Turkey Baster Or the Law: Spermjacking

The Manosphere’s obsession with ‘spermjacking’ has a new legal case. Be prepared to see this case on comment sections repeated ad nauseum. A lesbian couple in Kansas adopted a DIY approach to artificial insemination. In other words, they didn’t seek a licensed physician for the process. This one step, overlooked, means that the biological father of the child, who is now 5, must pay child support and back monies in total of $6,000.00 USD.

MRA’s are up in arms over this one, as suspected, but the law is clear. The lesbian couple advertised their needs on Craigslist and William Marotta answered the call. However, in Kansas, as in most states, you cannot just pick up a guy off the street for your pregnancy. I support this law. This actually prevents men from having to pay for biological children in the case of artificial insemination. The MRA’s don’t see it that way. As usual, they blame the law when they should be blaming the adults involved for not obeying the law.

Within this three-ring circus is a 5 year old child who didn’t ask to be born and who has needs. MRA’s forget about the most important element here: the child. They also insist they have no reproductive rights and should be able to just up and leave a woman if she gets pregnant. I’ve heard people call this a ‘paper abortion.’

In reality, it’s a manipulative control tactic to get the female to do what you want her to do with her own body. Men who tell women they’ve impregnated that they want nothing to do with the child and will take no responsibility for it are pressuring the woman to do something she may not be willing to do. It’s her body after all.

It’s surprising to me that MRA’s chide single mothers for every ill in the world and yet aren’t willing to take a single grain of responsibility for pregnancy. When a man runs out on a pregnant woman, he’s a deadbeat. Not giving a hoot about a biological child is selfish, arrogant, and cruel and yet it’s ok to run out on women and then blame them for being single struggling mothers.

Here’s what they’re saying about this case:

‘If said two women demand money from a guy, not only did they con him, they have added proof that “No, two women AREN’T fit to raise a child.” as they still needed a man to support them.’

‘Obviously this clown felt some kind of chivalry to these lesbians so he gets exactly what he deserves.’

‘Almost makes you want to incinerate any tissues you use for good-time clean-up, in case any females come over. They might ninja it, seeing it as an eighteen year meal ticket.’

‘This is the tip of the iceburg here folks. Ive got a sneaking suspicion that public awareness is growing about another phenomena called ” Sperm-jacking”.
Young American women now know if they can get the mother load of a good solid provider,( and they are not above taking a used condom full of sperm out of the trash) that they can get the guys income for 18 years, and not have to deal with a father around at all.’


I found a sperm Watson.

Some MRA’s thought the man deserved it for being so ignorant. I think it was more machismo than anything else. As one commenter said:

‘he wanted to prove something, get something of his into a lesbian(even artificially though). Ahhh…, the male blackhole of fantasies.’

That’s exactly what happened. This arrogant quality of ‘macho’, to feel like his manhood was desperately needed, is what got him into trouble. I don’t know why men think this way about lesbians. As a woman I’ve never felt that my womanhood needed some sort of validation from gay men. I don’t go around wishing gay men would ‘turn’ for me.

The law is set up to protect William Marotta but he was too arrogant to look into it. The child is here whether he likes it or not and he must take care of her.



One thought on “Turkey Baster Or the Law: Spermjacking

  1. The MRAs should, also, realize that it was the patriarchal court system that demanded the man pay child support. It’s been a while since I saw this story, but that’s what I remember reading. It wasn’t the women demanding child support.

    I know a lady who was arrested (falsely – in Houston, again, where this is a regular thing) and when she got before the judge, he started delving into her personal life for reasons that make no sense at all. I don’t know what trumped up charge she was arrested on exactly only that it was, in fact, trumped up because the city there regularly does this to night clubs and she’s a manager of one. The judge demanded to know why there were no child support payments up-to-date… Well… a lot of times if it safer for the woman and her child to just get away from a man than try to collect child support. In fact, it’s a situation that can turn deadly.

    I, also, now a guy who, forced to pay child support, stomped a guy to death one night in a nearby town. He kept saying he was going to go to jail for non-support, anyway, because he simply couldn’t make enough money to pay child support for all of his offspring. So, I guess he figured killing someone was a “freebie.” I don’t know the circumstances of the murder, but eerily enough, I did know the guy who seemed pretty normal right up until he committed homicide. It’s a wonder he didn’t kill his wife or the kids – this is what they all too often do.

    But, the point is this: It is not women, feminism or a sci-fi fantasy matriarchical system that forces men to pay child support – it is a court system, which is the product of patriarchy. If men have a problem, they should take it up with the patriarchy and the men running things.


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