Tammy Bruce is a Bitch but Paul Elam’s Not a Misogynist

Where to start with this can of worms? Tammy Bruce, who calls herself a feminist but is more like a conservative with a hard-on, made a video telling us women-folk that we should be dignified, learn how to say ‘no’, and that it’s our job to civilize men. I know, I know. It’s a piss take. Here, watch:

Aside from this being the most anti-feminist drivel EVAH, Paul Elam thinks this is actually feminism. He did understand parts of the video but we know that MRA’s aren’t exactly scholarly when it comes to feminism.  Beware of the misogyny:

‘First, Tammy does not like sluts and says so with haughty Victorian brio. This is by design. One, she wants to remind women, truly enough, of the power of pussy when they are not slinging it like cheap recreational drugs in a bad neighborhood. She is also reminding women, perhaps unintentionally, that a vagina is for more than just alleging it was violated by someone. Also, she means to raise the hackles of the anti-slut shaming sluts that now fill our universities, and, interchangeably, our night clubs.’

Right here we have Paul’s ignorance as well as his never-ending obsession with lady parts. She wasn’t trying to remind us gals about our vagina. We all know it’s there Paul and we all know you’re more upset about not being able to have it at will then you are about anything else in the world. Still, that’s NOT what Tammy was saying. She was telling us to remain ‘pure’ ya know, like you traditionalist MRA’s preach from the mountain top? This is not a feminist dictate Paul. It’s actually anti-feminist.


Our Bodies, Our Selves

For a long long time women’s sexuality has been shamed, and incidentally, just by YOU Paul, because men view women’s body parts as property that belongs to them ONLY. This is why a woman who is accepting of her need to have as much sex as she wants is called a slut (like you just did) and a guy doing the same thing is called a stud. It’s this little thing us feminists in the second wave worked so hard to stop. You see Paul, we feminists wanted women to get to know their bodies and not shroud ourselves in mystery about how we liked it, with whom we liked it, and how much we liked it. Anyone remember reading this book when you were young?

Ok, so I gave away my age a little bit. Back to biz. Yeah, so Paul, bugger off with that nonsense.

Then he says:

‘Oh mind you, Tammy threw in all the needed sound bites to satisfy most reasonable, modern people. Every woman is entitled to self-determination, the pursuit of happiness, the right to (insert noble human sentiment of choice here). Men are too, of course, but we can’t fault Tammy for not noticing. No one else does, either.’

Paul, you don’t read your own website. Victor Zen just wrote a few days ago the SEVEN big BRICKS of logic you need to throw around at feminists of which one was ‘Specialization is not Gender Centrism’ which he explained that just because you idiots over at AVFM specialize in ‘men’s rights’, it doesn’t mean you’re gender-centric. I suggested to him that he take his own bitter pill. I now suggest you take it too Paul.

Turns out Paul had a little problem while writing this quick little misogynist rant of his:

‘Side note: I have just suffered a twenty minute block in writing this piece. Not the kind of block that comes when you don’t know what to say next. It is the kind of block that comes with not knowing how to say fuck you in strong enough terms without resorting to larger fonts and the caps lock.’

Now that’s hilarious. Paul listen, we know you can’t write with even a modicum of talent. You’re just an older dude who is pissed off about losing your job because misogyny wasn’t tolerated in your workplace. If your behaviour in this little rant of yours is any indication of how you behaved at work I think we can all understand why you were fired.

‘As I said, Tammy is smart enough to know that feminism as we know it, the damseling, distressed, victimized, statistics-pulled-out-of-your-slutty-ass variety of idiots now running academe and the media are just starting to see the curtain close on their 50 year reign of terror. And she imagines, in her mainstream media-addled mind, that she can head the fourth wave as long as she bashes men to a pulp in the process and tries to instill shame and puritan values in women.

Uh, take a look around you, Tammy. You are peddling the same shit gender feminists have made their raison d’etre for a half century. You are belittling men, calling women superior, screaming for pussy power and pushing to make men of service, while paying lip service to words like “partnership.”

You brilliant bitch, you!’

Must we remind Paul of the words he said only yesterday?

‘misogyny is a piss poor way to build cooperation between men.’

There you have it folks. The end of the Manosphere and AVFM condensed into one, small, neat sentence.


