Paul Elam: ‘I’m Not a Woman Hater Because 40% of My Staff is Women!’

Paul Elam’s interview with a radio host in South Australia is worth a listen because Paul once again has to fall back on the womenfolk to dodge a question of whether he refers to women as bitches and cunts.  The hilarity that ensues when Paul can’t answer a simple question!

Also, Paul labeled the interview pitting him against Dr. Michael Flood who understands completely what Paul Elam is about and the misogyny present in the ‘men’s movement.’ Paul shriveled up when Dr. Flood spoke. He couldn’t counter or present anything except ‘everyone lies about my site.’

The host called him on not being able to answer whether his site was a hate site. Simple, straight forward question was then diverted. ‘The WIMMINZ run mah site!’ Paul screeches. This ‘women run my site’ get out of questions card is always used by the weakest of men to justify their own hatred of: women!

Paul promises us there is no connection between A Voice for Misogynists and the male studies course that is supposedly going to be started at an Australian university. We know that’s false. The men conducting the course have written for Paul’s hate site. It’s amazing how Paul can lie and lie and lie. The host asked him ‘Is your site a hate site?’ The answer was never given. Talking to Paul Elam and expecting him to answer simple questions is like trying to talk to an eggplant.

paul getting stomped by Femra

Paul: ‘A Voice for Men is run by women. I can’t even run my own site.’

Let’s admit this now. Paul, your whacko website taints everything it touches. It’s a hate site. Anyone can go to your site and search the terms ‘cunt’ and ‘bitch’ and find hundreds of articles where you refer to women that way.

The SPLC called you and your site abusive and misogynist. They never took it back Paul. That’s just the crazy in your head. They also called what you do ‘frightening.’

Let’s not pretend that you’re some great scholar Paul. You’re a dull piece of shit living in Texas who ‘damsels’ all over the internet because you think the world owes you something. What a sad sad sack of a man who has to dodge simple questions by relying on the one thing you hate most: women.


5 thoughts on “Paul Elam: ‘I’m Not a Woman Hater Because 40% of My Staff is Women!’

  1. As I listen to Elam, I wonder if he ever gets tired of hearing himself beat the same dead horse over and over. Men are better at killing themselves than women. They are less academically inclined than women. Men have problems… blah, blah, blah. And, on these things I can agree with him. Men DO have problems. They have a major violence problem, but he proposes no solutions for solving this problem – only blames feminists and women in general.

    By the way, I got my first MRA spammer at my blog in an article discussing avoiding men’s violence against women and I definitely consider it spam because it is practically word-for-word the same things the MRAs always say when they’re pissed off at women who don’t want to have sex with them. He obviously didn’t even read the article before leaving the comment, which was probably a copy and paste statement he’s left on a bunch of other women’s blogs.

    While Elam is right that men have serious problems, I don’t think they’re are going to solve men’s problems by spamming the internet and going on little known talk radio shows blaming their problems on everyone except the people who caused them.

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