Correctrix the FeMRA Says Using the Holocaust to Shame Men is Normal Since It’s Just ‘Satire’

I got into a comment exchange on Youtube with a FeMRA who calls herself ‘correctrix.’ She’s not very bright. In fact, she might actually be a he. Many MRA’s pose as females thinking it will make their message less misogynist and more acceptable. Correctrix tried taking me to task on Karen Straugn’s Holocaust usage to shame men who don’t tow the MRA party line. Here’s the video that inspired Karen’s first use of the Shoah. A few men from Edmonton got together to make a collective video saying that A Voice for Men doesn’t speak for them. The result? Karen made a video calling one of them an antisemite.

Here’s the screenshot of Karen’s video calling one of them anti-semitic.

Karen Straughan calling a man antisemiticCorrectrix asked if I had any evidence of her using the Holocaust to shame men.

So I posted a link to TWO screenshots of Karen’s videos where she does this. The reply from Correctrix:

correctrix on the satire of using the holocaust to shame men

So, according to this supposed FeMRA, it’s ok to use a genocide to shame men if you call it ‘satire’. This is not satire. This is disgusting and shameful to use a genocide to label others that disagree with you, especially if you call yourself a human rights activist.

Correctrix didn’t quite understand Warren Farrell’s rape and incest apologetics either. So I posted a link to the Liz Library where his views are there in black and white.

“If a man ignoring a woman’s verbal ‘no’ is committing date rape, then a woman who says `no’ with her verbal language but ‘yes’ with her body language is committing date fraud. And a woman who continues to be sexual even after she says ‘no’ is committing date lying…

“We have forgotten that before we began calling this date rape and date fraud, we called it exciting.” — Warren Farrell, in Myth of Male Power

That’s rape apologia, which she denied.

The incest apologia linked there she casually ignored and never mentioned to me again.

We see how even comprehension is a problem for MRA’s. It’s Orwellian and scary.


One thought on “Correctrix the FeMRA Says Using the Holocaust to Shame Men is Normal Since It’s Just ‘Satire’

  1. “Orwellian” is the word – everything is upside down and inside out.

    At least, the guys who made those videos seem decent. Although, the men like them seem more and more few and far between on the internet and IRL – at least, where I am.

    I swear men have gotten scarier all over the place in the past several years! It’s always reassuring to know there are a few men who still don’t believe in raping women.


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