Private Violence

This is an urgent post. I’m putting aside all of my time-alotted spots to post this. Kit Gruelle, a woman who was beaten by her husband, is now an advocate for women who are being beaten by men. She just made a new film called ‘Private Violence.’ Here are some previews and commentary.


In context, putting this information on my blog is an angry prospect. Knowing how MRA’s have criminal records for abuse of women it really makes me upset that these men want to control women. That’s the purpose of the supposed ‘men’s human rights movement’. It’s a desire to manipulate and control women.

Male violence against women is a massive problem in society. We can’t deny it, although MRA’s do deny it, with badly structured research, tainted by patriarchy.


5 thoughts on “Private Violence

  1. I thought that the MRA’s have not yet infected my country, but apparently they are working overtime in translating English texts with the same bullshit to each language possible. Makes me so angry!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for the link, will check it out!

  2. Excellent post! I tweeted it.

    Interesting vids.

    This highlights the problem of trying to report abuse and rape and why almost no one ever does report it.

    Men’s violence against women, including domestic violence, is just a societal norm – and if you have to report it, guess who you get to report it to – the #1 abusers of women, at least, in the U.S. as a group – the police, themselves. How do you report a rape or domestic abuse to the people responsible for the very same crimes, themselves? Obviously, most women don’t. In just the last week I’ve seen numerous stories of cops raping and killing women and children.

    One of the striking things about this story is the fact that no matter what you report – it’s never enough to actually constitute a real crime or proof of a crime. Here in the U.S. you have rapists and abusers video taping themselves raping and abusing women and children and even that is not enough to get any real legal action. When you do get a conviction after a monumental effort and years later, the guy goes to jail for 30 days or gets a couple of years of probation and maybe has to register as a sex offender.

    I think this movie is wonderful, but I am skeptical that we will see any change in attitude from men in this country – and that’s the real problem here – the men who are running everything, many if not most of whom are rapists and abusers themselves.

  3. May I ask, what’s your data source for the assertion that MRAs have criminal records for abuse of women? And about what percentage as compared to the general male population (of whatever country)?


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