The World is Ganging Up On Paul Elam Plus AVFM Commenter Goes Bonkers

Paul Elam is on his soapbox again praising Rush Limbaugh’s invention of the term ‘feminazi.’ Does he realize that this rhetoric makes him look silly? (smh) According to Paul, the whole world is ganging up on him again. Of course it has nothing to do with men’s groups being total misogynists. His little list of offenders includes:

  • Facebook
  • Canadian Students Association
  • WordPress
  • Feminists in South Australia

We know that the whole world is killing men and boys off at an exponential rate. Everywhere you look is misandry. How dare Facebook not allow men to post hatred of women on their site. It’s Freeze Peach yo!

The best part of Paul’s posts are in the comments. Let’s have some laughs.

‘Don’t they realize the worst thing you can do to a male injustice figher is commit more injustice toward him? It will ignite him 500% more and it will cause him to muster up all that masculine energy he didn’t even know he possesed. The same one that took us to the moon and built all fucking civilization.’ ~alek

These doomsday scenarios from MRA’s come directly from World of Warcraft.

‘Everytime they go and try to pull super-censorship, bullying and such – a 100 MRAs are born and the existing one find even more strength they never knew they had.’

You get +5 strength dude. What is super-censorship? Any of my commenters want to take a stab at that?

‘You know what fucking fuels the MHRA bitches? ITS INJUSTICE – IT FUCKING FUELS US.’

Oh the injustice of having to use your dominant hand to masturbate!

‘CENSOR AND SILENCE a soft-spoken kind compromising man AND YOU ENSURE that the next time he will fucking speak louder and with less compromise. Shut him down and try to stifle his expression unjustly? YOU FUCKING JUST guaranteed that for his third attempt he climbs on top of a fucking skyscraper with 100 loudspeakers and shouts it to the world. So by all means fucking retards, try to keep shutting down dissent. PLEASE.’

So that’s why we have skyscrapers!

man on skyscraper


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