Karen Straugn Uses The Holocaust To Shame Men

What does an intellectual heavyweight do to win an argument? Do they quote scientific literature? Hell no. Not if you’re a female MRA like Karen Straugn. Instead, she calls men who she doesn’t like either ‘antisemites’ or ‘holocaust deniers.’

In fact, she just made a video about an Edmonton based journalist who wrote a couple paragraphs in a local paper about the ridiculousness of the local chapter of men’s rights ‘activists.’ She called him a holocaust denier for simply telling others how foolish and misogynist MRA’s are.Image

Karen is oft quoted by male MRA’s and many a male MRA will direct people to her for ‘answers’ to what the MRM is all about.

Considering I’m Jewish and lost family members at Auschwitz, I find what she’s doing to be a slap in the face of human rights. To use the worst tragedy of the 20th century for her own hateful ends is disgusting.

If you ever get referred to this woman for anything run the other way. She’s got nothing of any value to say to you as she Imagecan’t even make an argument and instead resorts to demoralizing accusations. There it is folks: the greatest human rights movement of men ever.


5 thoughts on “Karen Straugn Uses The Holocaust To Shame Men

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