I Finally Did It

Being home and injured provides me with a LOT of time to browse the net. I carelessly used some of that time to go to Roosh’s PUA blog and read the comments. What I found there was a glimpse into a psychopathic world of men whose only concern was with the body parts (specifically holes) of females. I’ve read many of David Futrelle’s posts on Manboobz about PUA’s but it still didn’t prepare me for what I found there.

Most of the men were talking about ways to get to poor places in Europe where they think the women there are more attractive and family-oriented than Western women who they describe as entitled bitches, whores and feminists. In other words, Western women won’t tolerate the subpar psychologies of these men nor will these men actually have to do something with themselves.  One guy actually thinks this is part of the Illuminati strategy:

‘The women here are so arrogant and entitled- they take joy in a mans psychic energy bein squandered on pampering their arrogance as they act pompous when its really delusions, pride, and ego pumped in their head by the system/Illuminati.’~Pap hip

And then there’s this:

‘Like my Dad (who has a both count over 70) says most of them aren’t good for nothing except sex, cleaning, and cooking and most of them are average looks and mediocre in bed.’its a lot of hassle for that moist warm cavern.’

One commenter’s goal was to convince the others that doing an ESL program would be the easiest way to get to these submissive women and admitting he dates his students.

‘The best “trade” is to become a professional ESL teacher. 6 months is completely enough to become good at this. Teaching also will give you the best access to the pool of local females and direct live interaction with them as well as a possibility to invite any of the local ladies to join you for a coffee during your lunch breaks or in the evening.’~Worldtraveler

One of the commenter’s said something that made me never want to smile in public again:

‘Funny, isnt it, that the one “accessory” that adds more than anything to the attractiveness of a female is the least expensive of them all, yet you never see them wear it?

Its called a smile.’

One guy put the whole ESL thing to rest because those poor Eastern European women will become like those entitled Western feminists if you bring them back to the West. He says eventually they’ll divorce and take every penny from a man.

Many of the men were extremely jealous of what they call ‘beta males’ who they think are

Wombat Tarot

Wombat Tarot

automatons being led around by the nose by their female partners but at least are having sex.

‘The ignorant beta male has a definite edge, he still believes the love lie so he works his ass off and doesn’t have the obstacles in his attitude that a bitter player would. Unfortunately… It’s like the “fool” tarot card. Perhaps the fool is not so stupid after all. If his ignorance always results in a better outcome than the highly analytic alpha male with a high analytic ability.’

The projection of these PUA’s makes me laugh. Some of them think we live in a Matrix, whatever that means. It’s probably another word for the self-imposed conspiracy theory of the ‘Gynocracy’ these guys think they live under.

A truthful comment came from a woman in North America who said:


Roosh does look like a Wombat except Wombats are nice.

‘I think an issue in the states may be also loser men who do not take on any family role at all. Simply play call of duty and use the economy as an excuse to never do anything EVER.’~http://sexygamer.tv/ Sexy Gamer

I think that sums up the PUA Manosphere quite nicely! I don’t know how often I’ll return to this PUA site because the misogyny there was just overwhelming and I’m not exactly well right now since breaking my clavicle and ribs but you never know. I might just leave this one to David Futrelle.


5 thoughts on “I Finally Did It

  1. I love the Wombat Tarot card!

    You have a strong constitution for sure, if you can read that PUA garbage. They are laughable because they’re such a bunch of pathetic losers, but they’re also kind of scary because I suspect they can turn violent very quickly if they perceived rejection (like while trying to obtain your phone number) or if you were alone in a room with one.

    I’ve seen some PUA pages and they just look like an aspect of internet marketing, Warrior Forum style, where you get a “product,” erect a sales page (or a squeeze page, where you squeeze readers for their personal info.), a sign up form, feed it with your blog, etc.

    They’re just scheisters! And, they’re preying on other repulsive, losery, hairy, hygenically-challenged, lonely masturbators like themselves.

  2. I imagine these kinds of manospherians as being very similar to the character of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, except not nearly as rich or good looking. Just completely narcissistic, shallow, entitled, and psychotic. Let’s just hope they aren’t actually killing those women who reject them, which you know are plentiful.

    • I always worry about their violent tendencies because I know some of them have criminal records. In an upcoming post I will talk about how MRA’s should be banned from forming groups in the SU’s on Uni campuses. It’s just too dangerous.

      In fact, AVFM interviewed a convicted pedophile and pornographer the other day (which I will post soon). Anyway, the important part is the pedo won the lawsuit he filed so he’s allowed to publish names of people who had anything to do with his prosecution on a website. It’s like a one stop shop for pedos and other male predators to see what judges names and pictures are and their rulings. It also includes other law enforcement people too. Very scary.

      • No idea what the law here is in the U.S. with regard to felons on college campuses, either public or private. I know I attended a big private Uni. many, many years ago and ended up leaving after a spate of rapes occurred to the young women in my close circle of friends. I was, also, being followed by a man who was said to be a convicted rapist.

        That was the ’80s, though. I hope things have changed.

        I think maybe Canada might be more serious about campus safety – you think? I know they take hate speech a lot more seriously. Here every pervert in the world hides behind the 1st Amendment – just like Andrea Dworkin says in her books!


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