Male Studies Causing Problems in South Australia and Paul Elam Claims Program Rejected by Uni

There is a graduate course that may be offered in 2014 in male studies. Apparently men need graduate level study on how to get up off their ass and go to the doctors. It seems that this is the only purpose of the course, as well as probably offering false statistics and gathering groups of men who think women are taking everything from them.

This is honestly how these ‘studies’ will go down. You don’t need a graduate program to teach men to go to the doctor. You need public awareness. You need outreach. Advertisements. NOT a male graduate program. I suspect it’s just going to be a pity party of men who fail to adapt to women gaining equality. Economically our western nations are in trouble and instead of looking at that problem, it’s just easier to blame women. These men even go as far as to claim some government conspiracy against them. I don’t know whether to laugh or just sit in shock at the absurdity of it.

Out of 4 modules it seems only one has been approved. One of the proposed lecturers was none other than Roy Den Hollander who thinks feminism is responsible for him having to pay for drinks at a club. He actually sued over it. Private businesses can promote their business any way they want. If they want to give out free drinks or have ladies nights then it’s their right.

Imagine suing private businesses for running their business in a way they can profit? If Hollander doesn’t like ladies nights then he can go to another club. Instead, like most MRA’s do, he takes to whining about it and spending thousands of dollars frivolous lawsuits.

I don’t know how this course can be justified. I’m sure it will be strictly monitored and if there are any signs of misogyny and false statistics being taught, it will be removed from the University catalogue. The very inception of a such a group for such a ridiculous purpose is just another attempt to get in one concentrated place for MRA’s to spread misogyny and possibly act out violently. Anywhere on A Voice for Men you can find violent wishes towards women and feminists and glorification of men who killed women or themselves. Search and you will find it.

If you need a University course to teach you to go the doctors then you’re a bunch of sad individuals who probably won’t extend your life even if you do go to the doctors. MRA’s have a  mental illness where they think women are around each corner trying to kill them or the idea that the government is a gynocracy bent on only benefitting women. Do yourself a favour guys. Go to a therapist and start living in reality.


The course has been completely rejected according to Paul Elam’s latest piece. The affiliation of the potential lecturers of these courses with the hate site A Voice for Men is the cause. Paul Elam will never learn. Let’s hope this is the beginning of the end of him. All the men involved in this supposed course have ties to the endless misogyny in black and white over at Paul Elam’s site where he calls women bitches, cunts and says women deserve to be beaten.

I’m going to answer some of the comments of rage on the piece that Paul wrote declaring the failing of the course to be accepted.

‘I am shocked, shocked I say, to hear about feminist tyranny in a university. Next thing you’ll be telling me that there’s gambling in a casino. /irony’

You’re shocked? There’s no feminist tyranny in University dudebro. It’s called not wanting misogynist cretins on campus. The violence and woman hatred that comes out of all your mouths is why there won’t be ‘male’ studies.

‘There was a time they were begging us for rights, and we gave them…..and now, we’re being kicked out by them from the very institutions we created…Brilliant, I say. I am sure every man who reads this will be beaming with pride. Look how far our women have come….’

We didn’t beg. We protested and we were right. You didn’t give us anything. The paternalistic ‘men-built-the-whole-entire-world’ rhetoric from your MRA mouth is misogyny. You won’t get far with that hatred. We have come a long way. Your hatred of us in public won’t be tolerated. You still have a hold on us in private with males beating and killing women in domestic violence but that’s going to go too. No longer will you torment us just because we have different sexes.

‘It has long been my belief (based on abundant evidence) that gender feminism is a hate movement, but not just a hate movement, a racket. In America, we have RICO laws that have been used to prosecute organized crime. If our laws were truly just and equitable it would have already been used extensively to prosecute feminist frauds like VAWA (Violence Against Women Act). Yes, gender feminism is a money driven, hate movement steeped in misandry, and when its financial base is in any way threatened, or challenged, or even perceived to be challenged, the vile bigots wield their misandry, show their vile racketeering criminality, and verify for all the world to see what we here at AVfM already know is true beyond all doubt.’

This is truly sad.  Sir, when are you going to wake up and stop living in hatred?

‘The only use for male studies that I see is to fuck up the shit of feminism.’

And that dude is why you’re not being allowed a male studies graduate course. The sooner you forget about abusing women who you label feminists, the sooner you can get to actually being a men’s movement. Not one concern for men would’ve been discussed in that class. It’s just a pity party of guys who sit in front of video games and porn all day and night who think women are spermjacking.

‘The Male Studies Group should now sue Shepherd, Flood, and Adelaide Now for libel.’

I was wondering how far down the comments page I would find the calls for a lolsuit.

‘I would love to see these feminist bigots have to defend themselves in court.’

Oh dear God.

‘Sue the shit out of them, and then some.’

I’m convinced now that they’re all mentally ill.

‘Then we can use some of the proceeds to buy posters and stickers by the shipping container load! If we had 10 people doing what I did in the FTSU video at every UNI and high school our progress would be greatly accelerated. I have no problem driving the 8 hour trip from Melbourne to Adelaide and doing a poster/sticker run, but I am a bit jaded from doing this by myself and on my dollar.’

Dudebro, you’re not getting a single red cent from anyone. You’re not fucking anyone’s shit up. Instead why don’t you spend the money with posters telling men to go to the doctors?  Do yourself a favour and leave AVFM now. It’s not helping.

‘A thousand times this. False damaging statements were deliberately published and propagated in an attempt to cause real and tangible damage to the course, its supporters and staff. It should be an open and shut case – sue! Get a no win no fee lawyer, there are buckets of them out there.’

Never going to happen dude. You don’t have a case.

Here’s a comment an MRA left on an Australian online paper that reported the shut down of the program. The MRA claims it was removed.

“Misogyny a fashion” Ryan?I’m yet to meet a man that hates all women, but I’ve crossed paths with a few women that are genuinely “misandrists”(not recognised by my MSWord)Don’t get in a fluster; the course has been dropped.The Marxist-Feminist that view all men as the oppressor class and rapists have had their way.And Adelaide Now in true Murdochian fashion, through their misrepresentations, have contributed to it; not by suggesting a connection between the Male Studies group and the A Voice for Men website, but more importantly falsely claiming that the A Voice for Men organization had been declared a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.I hope this link is not too ambiguous for you.

Another outright lie from an MRA. Here’s everything the SPLC said about Paul Elam and his site and David Futrelle over at Manboobz confirms the listing of A Voice for Men under Misogynist Sites by the SPLC.

Finally, I’ll leave you with someone I truly admire: David Futrelle. This is just part of David’s take on the whole ‘male studies’ idea and the resulting misogyny that came from Paul Elam and everyone associated with A Voice For Men.

In other words, Mr. Elam, you guys have dug your own hole here — with you, personally, bringing one of the bigger shovels.

Just think: A Voice for Men may be in large part responsible for the collapse of this Male Studies initiative, because you and the others writing on your site can’t hide your raging misogyny, and can’t resist the temptation to call women “bitches” and “whores.”

This is the lesson of all the publicity you guys have gotten in the last year: when members of the general public learn what you guys actually believe, they are repulsed by it. The more attention you get, the more people oppose you.

I’m glad we do what we do David. I’m sure we’ll keep a good eye on this.


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