Closer Look at Little Girl’s Baby

I need a name for this bright grey pup. I got a really close look at her today. She’s tiny but she has her mum’s big ears and white chin. You can absolutely tell that she’s Little Girl’s baby. After I fed Little Girl the little popcorner came up to me about a foot away and hopped onto a little plastic drinking bowl I put down for their water. She sat on the edge, peering at me for a moment with her sparkling coal eyes. She was electricity in motion. One moment she’s on the carpet and the next, in one, almost invisible move, she’s on the water bowl.Image

Her fur is bright grey. Bright as grey can be before being white. The smallness of her grey body is only matched by her large black eyes. She’s so alive with movement. Her attention span is very short. What else do babies do when the world is so new. She explores my room all day and night.

I know she’ll stay in my place and eventually take food from me. Little Girl isn’t chasing her away anymore as she gets older and more capable of taking care of herself. As each night goes by that I feed her Mum, I know I’m one more day closer to having them together. It will be like passing a torch to her baby.


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