Dean Esmay Confronts Someone Who Was Raped, Blames Feminism

The video of Jamie X confronting a teacher who molested her was surprisingly posted on A Voice for Men. The post by Dean Esmay was personal although he admitted in the post that he tries to keep his personal life out of what he does online. Unfortunately, if you’re an MRA, you can’t simply give support to a victim without bringing up feminism. Dean expounds on how to heal but doesn’t realize that he’s the one with the problem, still.

The title of his post is ‘It does not wear a male face: Thoughts on Andrea Cardosa and Jamie X.’ Right off the bat this is about him trying to dismiss the clear and obvious fact that the majority of sexual predators are indeed male. [1] He then says

‘In any case, some may be born predators. Most, I think, probably not. Probably they’re reacting to their own childhood damage.’

dean esmay and karen straugn

Dean Esmay scratching his brain and Karen Straugn

Here he admits the social construction of sexual predators, which are almost always male. MRA’s try to rely on biological arguments for everything and yet again we see that it’s more about socialization. In fact, male perpetrators are socialized in a hypermasculine way and act within what we call rape culture, which is a series of myths about rape. Dean Esmay contributes to rape culture with his false statements not backed up by a single source.

Dean Esmay thinks that having a ‘victim mentality’ is something that needs cleansing and that if you keep it, it will make you

‘use your victim status like a club to hit anyone who challenges you, as an excuse for every setback’

This is exactly what Dean Esmay is doing in this article. He’s not empathizing with Jamie and leaving it there. He’s using his own victimization to proclaim something that isn’t even true.

‘My response to that headline is, fuck you. Abuse does not wear a male face period. Nor does it wear a female face. Abuse is fucking abuse, and we have a cultural blind spot, an enormous one, when it comes to female predators.’

Clearly, this is not about Jamie’s courage. It’s more about Dean Esmay’s need to bash women. What he’s doing is taking something that belongs to someone else and using it as a political platform for his own unresolved anger and issues. This describes, to me, the majority of the ‘Men’s Rights’ groups. Angry, immature, and misogynist.

‘On the self-reports, it turns out that females are anywhere from one-third to more than half of all sex predators. They just don’t go to jail for it anywhere near as often.’

No citation was given.

‘It abuses little boys, and men of all ages, and makes them believe that this is their problem, that this problem wears their face. And it’s a whole other level of abuse, because it’s a hateful, bigoted lie.’

Really Dean? You’re being silly. It is a male problem, overwhelmingly. Shrugging it off and being a snark about it when you’re supposedly trying to empathize with Jamie is ridiculous. You’re being ridiculous. The only hateful bigot here who is using another person’s pain to dish out hatred is you. Don’t use Jamie to expound on your inaccurate hate-filled  assertions. Why can’t MRA’s just empathize with her and that be that?

In fact, on the comment section of Jamie’s video there are quite a few MRA’s using it as their little expounding plank.

 goodfella on jamies molestation 1goodfella on jamies molestation 2Click for larger image

Not a single word for Jamie. No, sir. Feminists do not claim only men can rape. You were told that on the comment section and in true blockhead fashion you chose to ignore it. You have no empathy for anyone except your own selfish need to get on the internet and whine about women and feminism, of which you know nothing about.

Time for my big breakfast.

4 thoughts on “Dean Esmay Confronts Someone Who Was Raped, Blames Feminism

      • There is no peace for survivors without justice – and justice is a rarity in the U.S. court system, especially when it comes to sex crimes.

        Speaking of… I follow one of the mom’s in the Stuebenville case on Twitter. The guy who raped the youngest girl only served 7 days! They didn’t even notify the family that they had released their daughter’s rapist.

        When literally nothing ever happens to the perps, there’s not going to be closure. So, I hope they stick it to the woman – who actually confessed in a telephone conversation! – to sexually assaulting this girl. I’m not holding my breath, though.

  1. Correcting an error: Not Steubenville, but Maryville! Sorry about that.

    I’m very, very familiar with one of those two areas and I STILL get them confused because those cases seem so similar.


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