Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum Are At It Again

Hambling and Davison have written another shit article about the Nicole Ryan case in Nova Scotia. I’ll give it to you straight and simple, something these two idiots can’t seem to do and nor do they understand the law or the case.

Nicole Ryan, wife of an abusive husband Michael Ryan, got arrested for contracting an RCMP officer to murder her abusive husband. At trial the prosecution left Michael Ryan sitting in his car outside the courthouse because they didn’t ‘need’ him to make their case against her. Does that sound anywhere logical to you? It doesn’t to me. The potential reason they didn’t call him for their slamdunk case was because they KNEW he was an abuser and would RUIN their case if called to the stand. Prosecutors will harvest anything to win a case you two morons.

Now Hambling and Davison throughout their shit article deny the abuse and don’t exactly explain why the star witness, Ryan himself, didn’t testify. They make it sound like they were hundreds of miles away from each other and no abuse could EVER have happened. They just make it sound so simple and well, we know how MRA’s fail to give context.

The Judge ruled in her favour and she was acquitted.

It was appealed in front of the Supreme Court of Canada who put a stay on the trial but said that they would not try her because of duress.Tweedle-Dee-&-Tweedle-Dum-by-John-Tenniel

The two morons don’t even explain WHY Nicole Ryan doesn’t have to go through another trial and why the SCoC accepted that she was under duress. It’s police misconduct. The police didn’t do much when Nicole needed them for help while being abused by her husband. So that’s DURESS you fools. The reason she got to desperation in the first place was because nobody took her seriously when she DID reach out for help from an abuser.

In typical MRA fashion the two fuckwits blame the Gynocracy of Canada and call it a Cuntry. No explanation of law. No details in their crap piece and it leaves the reader thinking ‘there must be more to this’ and there is.

Once again, another piece of shit writing from the barely literate duo.

Jan 18th will forever be known as the day John Hambling tried having sex, put the condom over his balding head, found out he was impotent, and instead wrote a shitty article for AVFM.

National Post link


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