John Hambling Has His First Sexual Experience

John Hambling, rape apologist and misogynist extraordinaire and a ‘man going his own way’, has shacked up with FeMRA Diana Davison. She’s moved to Vancouver, where John resides. I am pretty sure they’re living together.

Many MRA’s like Hambling say that they’re a blowjob away from becoming a mangina. Mangina’s are men who support, live with, love and desire women. It’s a derogatory term invented by the greatest human rights movement evah to shame other men who are having normal relationships with women. According to John’s own ideology, he’s just become a mangina.

Diana Davison

Diana Davison

Anyway, definitions aside, John has written a piece on AVFM about MGTOW. Interestingly, it’s titled ‘Everything is wrong with MGTOW.’ It doesn’t really say much about anything except it’s totally laced with sexual talk from what sounds like a 12 year old boy who’s telling his man-friends that he’s still a card carrying member but he needs to redefine MGTOW a little bit in order to justify his new sexual relationship with a woman. It reads like a diary.

He begins the post by trying to redefine MGTOW which he does poorly. MGTOW is a collection of men who are angry about their lives and have convinced themselves, and other men, that it’s all women’s fault. Here’s a typical comment by a MGTOW on what it means to be one:

John Hambling

John Hambling

 ‘MGTOW is not about individual relationships. We’re still stuck in a gynocentric society that treats men as second class citizens in almost all aspects of life.’

So now that John has hitched himself up to the Gynocracy by shacking up with a woman I wonder how this will all play out. John begins by redefining what it means to be an MRA/MGTOW:

‘It’s not called Men Going John The Other’s Way, it’s men going THEIR OWN way. And, of course, this guide I’m writing is my own opinion, reflecting my understanding of the MGTOW movement, which other MGTOW are welcome to adopt or to reject as they see fit.’

This is more about John trying to get out of the line of fire. He wants MGTOW to mean anything he wants it to mean because, well, he’s with a woman now. There’s gotta be a clause written somewhere where you can be with a woman in the Gynocracy and still keep your cred with MRA’s and MGTOW’s.

John makes the claim that:

It is beyond the scope of this discussion to establish or to prove that our society is socially and legally imbalanced along the line of sexual identity, in the direction of power and advantage to women. However, understanding that social and legal imbalance exists, it is natural for the average majority of those so legally and socially advantaged to view their elevated legal station as a natural right, and to casually abuse their power.’

It’s John saying ‘You see dudes, there really isn’t a way to prove we live in a Gynocracy and I’m now with a woman and all but I’m still worried about her gaining power through my need to have sex.’

‘Certainly, some women with a developed moral compass will avoid abusing the power they have, but most have no such reservations, nor even any conscious self-awareness of their own power nor awareness of their indifference to men as fellow humans.’

Ah, the joys of being in love and all the projecting warm fuzzies that go with it. This is a bit of self-reassurance that she has a moral compass.

‘In fact, even for male MHRAs who don’t self-identify as MGTOW, a finite period of such avoidance can be highly effective in achieving self-realization, emotional equilibrium and self-identity apart from our culture’s typical consensus conferral of public personhood onto males.’

He’s talking about himself. He’s saying he spent some time coming to terms with his ‘manhood’ but well, having a woman and the Gynocracy is just too irresistible.

‘Indeed, most MRAs, whether they will admit it or not, harbour a deep desire to love and to be loved by a woman within a relationship based on trust, affection and so on.’

I guess that front you guys put on about how you don’t need women and how women are all gold diggers and cunts is just that: a front.

John doesn’t want to get accused of what MRA’s call ‘pussy begging.’

‘men who don’t opt for celibacy have a particularly challenging hazard course to navigate.’

What is a MGTOW man who hates women but wants sex supposed to do?

‘Relationships with women are certainly possible – including intimate sexual relationships.’

John sure hopes that Diana Davison won’t abuse him through vagina power. He goes on to describe how a relationship with a woman should be voluntary and not conventional, whatever that means. He doesn’t exactly explain this well but he does give us some paranoid insight into what he’s thinking about:

‘Are you sharing a bed with your girlfriend because you wanted to in each specific instance, or because that’s what you’re “supposed to do”? In almost all cases, it’s a little from column A, and a little from column B, and as this is “normal” most people in such arrangements are not particularly aggrieved. But there /is/ an undercurrent of coercion in any such arrangement.’

Adding sex, again:

‘What happens when sex becomes a part of such a voluntarist relationship?’

Well I dunno John. Since this is your first time why don’t you tell us?

‘It specifically requires clear communications and trust between any two people practicing such a friendship, as well as concrete agreement on details such as explicitly and clearly defined sexual agreement, residence, and so on. In particular, some elements common in non-MGTOW sexual relationships may be explicitly excluded in such an arrangement. This is necessary, because unstated and unexamined in most conventional relationships are a number of social norms which facilitate the devaluation of human rights of men, which women take for granted.’

Is he saying they’re just friends with benefits? He’s definitely wanting the sexual part of it but he’s still paranoid about his manly man-rights. Then he goes on to talk about getting women pregnant. He must be scared shitless, especially with all his talk about ‘spermjacking.’

