AVFM Stands Up for Convicted Sex Offenders

Is it any surprise that pedophiles and rapists are fodder for interviews and partnerships with AVFM? The hate site really sinks lower and lower each and every day. I know some of them have criminal records for battery and all sorts of crimes against women. They interviewed Dennis Sobin, a convicted/registered sex offender and pornographer who was caught making child porn while on vacation (which he denies)


Apparently, this sex offender is upset at judges who punished him. What the fuck kind of world are we living in when pedos, rapists and other male predators get to publish names and pictures of the people who put them away? Gotta make way for those pedophiles to be safe from punishment! Make way ladies. It’s not as if AVFM doesn’t publish names, addresses and other PII of women they don’t like. It’s totally OK to post women’s PII so the violent criminals and rapists among the MRA’s have a healthy stock of women to go after.

Way to go AVFM!


One thought on “AVFM Stands Up for Convicted Sex Offenders

  1. Sadly, this is not surprising.

    I’ve seen lots of comments from MRAs where they praise serial killers and mass murderers of women. In fact, there are so many things – lots of which you covered in some of your vids – going after 12 or 13-year old girls, the endless rape apologetics and actual rape encouraging behavior, etc.


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