The Financial Books Will Never Be Made Public

Says Paul Elam.

We all know AVFM is his personal money machine.  Considering how badly he fucks things up, ie. Male Studies program that was cancelled due to ‘academics’ having connections to his hate site, it’s not surprising that the money people send him goes directly into his pocket.

What has this guy really done? Oh he has a website. Pssh. Anyone with 100 bucks can have a website and you don’t even really have to pay for it. He put images on his articles. Licensing can’t be more than a thousand bucks.  Business cards: 40 bucks. Stickers: another 40.

This charlatan pockets at least 80,000.00 a year. This whiny attempt at telling people he pays for oh so much and works like a slave is a bunch of horseapples. He has so many angry men to write crap articles for his site that he doesn’t even pay them.

So, as before, as many people know, he pockets the cash and in this economy, lives high on it.

We’re not stupid Paul.

In irony land, where Paul dwells often, he made this comment as a response to PUA’s:

‘I don’t respect exploiting men’ insecurities as way to make a living.’

Insert big foot into mouth.


7 thoughts on “The Financial Books Will Never Be Made Public

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