Victor Zen Calls Laci Green a Cunt Because it’s Criticism

Laci Green made a great video about objectification of women. Check it out:

VictorZen, an MRA with AVFM decided to try and counter her video, which he never managed to do. In it he compares sexual objectification of women to men being shot in a few films. Uhhh, that doesn’t counter the point. When that didn’t work he just flat out calls her a cunt. In other words, more misogynist banter. I’ve downloaded the video to send to his University. Hopefully they’ll see what he’s really about and not allow him to spread this hatred on his University campus.

Here’s his video:


10 thoughts on “Victor Zen Calls Laci Green a Cunt Because it’s Criticism

  1. She did a really excellent video presentation – I’ve seen her stuff before on YT. She’s good.

    As per usual on YT, her comment section is full of all kinds of scary, hateful, insane MRA commentary.

    Then Zen character: I’ve never seen him before. He looks like a scary circus clown – in fact, I find him so creepy that I couldn’t actually *watch* much of the vid, so I just listened to it.

    Now, I am far from being a prude. I am a woman of the world and I’ve seen and heard a lot of things that would make most people’s hair curl. But, I can remember a time when no one except the very lowest of the low low-life, scum of the earth ever, ever used the term “cunt.”

    I do not know why it seems to be more acceptable now – actually, I don’t think it is. I think this is just MRA lingo and goes along with some of their other favorite terminology – and they have a list of key words and phrases that let you know that they are members of their cult.

    I have never heard the word used as many times in my whole life as i have in the past year or so as the MRAs have taken over YT and other areas of the internet, including the comment sections of every major and minor news outlet.

    But, I stand by my previous judgement. I think anyone who uses that word is seriously morally and intellectually deficient.

  2. He did a worse job as countering her video than johntheother. I didn’t think that was possible. Both of them attacked the argument on the women’s magazine, talking about them being read and written by women. Um, duh. They are, but any idiot knows (or should know) that the content written in women’s magazines is produced in response to what society wants. The reason why they are all about diet tips, looking hot, and pleasing your man is because those issues are what sells the most. This isn’t made up by the article writers. It’s created by society and article writers are just responding to what people want and what sells the most copies, which is all about women’s looks and how she should please her man.

    • It’s those kinds of obvious things that these MRA’s miss because they quite clearly don’t understand patriarchy. They actually enforce patriarchy. They say things like ‘women disappear at 35.’ They consume pornography and then expect women to look and behave that way.

      So what do the magazines, owned my men do? Reinforce what men want.

      It also seems they don’t quite get objectification either. They think somehow that showing a guy getting beaten up or in some violent altercation means he’s being objectified. We see him as a whole person, a unity. Whereas with objectification we see women as parts. Boobs, butt, face. Women’s PARTS are used to sell products. Women are not considered WHOLE beings. I saw an ad for fencing material that featured half a woman with the focus on her breasts and the ad said ‘nice rack.’

      The fact is, the don’t understand patriarchy and they don’t understand feminist philosophy. This is why they fail when trying to counter Laci’s arguments.

      • You are absolutely correct. It has to be what’s going on. For a long time, I have thought that these manosphere guys were just terrible at arguing against feminism. Most of the time when they respond to a feminist in something like this, whether it be a video, an article,, or blog post, they always start making points that are off base and I am always left thinking, “How does that even counter what is going on here?” It’s not necessarily their argumentative skills are lacking (although I still think many have that going on as well), but it’s their comprehension of the issue and why it’s an issue in the first place that is what is lacking. No wonder why their arguing points are all over the place and make almost no sense.

    • This is a valid point, but you know what grinds my gears? You could comment on their videos and they would respond to you or at the very read your criticism. Hell, even curious moderates would be able to read this point. JTO isn’t great but at least he doesn’t disable his comments. He even goes as far as highlighting his favorite comments at the end of some of his videos.

