I Said I Wouldn’t Publish This But I Am

I made a video about a month ago about MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). It’s not my most watched video but it’s the fastest growing and in only a couple weeks was at 5,000 views. Every single day I get at least another 10 shares and comments.

After a week of monitoring the comments, I stopped. It’s a cesspool of MGTOW’s on that comment section. So I decided I would reprint some of the comments to show what misogynists they truly are. They claim they’re not interested in women but it’s all they ever talk about. You’d think a feminist, nay, a radical feminist opinion on them wouldn’t mean anything to them. Quite the contrary.

This Vention guy has made several sock accounts to return to my channel to comment. He left a very long comment about his finances but at the end he said:

‘But if he marries his quality of life depends almost completely on his wife. She can add value to his life with the love and kindness women are thought to have in such abundance (unlikely) or more likely she will subtract value and happiness from his life, and about 50% of the time she will destroy his life with a divorce, child support, alimony, false accusations, lying about abuse to get a restraining order, then parental alienation, interference with visitation and so on until the kids is grown up and escapes her. Then she becomes a bitter old woman like you. ‘

The paranoia of these guys is just, well, amazing. I notice that he says his quality of life will essentially revolve around a female. I find that very telling. Most women I talk to who are in relationships love their partners but don’t put their entire psychological mind at the mercy of them. Sure, being married to one person is a commitment but not a place for ending your ‘self’ to the point where there are no boundaries.

It seems to me none of these men are capable of having a healthy relationship. As I stated in my video, they are psychologically ‘problematic.’ The paranoia, the focus on percentages as if life is just a math puzzle, the self-fulfilling negativity, and the rest of it make these men incapable.

One of the common themes of the comments is that I don’t really understand MGTOW. What’s there to ‘understand’ when the main principle of the ‘movement’ is to completely swear off having ANY female involved in your life? This is where we come to it. It’s not really about swearing off women. It’s about the desire to control women.

Most of these men say they don’t like women from the US, and I know many of them think of getting a wife from a third world country, a submissive wife, who they will displace from her home and therefore dominate her in every way they can.

‘American women are disgusting trash. BOYCOTT THEM! Refuse to marry them! Only date or marry Asian women instead!’

‘Women surprisingly control a lot of aspects in the household like household spending, food spending, car purchases, and other aspects while initiating divorce a majority of the time.’

I don’t know why that’s so surprising except for he gives it away that he wants control. This theme, to them, is set within a traditional family where he works and he makes the money. To him, a woman shouldn’t be able to leave.

MGTOW don’t hate women,…they just do not need to marry them.
….A piece of ass for the night, is available everywhere, so why buy the cow when you get the milk for free ? It’s the feminist ideal. True Rennisance men who are more than capable of  living their lives successfully, and able to do it with no need of help at all.
Ironic, isn’t it? Calling a woman an object, a piece of ass, and then claiming he doesn’t hate women nor does he need anything from anyone.
The comment that stuck out to me referred to MGTOW’s as a dangerous group looking for a ‘final solution.’ Nobody replied to it in any serious way and that’s because this group of men is not really serious except about wanting control over women. Many of them said the point of MGTOW is to spread it to other men, like a virus, infecting other men with paranoia about women. The commenter that referred to a final solution can see that a possible outcome is violence. I think many of us who monitor these men know that eventually, one of them is going to commit an act of violence, if they can get out from behind the keyboard long enough.

9 thoughts on “I Said I Wouldn’t Publish This But I Am

  1. What I don’t get about all the hate on that video was that you were actually pretty nice! You weren’t mean, hateful or accusing – just talking about what sadness there is and what must be lacking in their lives.

    Slightly O.T., but not really – there’s a point: Tonight I was listening to one of those true crime type things from television as I was doing some other work. This guy murdered his Philippina wife and when the investigators caught up with him, he was interviewed by a man cop. (It’s important that the interviewer was a man because I don’t think the killer would have talked this way to a woman – clearly he hated women, anyway.) And, the killer begins to justify murdering his wife because she was combative (the man’s over 6′ tall and his wife was about 5′ tall) and hard to control, she fought with him all the time and basically he just couldn’t dominate her (as he believes is his right as a man) – so he murdered her, then bought a ticket to a sporting event. That’s a psychopath! And, the things he said to justify murdering his wife were word-for-word the things you see in comments sections from MRAs/MGTOWS or misogynists by whatever classification they prefer. I mean – word-for-word!

    So, what always freaks me out about comments like the ones above is this: Are those guys psychopaths? I think probably they are. Will they act on their words? I think so, eventually, if they haven’t already. And, it’s like a contagious disease – they just feed of each others’ diseased minds at their hate sites and at YT, which might as well be a hate site at this point.

  2. I just checked out the comments section, again: Wow! Truly, what a bunch of pathetic losers. They really are so pathetic… I just can’t think of another good word; they inspire both pity and disgust in me at the same time.

    Now, if you’re really *going your own way,* you’re doing your own ruggedly individualistic thing somewhere – not mobbing someone’s comment section like this. What a bunch of losers! Scary, quite-probably-psychotic losers you wouldn’t want to be in the same room with, but losers nonetheless!

  3. Pathetic losers who decided happiness required shunning females as much as possible deserve a little love, dontcha’ think?

    The politically correct mob demands that everybody embrace the Gay folks and the transgendered yet straight males defying societal norms and deciding to reduce as much as possible the female influence upon their life is scorned?

    Scoff us and our wants and desires. True MGTOW fellows will never physically harm a gal but it appears our presence is offensive to so many gals who apparently want as large a population of males as possible to slaver over them, to desire to serve the Precious Princesses.

    Well, have a wonderful week, girls.

    • That’s the whole point – nobody owes you anything, least of all women simply for being women.

      Whats’ up with the 1950’s-speak – gals… girls…

      What is the reason, I wonder for these losers, appearing to be so anachronistic? Maybe because they’re leadership is a bunch of moldy oldies?

      Calling women gals and girls is nicer than the bitches and whores rhetoric. But, I don’t think it would be safe to be in a room with any of you.

    • Nobody deserves anything from me or any other woman. I don’t owe any male a single thing. Defy all the social norms you want. Still, that comment about gay and trans folk just show that you have an issue with them. None of you have dropped out. You’re just stomping around thinking women owe you. We don’t.

      I thought you were going your own way and were swearing off women? We all know it’s not the truth of it. You gather on the internet screeching about women not giving you what you entitled males think you deserve. you don’t deserve fuck all.

      MGTOW’s are misogynists. It’s simple. Your presence? I thought you were going away? You’re offensive because instead of going away you find women online and say creepy shit to us. Go away already!


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