MRA Posts Feminist Writings on AVFM Trying To Pass It Off as FeMRA Work


Violet Paget aka Vernon Lee; Victorian Feminist Aesthete

MRA’s never read up on the things they post on their site. This week I got to read the writings of Vernon Lee aka Violet Paget, a staunch feminist, on A Voice for Men.

Even the most cursory search of her brings up her wikipedia page stating quite clearly that she’s a lesbian feminist. Peter Wright Tawil, an MRA, reprinted some her work on A Voice for Men under ‘Gynocentrism’, which is a popular MRA conspiracy theory that the government is really run by women trying to enslave men.

Indeed, the clip he copy/pasted was from Paget’s ‘Euphorion Being Studies of the Antique and the Mediaeval in the Renaissance – Vol. II.’ It’s a book about aesthetics and in particular, the passage pasted, was about how love was viewed by certain poets. It has absolutely nothing to do with ‘worshipping women’ as the paranoid MRA’s cackle about over and over on AVFM. It was an aesthetic critique of poets.

Paget mocked men who thought women were lesser beings and knew clearly that women were culturally raised to perform ‘femininity.’ In other words, she knew that gender roles were socially constructed and faulty. Some of her critics do refuse to call her a feminist but recognize that her ideas and the way she lived her life as a feminist represents today’s liberal feminist thinking.

Thanks MRA’s for that wonderful introduction to a Victorian feminist!


4 thoughts on “MRA Posts Feminist Writings on AVFM Trying To Pass It Off as FeMRA Work

  1. Wow! What a great find. I just ran into a bunch of her work over at – looks like she wrote Horror, as well – I’m always looking for good Victorian and earlier period Horror. I’m looking at “Hauntings” by Vernon Lee right now.

    I watched the vid. Right now, if you are a woman who writes for a living, it pays to disguise your gender. Not only is there the problem of stalkers, if you freelance at anything, if you write a script or want to push a novel or non-fic work to a publishing house, there is a good chance your work will never be read if they see a woman’s name on it. So, it’s not a matter of being just derided – not now (and not then) – you probably won’t get a chance if they know you’re a woman up front.

    On a side note: That creepy Rand Paul is sure women have won the war on women – he should have to live life as a woman (not a member of an affluent political family) for a day to see what it’s really like trying to earn a living, walk down a street, grocery shop, etc. Men live in their own world where they can dish out the abuse, but they can’t take it – he wouldn’t survive a single day!

    As far as I can tell, not much has changed – especially in the world of writing – since the 19th c.

  2. OMG! Well, I decided to torture myself by going over to AVFM, which I usually never do because it’s like looking a big hairy spider in your shower drain. But, I wanted to see what they said – and it turns out that AVFM actually said nothing at all in the way of a comment about the big clip of text they took from Vernon Lee. There is no commentary, whatsoever, except in the comment section, itself, which was remarkably tame.

    But, the commenters really missed the point!

    I’ve asked myself very much the same questions – did this worship and admiration of women by poets and artists represent anything in reality? My answer – probably only male debauchery toward girls and women and nothing else.The concept of chivalry and women on pedestals was – as far as I can tell – an artistic motif and nothing else.

    We all know the reality of women being placed on “pedestals” and that is the abuse and enslavement of women. When women are either seen as madonnas or whores – that is always the result. People – all people – should be regarded and treated by society as people. They should be free to act as people – not restricted, forced and held down by violence because a group of violent dick wielders think their own lives and their own perspectives are the only ones that count.

  3. Reblogged this on The Wise Woman Speaks and commented:
    Sael Palani, over at her Mancheeze blog, made a great find a couple of days ago.
    Amazingly, she found it over at AVFM where some ball-scratching MRA neanderthals apparently recognized something shiny and intersting looking and dragged it into their cave to poke at it. Of course, they entirely missed the point of the work of Vernon Lee (pen name of Romantic Era author and critic, Violet Paget), but – Wow! – what a find!

    Of course, Sael Palani gets all the credit for making this discovery by bravely trekking into the lair of the wooly mammoth to retrieve it – otherwise, I still would never have heard of this really excellent 19th century writer.

    So far, I’ve only completed one of her short stories, but I think it’s absolutely fantastic. You can find a lot of her work at – that’s where I first saw her book, “Hauntings,” which is a collection of short stories. I just finished reading “Oke of Okehurst,” from this collection, which was first published in 1890.
    If you like the Gothic and Romantic literary periods, with family curses, old manor houses with plenty of ancestral portraits and the possibility of a ghost, then you’ll probably love this story.
    Vernon Lee is very sensual, as I read it, I could see the grey and violet tapestries in the old rooms of the house, the golden sunlight cast upon the heather in the field, and the smell of spices from the lady of the house’s old letters. Few men write this well, frankly – it should have been a dead giveaway to her readers, although Violet wrote under a man’s pen name.
    Vernon Lee was both a feminist and a lesbian, who I really thing bears an odd resemblance to Oscar Wilde in one of the sketches I’ve seen of her.
    I definitely recommend, “Hauntings.” This is just the start for me – I plan on reading more Vernon Lee. Thank you, Sael Palani for the great find!


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