Genuine Misogyny

The MGTOW forums have collapsed. It was a popular site for MRA’S and MGTOW’s. David Futrelle did a post covering this so I won’t go into it here.

I want to talk about the fallout.

This kerfuffle has resulted in an oil/water situation. While Paul Elam certainly wants more money from these now internet homeless dudes he’s afraid of one thing they might do. Are you ready for this?

He’s worried they’ll post misogyny on his precious website. I’m not kidding. I can see him now, fretting that on the one hand he could really line his pockets some more, after he just raised about $20,000.00 with his January e-begging, and on the other hand he’s worried about his reputation if these angry MGTOW’s post woman hatred on his site.

We can all see the irony of him having a hissy fit over the potential misogynist comments by MGTOW’s but, well, his commenters let him down.

‘However, most of what I have read (from all work, not just yours) and ALL of what I say about women is not hatred for them no more than it is to be honest with children… or anyone else for that matter.. The truth is not hatred.

I think so many of our people—even MHRA’s, well-intended as they may be, misunderstand that of being harsh, truthful, blunt, unforgiving, unyielding, etc to the ills of the feminine mind/brain…patterns of realization/skewed understanding of reality…to be hatred.’~MGTOWman (regular commenter at AVFM)

Can someone inform Paul Elam that this^ is woman hatred?

Dean Esmay, the grand poo-bah of AVFM chimed in with a new forum (forum without misogyny) for these poor homeless MGTOW’s:

‘The Nice-Guys forum is also good (note: their “American women mostly suck” tagline goes back to the ’90s and is mostly tongue-in-cheek, they’re actually a very supportive lot over there.’

Ooookay Dean. It didn’t go over so well to some of the more refined of MGTOW’s who responded:

‘the bulk of the posts made there now come from some very simple-minded, bigoted, homophobic, and extremely socially conservative individuals. There’s also a lot of genuine misogyny there, i.e. people saying that women inherently have no conscience due to their biology and therefore should not be allowed to vote, go to school, or live unsupervised by men.’

That’s rich, and they wonder why the majority of people think they’re pathetic. Here’s another classic comment meant to tear down the prior owner of MGTOW forums:

‘“I” Acted – “It” Failed – shift the responsibility and blame the external/the other.’

Paul’s site is like Hitler’s Germany. You cannot disagree with him or his ideology or you’ll be instantly banned. Now if that isn’t the be-all end-all theme of MRA’s, MGTOW’s and the entire Manosphere then I don’t know what is. Some of them think:

‘But it also goes for the MRM that youtube has been vital in fighting feminism and the society its created, and over time the internet has seen the double standards and has been turning on feminism.’

Hahahah! A couple feminists on the internet made me mad. Whaaaaa! Considering Youtube is mostly inhabited by males I’m not surprised this dude thinks he’s the potent center of the world.

MRA’s think that women gaining equality is a loss for them and they view it as a win/lose situation and so they see the ending of the MGTOW forums as a big blow to manly man rights.

‘Darn it!……. United, we stand a chance, Divided. we WILL be erased. What is it going to take to get us men to understand and defend this process? Do we want to win…or NOT!?’

I hate to break it to this dude but none of them stand a chance in hell and he even gave the reason why, although he’s not conscious of it:

‘I tell it like it see, hear, feel, learn, and admit. I use commonsense, training in true sciences (not fake ones like sociology), personal experiences, and learned information (research and otherwise)’

Can’t argue with stuff pulled out of MRA ass because that’s like, SCIENCE.

Here’s some good ole fashioned totalitarianism that got voted up many times. In fact, Paul Elam commented on it and thought this commenter should write for AVFM:

‘When the leadership of your movement (read Paul Elam) sets out a rules of dogma, and you disagree with it, then you’re not actually a part of that movement.’

The traveling MGTOW’s did show up at AVFM.  The MRA’s, MGTOW’s and the rest of these Manospherian’s aren’t going anywhere and it’s fun to watch them all squabble. None of them know which way is up. They shame each other and compete. They don’t even know what misogyny is.

‘How can we be sure to say they actually-really hate women unless they unambiguously say they hate them..and even then, it often gets (over) used as a semi-thoughtless metaphor or similar. But perhaps no actual hatred exists in most men—even those who say the meanest, feelings-mocking, anti-women things…because the truth is not hatred. It might be terribly inconvenient thus might mean some things women do not like or want to hear, but that is not the definition of hatred.

Could it be that many women say it is hatred in the same way that a child would too and not only that, but in blurt-out fashion…in order to get their way?’

This guy is an AVFMer. There’s quite clearly nothing wrong with woman hatred until you come right out and say I hate women, which is funny because MRA’s like to quote feminists where NONE of them say ‘I hate men’ and yet what do MRA’s think feminists think? That feminism hates all men. They don’t understand the difference between Patriarchy and men. But, but:

‘Over the past 40+ years, millions of men’s lives have been destroyed through lack of basic knowledge of women. Make no mistake – knowledge is power. Women, given the chance, will destroy your life.’

I think Paul will overlook all these misogynist MGTOW comments. Not that it really matters anyway because AVFM is a misogynist/homophobic hate site. Paul sees dollar signs. This is why he was so quick to dick wave at the former owner of the MGTOW forums. If you’re interested in reading his mantrum I saved a copy of it here.


One thought on “Genuine Misogyny

  1. I was confused about this thing when I saw it at Manboobz – now, after reading your post, I see why I was confused. The MRAs are not making any sense – as usual.

    What a bunch of screwballs!


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