8 thoughts on “Tammy Bruce is a Bitch but Paul Elam’s Not a Misogynist

  1. Still watching the vid… haven’t read anything but the 1st paragraph of your post yet, but this hit me: Did she just diss men by saying that feminists think women should “have casual sex and think nothing of it like men do?” If it’s wrong for women to do it, then why isn’t it wrong for men to do it? Why do men get a pass on casual sex and women don’t? No comprendo!

    Since when is wife/mother a college career choice?

    Feminism is not wrong for discouraging the nuke family, in my opinion – it is a recipe for disaster. Does that make me a radical feminist? or just a female-MGTOW?

    Men didn’t GIVE women anything! OMG! This woman is an idiot! You can’t GIVE people basic human rights! Women fought, were tortured, imprisoned and died to have these rights acknowledged – but NOTHING was ever GIVEN. And, the BC pill is based on very, very old Native American Indian women’s medicine – the patriarchal medical establishment in the U.S. wouldn’t stand for it being “invented” here in the U.S. and the dick dangler who got the credit for this amazing medical “discovery” had to do his work in Mexico – and if he hadn’t been a man, he wouldn’t have had any chance, at all.

    What a bunch of bunk!

    Okay… now I’m going to read the rest of your post…

  2. There is a serious barrage of baloney at the end of that vid. But, it sounds like the exact same idiocy I’ve read coming from MRAs. It’s historical and sci-fi fantasy!

    So, the Houston Dirtbag doesn’t like Tammy, either??? But, she pretty much agrees with their whole entire MRA platform. It’s mind boggling how that last bit at the end is almost word-for-word straight out of the gospel according to MRAs.

    I said this same thing to one of your trolls here in a comment recently, but I’ll say it, again: Women have no obligations to do anything for men.

    That right there seems to be their biggest problem – they just can’t wrap their heads around that idea.

    • Well the odd thing is that the video is being rated UP by Paul’s cronies. That’s because they only listen to the first few minutes and rate it. Typical, I know. Paul just doesn’t like it because she said that ‘women civilize men’. He thinks he doesn’t need to be civilized, which is obviously not true. He needs some serious work.

      • What a bunch of bungling buffoons they are!

        All MRAs need civilizing, but I don’t think women can help them – they have to do it themselves. And, that’s not going to happen.

        I probably missed some of your point the first time around because I don’t like to click around on links that go to MRA material – it’s just really disturbing to me sometimes, it really makes my insides do flip-flops. That’s why I like to just read your comments and watch the vid or something… I’m scared to look too hard at these guys because I’ve just seen enough. I don’t need to have nightmares for weeks on end!

        You are doing a great job by the way – I really enjoyed your latest YT vid! It was like a big long joke with a great punchline. I had a smile on my face the whole time ’cause I knew something good was coming and the ending was hilarious.

        • I’m so glad you liked it WotW. I’m healing quite slowly from my broken bones. They take at least 6-8 weeks to heal! I got my stitches out yesterday and they put butterfly stitches on them to keep them stable. I’m so happy the cuts didn’t get infected. I had great nurses taking care of me.

          Now I have home care people that wash my back, hair and neck for me. Yay! They clean my place too. I feel so pampered! I get Chinese food delivered every day for almost nothing.

          So while I don’t really like having broken bones, I do love the women that come care for me. Makes me laugh when I see MRA’s thinking the world will come to some apocalyptic end if males stopped working. LOL

          I had fun making my last vid. I admit that seeing his ex comment was great. I commented back to her telling her the lesson should sink in. never go out with these kind of dudes. They’re supposedly swearing off women anyway right? We all know it’s a bid for attention from women. They are truly pathetic.

          I usually put a donotlink when I reference AVFM. Not always but usually. Don’t know if it makes a difference for you checking it out.

  3. “Tammy Bruce, who calls herself a feminist but is more like a conservative with a hard-on, made a video telling us women-folk that we should be dignified, learn how to say ‘no’, and that it’s our job to civilize men.”

    Tammy Bruce served for 7 years as president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization of Women. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tammy_Bruce Honestly, I didn’t expect to see something worse than “Warren Farrel was never a feminist” sort of claim, but apparently you’ve “exceeded” my expectations.

    • I don’t care where she comes from although knowing she was part of NOW makes me cringe even more.

      Warren Farrell flashes his ‘feminist cred’ and then proceeds to misogynist drivel. He’s a rape apologist and a misogynist. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  4. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
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