‘I’m Not a Woman Hater Because 40% of My Staff Are Women’ -Revisited

AVFM claims that the site doesn’t hate women but only feminists.

Let’s take a look at some of the recent comments by AVFMers.

This country put a loaded gun in its mouth and pulled the trigger the day we gave women the vote. Since that day, history has been the slow exanguination of that idiotic decision.

at least if “whore” did mean her professional life rather than generally being a “nagging bitch” or “cackling cunt”. Then I’d agree with him. Cackling cunts will never be happy to live a life of housewife luxury of not having to do anything but still having all the time to do whatever she wants in return.

Women on the other hand, are totally innocent and unaccountable for anything (including how they dress, where they go, who they go with and how intoxicated they get when they get there.)

When this occurs the women will be forced to submitt to mens basic human needs, feelings, and rights as people. I can guarranttee all these spolied immature females will have a panic attacks as they are forced to stop all their selfish power plays of denying men sex, attention, and intentional social isolation to try to keep men down. Many of these women will become overwhelmed and forced to grow up. I cannot wait for this to occur.

How often do the courts chase up that debt as compared to male to female missed payments? (Rhetorical question, pussy pass in play)

Women manipulate governments with the public spectacle of their chronic victimhood and governments acquiesce in exchange for votes and absolute power by persecuting innocent men

With those lies, women and feminists coerce legislators to appropriate more financial resources to their life-style choices, giving them more access to unnecesary health care at the preclusion of access for men to much needed real health care

Even though women represent a large majority of students matriculated at universities, they represent a small minority of real degrees like ones in the Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering and Arts but are grossly over-represented by bullshit degrees like social-work and clinical psychology, business administration and middle-management, accounting and business finance and (of course) women’s studies

Men represent a shrinking minority of the population and electorate because of systematic persecution, impoverishment, enslavement, imprisonment and extermination by women.



8 thoughts on “‘I’m Not a Woman Hater Because 40% of My Staff Are Women’ -Revisited

  1. You said it right in another blogpost here when you called these guys conspiracy theorists.

    I dont’ know if you’re familiar with the so-called “conspiracy theory community,” but I am. And, I like really good theories about such things as who shot JFK, what really happened with Watergate, what really went on in the lives of the Clintons when he was Gov. of Arkansas, etc. But, a bunch of these guys – an it is, in fact, almost entirely white *men*, many of them some kind of independent Christian protestants – who have really jumped the shark and spoiled the fun of serious inquiry and speculation in the conspiracy community.

    The MRAs seem to me to be closely related to this bunch. They’re mostly white guys – very conservative and even if they don’t consider themselves Christians, they maintain Christian conservative ideas about enslaving other people to the white man’s puroses. They are the same white male supremicists I see in the conspiracy community and there has been a terrible bleed over in just the past few years. I discuss it at another one of multiple blogs – how the more mainstream aspects of alternative news (which is not alternative at all, if you start digging into who is funding them) like Alex Jones started having misogynistic guests like Makow on to spread disinformation and lies to his audience, which are by this time barely educated, mostly white and almost entirely male. The hatred of women is just slipped into other subjects at odd times – he might be talking about Fukishima polution and then suddenly start talking about how women want to be dominated.

    These MRAs appear to be a branch of the conspiracy community, much of which is also related to white supremacy, as well.

    Those are just thoughts provoked in my mind by the above quote.

    One more thing that this quote makes me think – this word: Envy! They are SO incredibly envious of women and women’s achievements. And when I think about this, I see these men in my minds as these bent, hairy smelly little devils – their skinny little arms are folded in self-righteous indignation, steam is rolling out of their pointy little ears.

    If they only spent half the time working on improving themselves that they spend on their hatred of women, they might accomplish something, themselves and then maybe they wouldn’t feel so bad about themselves.

    • I think what the three groups you mention (Alex Jones groupies, MRA’s and white supremacists) ultimately have in common one thing. They are powerless young men, some maybe older, who have been left behind by our current economic system and have not been able to adjust socially speaking to society itself. They are scared young men filled with hate, unable to improve themselves, they are rejects, its the creepy guys a lot of the time. The guys who cannot be CEOs, hot athletes, successful business, spiritual gurus, they are literally the underdogs. Because they have spent so much time in isolation, it is not surprising they have so much pent up anger, where do they relieve their anger? Since they cannot do anything about the government, they unleash their violence upon the marginalized groups womyn, sexual and racial minorities. I must remind myself of this each time I meet their kind, it is scary to think that such men exist in mass number. But knowing man’s general lazy character and parasitic mindset, it does not surprise me a bit they act toward womyn like this.

      Thankfully, I am past my Alex Jones phase, but have you noticed how rude he is to female callers? When I used to listen to his show I would feel uncomfortable, but since at the time I was dazzled and scared because of the NWO, I ignored his wrongs and lies. I ignored his misogyny, his disrespect, his racism, his mere theatrics to sell products and gain money. How about his 2000 radio translation, the Russian are invading!!! 🙂 LOL The guy is a fat arsed clown.

      • Right, again.

