Personal Update on the Big Boo Boo

If you weren’t reading a week ago, I posted about the nasty accident I had. I literally rolled off my bed (while asleep), kicked a large glass over that was on my nightstand, and landed on it breaking my ribs, collar bone and severely cutting my back. I had my stitches out yesterday by my home care nurse. I have a few different nurses that come and see me but I was really impressed with the older Chinese lady that came to unstitch me. She loved my room because I have many Chinese ornamentation in my apartment. She was so experienced that I didn’t feel any pain at ALL. She showed me all the black little bits when she was done. Ooooo! She told me the doctor did a great job and that I would have almost no scarring.

I get nice home care women that come twice a week as well. I get nice baths with back washing and I’m getting my hair washed on Sunday because it’s pretty gross right now. My clothing attire has been pretty awesome with my 2 hospital gowns and I get chinese food delivered every day for nom noms.

Clavicle (Collarbone) Nondisplaced fracture (NOT MY XRAY)

Clavicle (Collarbone) Nondisplaced fracture (Google Images)

This is why I love living in Canada. It was very easy to get these services because we have a pretty good social net which the MRA’s would absolutely call the GYNOCRACY! I was thinking today about how MRA’s make threats about men stopping work and how the entire world would fall apart. LOL. Yeah dudebros, tell that to every single female worker that cares for people like me who have sudden major injuries. I’m not so sure the world will go into apocalypse if men stopped working. I’d rather think that women would love to be the CEO’s of all the Fortune 500 companies!

So the road will be long, at least 6-8 weeks until my bones get stronger and knit together. The worst pain is in my ribs to be sure. Breathing hurts but I must do it. I had a physiotherapist come in today making me do it so I don’t get pneumonia. I did a bunch of exercises that hurt. I did ‘chicken’ neck to calm the muscles that are in spasm from the collarbone fracture. It hurts to do them but when you’re done the muscles do relax a bit. I do the chicken wing movement to strengthen around my ribs and a few others that I lay completely flat to do that have nothing to do with chickens.

I can only get up and type a couple times a day because of my pain level but I like my chair because it’s a flat back and supports my ribs. I could NOT sit in a curved back chair even if you paid me. I’m going to have a chauffeur as well when I’m a bit better so I can go shopping at different places and to take me to yoga and hopefully aquatics classes.

My wounds in the back are butterfly stitched now and I can get wet there. There is no sign of infection. Since I’m kinda stuck inside I’m watching David Attenborough constantly. He makes me sleepy. That voice of his is so soothing. I’ve learned a lot about animals in the last week or so.

The second night after I came back from the ER I finally slept and had the most vivid dream I’ve ever experienced. I could literally feel things in all my senses, especially touch. I was walking through the house I grew up in and I had this one beginning scene where I was coming up from downstairs on my hands and knees. I could feel the carpet. It was so weird. I talked too. I walked through my sister’s room and into my room. I felt like a ghost haunting around my old house. These kinds of dreams are so sensual that this may have contributed to me rolling off the bed.

My little mice aren’t happy. Things have been moved around in here and since they like stable pathways they’re all discombobulated. They still come out and skitter around, not at full speed. They do like to get close to me. They sit next to me while I’m typing. I haven’t fed them in a week but they still visit. I honestly don’t know if Little Girl is alive any more. I haven’t gotten a good glimpse to see if it’s actually her coming in here. There was one of her babies who was very grey that was visiting too. I’ve seen grey baby.

I’m going to get some mice as pets from the pet store as soon as I’m well again. I can’t wait to hang around with them and kiss their little bellies. If you ever see mice up close and they stretch on their haunches they have the cutest little pot bellies. I call it their ‘buddha belly.’ It gives you luck if you touch it and twice as much luck if you kiss it!

To my speedy, healthy recovery!


mouse on skateboard buddah belly

Rub mah belly!


8 thoughts on “Personal Update on the Big Boo Boo

  1. That’s one scary-sounding accident!

    I’m glad you’re coming along and that you’ve got good people helping you.

    I use Lugol’s formula for a number of things including healing scars – it works wonders even on old ones, although it takes some patience and a little technique. My cat bit me hard a couple of weeks ago – made a few wounds including a big tooth indentation on the top of my hand, which was an obvious puncture wound (You could see exactly where the tooth went in and out!) and fairly deep. I put Lugol’s on it and it practically healed up overnight. It, also, took the pain out, although it stings a little at first.

    • What is Lugol’s? never heard of it. Is it like a cream for scars? My Nurse came in to see me today and I got to see the scars on my back. There’s one large one but she said the ER doc who stitched it did a very good job and in a couple years I won’t even know there’s a scar there.

      My healing was great on the actual glass wounds. There was no leaking and no pain on stitch removal.

      The biggest injuries were inside, in the ribs. I asked why I couldn’t see bruising on my back and the nurse said that rib injuries don’t produce bruising on the skin. It’s all underneath.

      I am feeling better except now my lungs are fucked. I’m on an inhaler and advil. It really sucks.

      • It’s an iodine formula designed by a 19th Century Frenchman named Lugol. It’s considered a “folk remedy” here in the U.S. My bottle says something like “To be used as a talisman only” because they can’t legally sell it and tell you a bout it at the same time.

        It’s really just a particular ration of potassium iodide to potassium in distilled water. It’s nothing mysterious.

        You can ask a local pharmacy, but you might have to order it to get good stuff that’s made with distilled water. I use J. Crow brand, but you can get cheap stuff at local pharmacies – like Humco brand. I wouldn’t ingest the Humco stuff. But, I take a few drops of J. Crow’s Lugol’s daily. So, not all Lugol’s formulas are created equal. If you’re just using it topically to heal a wound though, the cheap stuff, like Humco brand, will probably work just fine. Just don’t drink it!

        Not being able to breathe well is miserable. It sounds like you’ve got good care, though.

  2. Correction: I don’t know HOW I make these mistakes! Lugol’s is a ratio of potassium iodide to iodine in liquid. The J.Crow formula I use is in distilled water. But, sometimes it’s put in alcohol.

  3. Diana was it really necessary to hurt yourself like this just to get some more government welfare paid for by men?

    Why not get a job instead?

    Women are so lazy which is why I’m MGTOW until the gold digging stops.

    • Oh lookee here. We’ve got an ableist white cis male on my comment section lecturing me about social services like nursing and careworkers who help people who have sudden severe injury!

      Listen to me dudebro: You are now going to take a trip enforced by my internet steel toed boots that are going to nicely kick your privileged misogynist and ableist ass out of my online space.

      You’re just jealous. That’s what this is. You don’t like the fact that my world is good and yours is so pathetic that when you crawl out from under your rock all you can do is come to a woman’s space and write ridiculous shit like that.

      Oh and listen smartypants, I’ve probably worked longer that you have and harder. That’s the peculiar thing about being a woman. You have to work harder and longer just to earn the same amount as a man.

      Have a nice life. 🙂 I’ll leave your hatred here so people all know what the Manosphere is all about.

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