      I want to see a video debate between a prominent MRA and a Feminist on the existence of patriarchy, the need for feminism, or any other pressing questions raging in both communities. I’m egalitarian and feel that both sides have relevant issues. One side want’s the conversation to move forward, the other just wants to silence all dissenting voices. feminists are so easily scared away by the smallest of insults. “Cunt”? really? MRA’s are called that worse (degenerate scum comes to mind) and they still will at least respond.

      Enjoy your echo chamber.

      • I comment on their videos and they threaten to ban me or they just ignore me or call me a ‘feminist.’ The reason they don’t respond to me is 1) I’m right and 2) I’m a woman and feminist. So much for giving advice on ‘how to speak with a misogynist fuckwit.’ If you’re an egalitarian then by definition you’re a feminist but NOT an MRA. They are two mutually exclusive things. One is a movement for equality and the other is a bunch of woman haters, bitter woman haters. And there are just a small bunch of issues they have that are indeed something to look at but they ruin it with their misogynist screeds like this one.

        You can’t compare calling someone an asshole and a cunt. Two totally different types of insults and living in a structurally unequal world makes all the difference to the weight of those insults. So try again.

        • The term, “cunt,” used to be exceedingly rare. Only the lowest degenerate uses a term like that – ever!

          The reason such language is frightening to women is because it is our collective experience that right after we are called “cunt,” “whore,” “slut” or something similar, violence follows very quickly.

          There’s a big difference between using those words at a woman and “asshole.” I don’t think I’ve ever, in my whole life, been called “asshole.” But, I’ve heard the other names a few times, sometimes right before I was physically attacked and as part of a sustained attack by groups of people, not dissimilar to those waged by MRAs.

          Don’t MRAs see the disconnect? If you terrorize women, you can’t then complain because they’re afraid of you.

        • Try again. I will

          Can the MRM be misogynistic, sure. But if you want misogyny, start attacking these “red pill”, MGTOW assholes. There are much more laughable things on the manosphere.

          Look, I just think that feminists can’t acknowledge their sexism. Some groups even claim that misandry doesn’t even exist, which is retarded. I have seen feminist threads glorifying domestic violence against men and it’s sickening. Some groups of Feminists ARE man-haters. What do you call the SCUM Manifesto and it’s supporters? Always “right”? Maybe sometimes but don’t fool yourself. If you make your point without coming off as condescending or waving your feminist flag you might get a reasonable response. If it’s a valid point, it should stand on it’s own.

          If you can’t comment, make a response video mocking each of his points. Better yet, contact Victor Zen for a video debate. Or hell, Paul Elam might have the time.

          But I will agree that way too many MRAs just want to “argue with a feminist” than advocate their issues. I think the MRMs problem is that they are small and can only promote themselves on the internet. Frankly, people that jump on the men’s rights wagon at this point are really pissed off or feel like outcasts.Pretty much damaged guys that have been screwed over by what the MRA advocates about. They are growing and they will become a little more tame over time. But they are the only group that is regularly taking on the high rate of male suicide, false rape reporting, domestic violence against men, fathers’ rights in custody battles, and general misandry. Feminism simply doesn’t give a shit about these issues.

          Also I like egalitarian, imma going to keep it.

  3. Something else about those mags: It’s the advertisers who control a lot of what will get published and not. The advertising agencies are controlled almost entirely by men. If you’re a freelance writer and you want to get an article published in any mag (which is not the the way to riches, especially these days, writers get paid last, if at all), you have to examine not only the content, but the ads and consider what advertisers want.

    For instance, in a women’s mag the advertisers sell women’s hygiene products and fashions, so successfully submitted articles are going to focus on something that, also, sells these ideas.

    But, most popular mags are owned by the same few companies – all controlled by men.

    I don’t know if they are bad at arguing or not… But, they are clearly so self-absorbed, often so focused on their own erections, that they cannot see any point of view except theirs. Arguing with a brick wall is more productive – at least, the brick wall isn’t going to refer to you in terms of obscene names for your body parts. And, certainly the brick wall has just as much comprehension, intelligence, empathy and compassion.

  4. This is disgusting. Trying to censor somebody just because you don’t like what they say. You’re an idiot.


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