A Voice for Men Calling People ‘Whores’ Again

This is priceless. Just after Paul Elam made a fool of himself on Australian radio by not being able to answer the simple question of whether he calls women ‘bitches’ and ‘whores’, his site posts a long rant about Dr. Michael Flood and Tory Shepherd being ‘whores.’ Here’s the article about the radio interview where Paul gets totally flustered.

So now that AVFM can’t really deny that they call women ‘bitches’ and ‘whores’ the next best thing is to blame it on… wait for it:


‘AVfM regularly refers to “women” as “bitches” and “whores,” does it? Which is completely and utterly different from Jezebel regularly calling men “assholes” and “creeps”, right? Since there is no rigorous definition of “regularly”, and since one contributor actually refers to herself as a bitch, let’s just go with it.’

It’s the old AVFM trick to get people to look elsewhere and once again blame feminists for the fact that AVFM calls women ‘bitches’ and ‘whores.’

The post also tries to make the separation between hating women and hating feminists. Well, hating either is a problem but right in the comments section of this piece are men expressing their hatred of women.

‘It is an entirely pathetic and juvenile approach but that is obviously how these silly women think.’

‘Calling individuals like Michael Flood and Tori Shepherd whores is degrading and demeaning to actual whores.’ ~ John Hambling

Even the writer of the article doesn’t distinguish between feminists and women.

‘women’s healthcare is funded at four times the rate of men’s healthcare.’

‘What kind of world do you live in where you imagine black men or Asian men or gay men or any man anywhere doesn’t care that his children are only likely to go to college if they happen to be female’

AVFM states:

‘Make no mistake, all these topics certainly can be and should be explored through anti-feminism’

The contradictions of AVFM are commonplace as is calling women ‘bitches’ and ‘whores’. Judgybitch, the FeMRA, who wrote the article is no stranger to bashing women. They make no distinction between women and feminists. MRA’s aren’t concerned with male issues. They’re only concerned with tearing down the gains of women.


3 thoughts on “A Voice for Men Calling People ‘Whores’ Again

  1. The guy who owns that site is from Houston, TX, which is dominated by a bunch of Xian fundies and they – the government, the dominant class of men there, the people running the show – really DO see all women as whores. And, what’s amazing is I’ve never seen so much prostitution going on in one place ever before in my life, either here or in countries where it’s actually legal. They’re not just on the street, but literally everywhere… in upscale restaurants even and they took over the night clubs there. It’s really awful, but it’s just whore-mongering part of the country (women and girls are presumed by many of the dominant class of men (white men) to be for sale) – it’s the way the men there, mostly good Xians, want it and so that’s how it is. The sexual assault problem there is through the roof – I can’t count how many times I was assaulted there, mainly by real estate co-workers or clients. That’s also the place I was kidnapped at gunpoint by three men (including a cop), robbed and nearly murdered a few years ago – I had the impression the men were acting out some sort of gaming fantasy when they attacked me. That’s the cesspool AVFM is coming to the online world from!

    I wonder how much that guy’s immediate environment affects his misogyny – I’d say a lot.

    • Yes, I know of one woman who lives there and she’s a prostitute but tells everyone she’s a manager of a strip joint. I never got along with her.

      I can imagine what you say, the Conservative mindset of women being available to any man for the right price. Ugh. Paul Elam is a woman hater and a thief. He screeches about Anita Sarkeesian making over a 100K in her Kickstarter and yet this guy takes that amount each year for doing nothing but spewing hatred on a website.


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