        I used to listen to Alex Jones pretty regularly until about 2010 or somewhere in there. I ignored a lot of the misogyny, too, although I find I just can’t do that at all anymore. Once I began to understand that they’re not just goofing around – they mean business, they mean to hurt women and other minorities, I just can’t take at all, from any source, anymore. Jones seems to have become increasingly misogynistic over the past few years – accusing women of killing their babies, saying women like to be treated like dirt/dominated by men, claiming that Rockefeller financed the feminist movement, grunting and growling about weak women and dominant men on television programs (almost entirely written and produced by men!), calling women he doesn’t like (Angelina Jolie, Nancy Pelosi, Alyssa Milano) whores and witches, etc., etc.

        And, his hatred of Mexicans… I can’t stomach it. When the Trayvon Martin murder occurred, he turned in the most vicious way on his black male listeners… so, I imagine he’s lost a few of them, too.

        Apparently, hate pays – or else, we wouldn’t have hate radio, Fox News or MRAs.

  2. The womyn in my family would loved to have stayed home, if the men were not lecherous and parasitic beings who exploited womyn monetary and household wise. Instead, the men that I have known in my life all have been ridiculously lazy, made the womyn support them, themselves contributing literally nothing to the family whether financially or emotionally. Most men could care less about the children, forget any help with the housework. I just love how hypocritical these MRA’s are they say womyn refuse to be housewives, yet as someone who comes from a working class background, it would have been a dream for most womyn to be housewives. Also, they cry about paying alimony or child support, yet refuse to even take custody of the children let alone have the necessary means to raise a child in the first place. The reality is these men want a society, where they will have zero responsibility, they want to be free to have sex with as many womyn as possible, (hence why they say they are sooo pro-equality), but they want to leave the brunt and responsibility of a child to the womyn. So the womyn becomes 100% for herself and the offspring, she cannot expect any help (since you know equality). In the end womyn are made slaves, that is what they want female slavery. They want to legally rape, abuse, and use womyn sexually without the responsibility of being a decent human being in the least. Since men have have been acting as nothing more but sperm donors anyway, I say use men in such a fashion, they are useless when it comes to their intellectual capacity, let alone empathy, love, care and fun time.

    • You are so right!

      My grandfathers were both breadwinners who more than contributed to the family. My father, although abusive, was a breadwinner – but, of course, by the 1970s and ’80s it took two incomes to survive. So, my mother contributed her share and far, far more.

      But, the men I see around me now are mostly parasitic opportunists. They can mind their manners long enough to get their hooks into a woman and use her and sometimes her family, if she’s from a reasonably well-to-do family.

      I know a guy whose married to a lady and they have two children. He fools around every time her back is turned, but he won’t leave her because he’s got a sweet deal. Since he appears incapable of supporting his own family (he’s addicted to World of Warcraft), they rely on her parents to foot most of their bills.

      I know other examples where the husband relies entirely on the wife for income while he runs up phone sex bills!

      Lots of men these days simply refuse to contribute anything at all to a relationship once they think they’ve got the woman cornered somehow – they tie you up financially or with children they either abuse or refuse to help raise or support. Once they think they’ve got you cornered, they usually turn violent, too.

      I just don’t see much use in men at all – they are nothing but a financial burden and nearly always a health and safety hazard.

      • So many men are addicted to video games and porn. This is why I state, very obstinately, that I will NOT even consider a relationship with a man who does either of those things.

        My next door neighbor is dying because of his addiction to video games. He’s lost the use of his legs! I’m not kidding. He’s in an electric wheelchair now. He went downhill in about 1.5 years. He has two teen boys. He spent all his money on a fast computer, big screen tv and World of Warcraft. He’s totally fucked now because of it. One of his boys is a drug addict and the other is a video game addict. I’m sure they’re addicted to porn too. What a dad eh? The only one with any sense is their mother.

        Yet we hear all the time from MRA’s that women are just ruining their boys and that men should just be allowed to up and leave their children because well, women shouldn’t have reproductive rights, only they couch their language in ‘Men don’t have reproductive rights! Whaaaa!’

        It’s about control. They’ve lost it and now they think ‘Hmmm, what might I be able to control?’ Of course, they go for minorities and women. The problem now is that our world doesn’t tolerate this as much as it used to so these guys are violently angry about it. They’re only hurting themselves but they don’t realize that. And of course you have the charlatan’s that promise solutions but will never deliver. ie. Paul Elam.

        It brings together the white supremacists and the MRA’s all in one little bunch. They are connected by their hatred and conspiracy theories.

  3. You said, “So many men are addicted to video games and porn.:

    Maybe this is why so many of them have completely lost their footing in the world of reality!

    These MRAs and their hateful counterparts are so used to used to living in a fantasy world, they wouldn’t know reality if it hit them over the head with a 2″ x 4”!

    Seriously, though… I’ve seen this happen to men who play a lot of fantasy role playing games – after a while they really get to where they can’t distinguish real life from the gaming world.

    And, the real dangers of porn are to any woman who comes in contact with the men who watch it… there’s a good reason to stay far, far away from those guys.


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