‘Women obviously enjoy a legal, as well as a social right to reproductive self-determination. That is to say, a woman can choose to become pregnant, or choose to avoid pregnancy through the use of birth control. ‘

Notice how it’s HER responsibility to avoid becoming pregnant and if she does get pregnant it was her choice? He quickly follows up with more drooling about the sex.

‘To be clear, this is separate and distinct from the right to engage in, or to eschew participation in sexual intercourse. That is a separate question.’

Well I’m gonna have sex with her ya know! All that shit I previously wrote about pussy passes and MGTOW and all that is out of the window now that I have it in front of me guys! This is followed up by more scaredy talk about his fears about getting Diana pregnant and how it will be all her fault if he does. Then he comes out with this whopper, like a man defeated, and yet still willing to try and tell biology what to do:

‘The choice to participate in sex is not the same as the choice to reproduce.’

We’ve all heard that one before right ladies? I’m having sex with you but I’m saying that it should never result in a pregnancy because, well, I say so! Never mind that contraception can fail. I can hear Hambling in my head saying ‘I, as a man, am going to have sex with you, a woman. I am not doing this because I want children.’ If anyone reading this knows what John’s voice sounds like and how he speaks will hopefully laugh at that.

John’s not done flashing his MGTOW cred and redefining it so he can have sex:

‘So friendly, even sexual relations with women is not antithetical to the practice of MGTOW. It’s merely that such relationships will not follow conventional practice or pattern. Incidentally, although it should be obvious, it’s worth explicit mention that marriage and MGTOW cannot coexist. They are mutually exclusive choices.’

He’s telling Diana that marriage is OUT of the question. This is followed by talk about domestic violence and how it’s always the man who gets blamed and then some couched language about how other men can’t define MGTOW for another man. He’s trying to tell his buddies that he’s still a MGTOW even though he won’t really be practicing it. He says:

this is one man’s Zeta path, condensed and simplified for public comprehension.

Zeta path? This is not only a declaration to Diana Davison about what he expects of her but it’s also a script in his head he’s made to tell himself and his buddies he’s still an MRA and not addicted to vagina, like a blue-piller.

He also added some talk about babies and the growing population and how MGTOW men are shamed about not reproducing. I’m relieved they don’t like reproducing.  There’s already one MGTOW dad who is screwing up his kids.

I’ve always wanted to know how some of these hardline, rape apologist, misogynist MRA’s would fare in a sexual relationship with a woman. If this paranoid ranting posing as a manifesto on MGTOW is any indication of things to come it’s going to get quite exciting for those of us sitting on the sidelines watching the comedic tragedy unfold.

Comic by Rednblacksalamander

Comic by Rednblacksalamander


6 thoughts on “John Hambling Has His First Sexual Experience

  1. Reminder to Self: Do not drink boiling hot tea while reading this blog.

    This is hilarious!

    Quoting you: It’s John saying ‘You see dudes, there really isn’t a way to prove we live in a Gynocracy and I’m now with a woman and all but I’m still worried about her gaining power through my need to have sex.’

    I guess this is really it. Since I was a child I could see that men were both weak and potentially deadly violent. But, to have this sort of repeated verbal confirmation from MRAs and others, like yourself, observing them is somehow vindicating.

    Apparently, men’s weakness is a large part of the fear of girls and women. Plus, the overwhelming sense of inferiority that must accompany this… and that’s what makes them dangerous.

    I hope any woman who hooks up with one of these guys (or any guy, for that matter) has some money in the bank that is just hers and an escape plan for when the inevitable occurs.

    • I can’t agree with you enough. The social ineptness of these guys and the fear and loathing of women means they won’t have a decent relationship with a woman. We’ll see how it goes though. I’m sure it will be quite a tale for me to write about.

  2. Oh my lord did you see the jokey 45 second video where she stands next to him in her panties while he prattles on about objectification and “ass-thetics?” He is SO excited to have an actual live woman in his apartment with him. Who sometimes TAKES OFF HER CLOTHES OH MY GOD. It’s like, dude, calm down. At least *pretend* like this has happened to you before.

  3. Their are far too many MRA’s who define MGTOW too broadly in order to be able to claim to being a MGTOW when the reality is just the opposite. That said a MGTOW going his own way is a male who has correctly judged that the odds of being financially raped by an intimate partner of the feminine gender is far to high to be a reasonable risk; who has willingly chosen to avoid any and all intimate contact with any and all members of the feminine gender from one night stands and/or entering into a marriage. Having been married for 32 yrs plus and seen just what can – and all too often – happens to those men caught in the sights of a FEMALE PREDATOR” within my own family. I firmly support the concept of MGTOW and encourage all unmarried men whom I know to play it safe by avoiding marriage and intimate contact with the individual members of the feminine gender. Knowing full well that I myself will never marry again nor engage in any sort of intimate contact with a female at any point in the future; since I plan on pursuing the MGTOW lifestyle should my own marriage come to an unexpected end.

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