no question that it’s true, but how on earth can it ever be a net positive? Hanna links violence to women’s sexual confidence, which is deeply disturbing in and of itself.’~ Janet Bloomfield FeMRA

I read Hanna’s entire piece in Time magazine and she never once said this was positive nor did she endorse violence. In fact, at the end of the piece Hanna talks about her son.

‘I dedicated my book to my son because he is one of those boys who gets in trouble a lot, who thinks the institutions are rigged against him. I see my job as accepting him as he is, and teaching him how to adapt to the world as it is.’

That must make MRA’s furious. The point is that she’ll teach her son how to adapt to the changing world.

Janet Bloomfield aka Judgybitch went on a tirade and listed a bunch of things she thinks men still dominate. What’s funny about it all is the usual MRA spin that men are the ones that built all of society and it’s the only way society will work. She lists off men dominating and yet the entire MRM is based upon the premise that men and boys are in total meltdown. So, which is it smartypants? Are men doing just fine as per your ranty article or are they in crisis?

This kind of stuff, this contradictory stance, is common in the MRM. One minute they’re for something and simultaneously they’re against it. The only stable variable is ‘let’s just take the opposing viewpoint of feminists.’ Yes, even if it contradicts the entire reason why there’s a Manosphere.

The ‘DERP’ award goes to Judgybitch.


6 thoughts on “They’re Going After Hanna Rosin, Again

  1. I recently saw a YT Vid with Hanna Rosin saying pretty much the same things she said in that Time Mag article.

    She doesn’t say the violence is good or bad one way or the other – just that it is true. Although, I don’t really see any evidence for women becoming more violent outside of TV reality shows and gang culture.

    The other things Rosin says are so obviously true – like for instance, men are not adapting and are not very adaptable to the economy. Of course, some of them are just lazy sex addicts and if there is a woman nearby, they’ll make her have to do all the take her money and literally suck the life out of her with all their raping. Been there and done that – ain’t going to do it, again. Men are a ball and chain in a marriage, that’s for sure and I know of many other instances where the husband lost his job and the wife has to support her child and the man – who is just another mouth to feed and worse, a drain on her energy in every way because men, especially losers who can’t keep jobs, tend to be very demanding of women’s time and energy.

    The whole thing, which Rosin isn’t endorsing, but just pointing out is what makes MRAs foam at the mouth with rage – “Women don’t care about us.” “Women get all the good stuff in life.” (Yeah, ask Daisy Coleman who, at last report, is still in the hospital after being raped, left for dead in sub-freezing temperatures, misrepresented in the news, terrorized, forced off the road and rolled her vehicle six times and is being followed by an “investigator” according to her mother – we girls get all the breaks, don’t we!) “The educational system and the court systems are secretly skewed in favor of girls and women.” Etc., etc., etc.

    Watching MRAs freak out over Rosin (have you seen her sales page for her book – the comments from MRAs there are pretty hilarious) is almost as much fun as watching the Christians in Oklahoma freak out over the prospect of a statue of Baphomet on the lawn of the state capitol. They just don’t know what to say or do when they are confronted with in-your-face, undeniable realities.

      • I’m not sure where she is right now. When the dirtbag had his court date, she was still in the hospital according to the UK Guardian. But, it sounded like her prospects were better. She was in really bad shape when it was first reported.

        Yes, at Rosin’s Amazon page it’s the usual “activism” from the MRM and some of it is pretty funny. Their frustration is really funny… especially the sputtering rage-filled stuff.

        One of these days an MRM is going to stamp his little feet on the ground so hard that he splits in two like Rumplestiltskin!

  2. I just foolishly waded into the comments section at the Time Mag article you linked to and there is some really bizarro stuff there!

    Women were “allowed” into men’s territory – something like that.

    Women have accomplished nothing – yeah, according to the white man, nobody’s ever accomplished anything but them.

    Women are “waging a war of aggression against men” – I kid you not. Yea, the poor menz are the ones living behind locked doors, sleeping in the day ’cause they can’t sleep at night for fear of all of women’s violence against them – you know, it’s pretty rough having flashbacks to that time you woke up in your own bed with a beautiful woman grinding on your penis. The poor menz are living in so much fear of wimmenz. I feel so sad for them.

    It goes on… and on… it’s like these men exist in some kind of sexy science fiction novel where the roles have been reversed – like when Abbot and Costello went into outer space and Costello was taken captive by the beautiful women of Venus – or something like that. These men are not living in any kind of reality! No wonder they’re a bunch of masturbating losers.

  3. I just took yet another look at that comments section. You know, the article was written back in January, but the comments are very fresh. I wonder if the Time Mag people have any idea what is over there? There’s some very disturbing things in the imagery – the kind of thing that was/is on Facebook, for example, the one that says “Bitch-free zone” and depicts a female figure witch black eyes and bruises.

    I’m not a fan of Time, especially since they ran that lactation porn pic last year, which should have gotten someone there locked for child pornography. But, I wonder if they have any idea what’s in that comments section and if they’re okay with it. I’m not okay with it. If they were talking about black people or any other vulnerable group of people like that, something would probably – I hope – be done about it.


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