Another MRA Lolsuit for $10 Million Dollars

The little Napoleon Man, Attila Vinczer, angry misogynist and friend of people who murder little girls is now suing a whole bunch of police and school officials for $10 million Canadian dollars.

I’m ashamed this man lives in Canada.

Apparently his son got in trouble for ‘something.’ Attila edits out in his video what these charges are, in true MRA fashion. He also gets angry at the female police officer who actually answers his questions. He’s a misogynist, no question.

He thinks his son doesn’t understand he’s done wrong. Your son is a citizen of Canada and if he does wrong he gets charged. It’s really simple Attila. You just want people to argue with. Your son was charged with assault. It’s called keep your hands to yourself. The charges were dropped and now you’re going to sue everyone! I can’t wait to watch this one go down.

You’re an idiot Attila. I hope you spend vast amounts of money on this crazy impotent lawsuit. You state in the video you ‘admire’ what the cops do. No you don’t. You teach your kids that cops are bad. Expect your sons to commit more crime with the shit you’re putting in their heads. I suppose putting 12 year olds on Youtube is ok right? Your kids only fear the cops because YOU have taught them to.

Children, usually boys, as young as five are labelled as sexual predators for innocently kissing a girl on the cheek. Schools are failing to provide a safe environment for children to learn, play and socialize. Schools have become increasingly inhospitable for boys.

Boys aren’t allowed to touch or kiss girls. What about the little girl’s rights NOT to be touched? Schools have had to take over here because parents like you are doing a terrible job with the most simplest lesson: Keep your hands to yourself.

As an added bonus, here’s Atilla threatening to ban me if I don’t edit a comment I left on one of his crazy videos.

attila vinczerNapoleon complex.


5 thoughts on “Another MRA Lolsuit for $10 Million Dollars

  1. Okay, let’s think here… How could WE make money as fake victims of some kind.

    Let’s see:

    1) We could write books full of outrageous lies, demonizing the people we are actually oppressing, claiming they are doing to us the things we’ve actually been doing to them for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

    2) We could set up a website accusing our prey of doing all the things to us that we’re actually doing to them while calling them vile names – all the while claiming we don’t do that. Then, we collect the revenues and line our own pockets with the money while claiming to help the TRULY oppressed among us.

    3) We could file some frivolous lawsuits – hey! keep shooting into the dark and eventually you might actually hit something.

    Any other ideas?

  2. I’m just now checking out the vid – there is some really messed of stuff and that guy’s YT page.

    I see someone called you “Satan” in the comments section. I thought that was MY name. LOL!

    Lawsuit threat aside – this guy strikes me as being really scary. I say that ’cause of the things at this YT page. Yikes!

    Something else – if these dudes care so very much about their children, why do they photograph them, put them in vids and such. Why don’t they try to protect them.

    I would never put my children’s pics out on the ‘net. It’s too scary. I won’t even put my own pic out on the net ’cause last time I did, I got a stalker that left the internet and tried to find my house! So, why do these “caring fathers” do this to their own children. Remember? We saw the same thing with that one illiterate looney-toon you covered at YT who was trying to get custody of his daughter, who he kept calling “fat.” Then he doxxed his own kid at AVFM!

    Once again, we see a situation in which a child may really have a problem which stems from the behavior examples set by the father.

    Yes, “boys are under attack at schools” because they are reprimanded when the slam a door into another student’s head so hard that it leaves a lump and they can’t stop touching the female students when they’ve been told repeatedly to keep their hands to themselves.

    Yes, it’s really rough – for boys! Nobody else counts, apparently.

    • I love your comment dear Woman. The lessons I went to school with 40 years ago were ‘keep your hands to yourself.’ Is that so damned hard?

      The boys are oppressed I tell you, oppressed! They are forbidden from slobbering and groping others at school and that must NOT BE! Boys should be able to touch and manipulate anything they want.

      Yes, teaching the males they can do whatever they want, take it, manipulate it for their own ends. And these MRA twerps think boys are oppressed? What about the poor girl that was touched and grabbed so often by a little boy that she changed her route to and from school, hid from him and therefore mentally had to keep track of him instead of learning?!

      This is the curse of the male I say! Finally being told they can’t have everything they want is oppression!

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