AVFM Knows More About Domestic Violence Than the Police

Even when police departments and other organizations do something for men, AVFM shuts it right down with their insane rhetoric. Cambridgeshire police in Britain have started a campaign to reach out to men who suffer from domestic violence. They also say that the victims are 75% female. The AVFMers were really bent about that, especially Paul Elam, who was quick to point to some vague abstract to try and counter the actual police who handle domestic violence.

Paul Elam isn’t known for pointing to research that supports his claim and he was no better in this one either. The article is behind a pay wall so there’s no way to get to the method but it clearly says in the abstract that the methodologies used tend to produce different results that may not be accurate.

‘The findings partially support previous claims that different methods of measurement produce conflicting results’

paul elam looking nuts

i iz science yo!

This is a fact of DV research. When the method doesn’t include things like sexual violence or lacks context as far as what actually counts as a violent act you get results that cannot be accurate. Ever. MRA’s quote those studies that have flawed methods and it’s the only way they can make the claim that more men are victimized than women.

Paul then makes the outrageous claim that

‘there is research that demonstrates the abysmal treatment of men who seek help though various kinds of social services when they are abused.’

He links to a study about what kinds of factors influence men to seek out certain services and what factors in men, like mental illness, drug use etc. influence how they rate the services they seek. I’m now totally convinced that Paul Elam doesn’t understand a fig about the scientific method because he absolutely did not link any information stating that men are abysmally treated across all factors.  There’s a huge difference between saying ‘men are treated badly by all services’ and then pointing to a link that only talks about factors that influence men to rate services badly. Paul is NOT paying attention and he lacks the education to understand how the scientific method actually works.

Even though this campaign is directed at men, Paul discounts it:

‘Tokenism is not treatment, Detective Page. And as long as it is you will only perpetuate the way male victims are scoffed at, ridiculed and ultimately ignored.’

Welcome to the real world Paul. This is how awareness is created. I know as a male you’ve never had to use these services and you have zero experience in raising issues except the misogyny that rattles around in your head.

‘If this culture is ever to view Intimate Partner Violence with enough objectivity to do any good, we need to dispense with the propaganda that tells us women are more affected by the problem.’

You’re not entitled to your own facts Paul.

Anyone with any inkling of how to handle social issues will understand that raising awareness is the first step. Paul Elam doesn’t realize it because he’s too ingrained in his woman hating ideology to do so. He points to studies that don’t say what he thinks they say and chides any real help being offered to men. Paul wants to keep raging on and on at his little hate site without lifting a finger (unless it’s to type out endless diatribes about women being whores).

There are people out there helping men but it’s not Paul Elam. To dismiss this campaign as ‘tokenism’ is about as ignorant as it gets. Paul Elam is only good at raging online and collecting thousands of dollars from other raging men.


3 thoughts on “AVFM Knows More About Domestic Violence Than the Police

  1. Excellent analysis of the situation.

    I tried to watch a movie called “Failure to Launch” once but I couldn’t get into it. I hate romantic comedies – go figure. But, as I understand the concept, it’s about men with a kind of Peter Pan syndrome, who want to stay little boy on mommy’s lap their whole lives. This is where we get this characterization of a lot of MRAs and the like who live in mom’s basement playing World of Warcraft – it’s sort of become an archetype.

    I think you’re onto something there with the transfer of the need for mommy to an MRA parental figure, although an very angry, wild-eyed, profanity-spewing one. He’s sort of the archetype of the trailer park mom, a beer fused into one hand, a cigarette in the other on a profanity laced tirade, “How dare you hurt my babies, you &*)#@!”

    I’m still listening to the vid. I love men in sweaters, especially turtle necks. I think it’s a smart look. But, *sweater vests* – now that’s another thing. It makes me think of Rick Santorum, which is not a nice thought at all. But, this guy makes some points about men in advertising at about 18 minutes in, which are somewhat similar to those made in the “Killing Us Softly” series by Jean Kilbourne.

    In fact, I only subtly noticed that the dolls and superheros for boys were becoming more muscular and aggressive-looking. I only noticed that I found it really off-putting. I have noticed a lot of what I consider “the gay look” among models in men’s magazines and even for boys’ clothes like Hollister.

    I noticed the whole bald man trend, which I regard as a very aggressive look in a young man -you know when they shave their heads just to look scary and psychotic. Well, it works. I have a fear of bald men more than some other men. This look has really been cultivated since maybe the late ’90s. I remember Vin Diesel being the first big star that women supposedly gushed over his bald head. To me, it’s a very militarized look – unless you’re naturally or medically bald, of course – that’s another matter.

    So, it seems like there’s something going on in the patriarchal pop culture to create these militarized, violent boys and men. I’m going to listen some more now. Great vid!

    Great article!

    P.S. I live in a semi-rural area. I have a neighbor – she’s not real close, but her 2 boys are extremely loud – always screaming like they’re being dismembered by a wild lion or something. Right now they are bouncing a ball up against the side of their house and yelling like they’re being chased by bears and all the dogs in a half-mail radius are howling. What is going on with this??? They are the only kids in this whole area that I’m aware of. It seems to me that boys are being conditioned – and maybe their parents, too – to be more aggressive, rude and loud. I don’t remember children – boys or girls – screaming like this 30 years ago. And, it seems like every 10 years, there is a massive jump in the level of young male aggression. I’d love to know what’s behind it all.

    • ” I don’t remember children – boys or girls – screaming like this 30 years ago.”

      I certainly do. Your mileage may vary, of course, but this could also be a case of confirmation bias.
      I mean, people talk about the 1950s as if they were “the good old days,” but in reality they were terrible; it’s just nostalgia, personal experiences & memory bias that makes people remember them differently.


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