had a major accident; taking a small leave

i got my first broken bones today. i have to type with one hand. i fell and knocked some heavy glass over and then landed on it. i have a fractured scapula, ribs and two big lacerations on my back. the paramedic said i looked like i was bitten by a shark.

i have a lot of stitches now. i have no idea how i’m going to do certain things with use of only one arm and no back muscles on the left side although i will get a home nurse/helper. please bear with me while i heal. i may try to post small things or if inspiration strikes i might do a longer post. i feel most comfortable sitting in my desk chair that’s got a straight back and i can put one knee up and rest my arm on the thigh since its useless. being at my desk a lot might prompt some good posts eh?

i intend to do a post on how dangerous it is for campuses to allow mra’s to set up shop.



6 thoughts on “had a major accident; taking a small leave

  1. I am sorry to hear about your accident. Falls are scary! I had a bad one about a year or so ago, myself. It’s made me more aware, but it could happen to anyone anytime. I hope you heal rapidly. I’m looking forward to reading your next post – which I see you’ve already made. You’re quite a trooper!

    Get well soon!

    • Thanks WotW,

      I have a really nice home nurse for at least another 6 weeks. I am def more aware and will need long term help and rehab b/c I already had a pre-existing disability in my lower spine. I found out I broke a couple ribs too when I saw the doc the following day. It explains the pain I’m having. I get to have dinners made and delivered to me! I’m very fortunate to live in Canada where there are some good social programs for those of us who choose to live without men.

  2. What a pathetic troll you’ve got here! I guess he doesn’t realize that women work and contribute to the system, too. What an idiot!

    I’m glad you’ve got some good help. Here, I’d be on my own. In fact, I was in bad shape after some men held me at gunpoint and assaulted me me a few years ago and nearly killed me. I was completely on my own and it made recovery longer and harder. I shouldn’t have been lifting things, for example – or even walking around, but someone had to do the shopping and get something from the kitchen and there was only me.

    Now, if you have a man in your house and you’re sick or severely injured, they don’t care. They won’t help you, anyway, and they think if you’re lying in bed it’s sex time – they don’t care if you are severely traumatized (in fact, if you’re crying about something, they really want to do it for some reason), just miscarried, have a spinal injury or whatever… They only care about getting off at your expense. Hey, you’re just lying there close to death’s door – your mouths hanging open already because your heart is about to give out on you and can’t breathe, so they figure, why shouldn’t you suck them off. Sorry to be so crude, but that’s exactly how it is!

    So, I figure I’m better off just being left alone when I’m sick or injured if that’s the only alternative.

    I’m glad you have a good nurse.

    P.S. – I can’t find the Wombat Tarot picture.

  3. Very sorry to hear you fell. With only one hand, maybe you could make another video? 🙂

    And yeah, I know how self serving my question sounds. But, at least you won’t have to type (grin)

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