Zee German Mass Media is a Bigot According to MRA’s

Some fuckwit MRA’s are pulling the pantlegs of journalists in Germany with some half-baked letter with no substance. In the simplest terms, the letter sounds like this:

‘Those manginas make the media biased against men! Whaaaa! There is no wage gap!  Nobody listens to us MRA’s! Whaaaaa! Whaaaa! We have alternative opinions and gender quotas are against menz and against democracy! Nobody’s listeninnngggg!’

The whole time I was reading this shit letter I was thinking to myself ‘are they going to give any alternative ideas backed by evidence?’

It was signed by about 30 people, all ‘academics’ and since we know what passes for an ‘academic’ to an MRA, I wouldn’t be surprised if these signatories were like that idiot Roy Den Hollander who sued NY night clubs over ladies nights.

Turns out I’m correct. The man that penned the letter is none other than Gunter Bucholz. He’s just some dude with a blog, like Elam. If you go there you’ll just read endless moaning over women gaining equality and how women are privileged etc.  The letter he wrote had no research in it. None.  It states that there is no such thing as

the existence a 23 percent wage difference (gender pay gap) between men and women; and, the mythical “glass ceiling.”

That’s it. Just that. Nothing to back it up.

Well, at least I know that there are other nutty MRA’s in other countries who are just as moronic as the ones in North America.

One MRA made a nice little photoshop piece describing that the pay gap is real but men deserve it:


When will A Voice for Men ever learn that their misogyny means they are mocked? It means that anyone affiliated with them is considered off-limits by mainstream society. Their hopes on getting their rhetoric into Universities is going to fail.

Here’s more artwork that describes how men die:

men die because males

Men dying in combat have nothing to do with Patriarchy right? Except for the fact that men are seen as the leaders of the free world.  None of these things mean that patriarchy doesn’t exist. In fact, it shows that Patriarchy exists! Men die in the workplace because they work unsafely due to masculine gender roles where every man is an island and competes with other men. Men die in combat because well, they’re soldiers in combat who are seen as strong. Men kill each other because they’re socialized to be violent. Men kill themselves because their gender role expectation is to ‘do it right.’ In other words, Patriarchal gender roles!

More misogyny in the comments:

That’s why the equal outcome “equality” can never work, because it puts values in places where there isn’t any, and therefore create unneeded tension.

Does this mean you guys will stop hounding women to get into the military? The only tension here is with these MRA’s. They don’t want women to have any power at all. They resent women for being autonomous human beings.

‘When you’re dealing with a huge consumer group of women, who has not and never will develop emotionally beyond the level of 10 y/o boys, because they don’t have to’

The irony.

‘women learn at an early age that the more infantile and unreasonable their behaviors are, the more likely they are to get their way.’

Head. Desk.

‘Writing letters is not going to solve anything. We must get much tougher and much more stern. Although not exactly tough, but much better than writing letters would be writing reviews for movies and TV shows on IMDB, highlighting the female supremacy and male degradation wherever noticed.’

Yes. Go onto IMDB and tell everyone that men in Hollywood are having the worst time of it. Tell us in 50 words or less how men are being oppressed in movies.

This last comment was epically funny:

‘However, until men get serious, get LEGAL, get organized, unite, stand their ground no matter what it costs them, then the media women (who have biased feelings about what is fair) as well as their male cronies and white knights (customers), will only sit back and laugh at such attempts to derail them. They will post the letter on their wall so some can throw darts at it and others can revel and gloat in the fact that they are “fighting back” and in the process upsetting men—those evil patriarchal rapists who hate women if they do not let women have their way.


People, we are going to have to get tougher—MUCH tougher!’

Get legal? What the hell does that mean? Are they illegal now? I know Paul Elam is a thief of troubled men but is he saying they all have criminal records? I know some of them actually do have records. Oh, and regards to the dart throwing, I don’t throw them but I wouldn’t waste a piece of paper to print that drivel on it even if I did. Also, did you ever notice how rape is a staple word in so many MRA comments? It also sounds like a video game they’re playing.

‘We are going to win this battle men! We will beat the level 38 FEMdemon monster and get tough! World of Warcraft is not for white knights and manginas! No! We will conquer!’

I should answer his question. No you turd. That’s not all feminists did. We got out into the street unlike your leader Paul Elam who hides behind a keyboard and your pain taking your money to spend on himself. We didn’t just have to get tough. We got smart, unlike you fools with your hatred of anything female. We have a body of knowledge. You guys have a few blogs on the internet. We have scholarship. You don’t. We opened women’s shelters in people’s homes. Paul Elam’s home is just his and paid for by YOU. Where is your big conference this year? That’s right. Detroit. The most depressed, most barren place in the USA. You might as well have your conference in a damn field in the middle of nowhere. Who’s your keynote speaker that you all refer to thinking she’s knowledgable? Karen Straugn, who’s thicker than a brick and thinks men’s tear ducts are somehow tied to the ability of men to emote. You all may think she’s brilliant and if you do you have serious problems. We’re all laughing at you.

Happy 2014 MRA’s!




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