THIS JUST IN: Napoleon Threatening Me With a Lolsuit

I can’t keep my sides from busting out from this latest fassaxery. Attila Vinczer, MRA who is suing the Canadian govt. and a whole bunch of other people for millions of dollars has now threatened me with a lolsuit! Aren’t I lucky?

The butthurt threats are due to a video I saw of him cutting off a trucker with his kids in the car and instead of thinking of the safety of himself and especially his kids, he’s videotaping the entire event from what looks like the fast lane on the Queensway and taunting the trucker.

What a guy!

I pointed this out to him. He got all sore about it, threatened me that I had 5 minutes to edit my comment and then started talking all big-like about how he was going to sue me over a Youtube comment!

Napoleon being, well, Napoleon

Napoleon being, well, Napoleon

You’re a dumbass. I hope YOU understand the law. I can call you an asshole and a moron all I want. I can comment socially about ANYTHING you put on a social networking site, especially when you’re stupid enough to put videos of yourself being an idiot on Youtube.

Oh and if anyone doubts the assfax of this dude, he uploaded a video of a woman he caught in public picking her nose.

So if you’re reading this Napoleon you really only have ONE option. You can block me on Youtube, which I really don’t care if you do or don’t. It matters not. I can still comment here about the crap you upload to the internet. You can run off and spend money all you want to try and get my personal information.  Point is, you’re a little butthurt silly man who can’t drive and who cares more about your ego than your kids in the damn car.

Now piss off.  🙂


4 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN: Napoleon Threatening Me With a Lolsuit

  1. I read some of the comments section, he is completely hostile even with some people who were agreeing with him.

    His demeanor with the cops on that vid, too – He’s totally belligerent. I’d like to see him shoot his mouth off like that to a U.S. cop! He’d be lit up like a Christmas tree.

    I actually felt sorry for the cop…

    • I felt sorry for the cop too. Notice how he edited out the section of the video where the cop was telling him why he was there and what the boy did? His kids are going to land in jail someday because their father taught them to disrespect them.

      Did you see the video of him cutting off the trucker? OMG. I felt so bad for his kids. The poor kids were almost killed.

      I drove many miles on the Queensway and it’s a FAST highway. People are usually doing 130K/hr. Cutting off semis is just a death wish. You can see the MRA is on the left of the trucker so you KNOW he cut him off. But of course in MRA land everything is reversed. The trucker cut HIM off even though the trucker is in the right hand lane. Oy.

  2. I saw that vid. I wonder what he did to the trucker to make him upset.

    I think if I’d been driving with a passenger in the car, I’d have hung back and stayed out of the trucker’s way – especially, if I really thought he was a threat to life and limb. But, no! Mr. Macho, with a child in the car, pull up next to the supposedly dangerous and erratic driver and taunts him.

    Where is that poor child’s mother?

    • I know what he did. He cut him off in the fast lane of one of the fastest moving highways in Canada. He’s an irresponsible parent for doing it and even more of a dangerous parent for doing it while filming it.


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