Medical Research Bites AVFM and in the Proverbial Arse

Manospherians LOVE biological determinism. No. They love extrapolating determinist ‘theories’ from their anus while pointing to random abstracts online. One of the most common complaints from MRA’s  is that men die earlier than women because women and feminism is somehow involved.

AVFM just posted a link to a 60 minutes clip that talked about the exploration of the biophysical and biochemical differences between the sexes. The researchers found that there’s a difference in pig hearts. The male pig heart is softer and not as strong as the female pig heart. They theorize that the female pig heart has to be stronger due to childbirth and that female organs overall have to be stronger. They then posited that human hearts are the same. It’s a bit dubious but just stay with me.

So where does this leave AVFM? Well, in their haste to dismiss social construction theories, they jumped on this report. In their minds it confirms all the anal extrapolating they do in saying men are so totally different than women. Let’s say it’s the case that human hearts are the same as pig hearts. Does this mean that men dying earlier is just due to their biology? Of course this is one of the logical conclusions.

The endless blaming of women and feminism for men’s earlier mortality seems like it needs a readjustment. If it’s true that women’s bodies are stronger and tougher to accommodate children then the Manosphere has to accept that men’s internal organ structure is just not as strong as women’s. It presents a logical conclusion that they don’t like: men die earlier because their organs aren’t as strong as women’s.

Do you think that AVFM and the rest of the Manosphere will take this new ‘revelation’ they just posted to its’ end?

Of course they won’t. I’m sure we’ll be hearing about men dying earlier because of women and feminism for the duration. This is yet another example of why pulling determinist theories out of your ass is a dangerous hobby.

In another case of anal gazing the guys over at a new MGTOW forum put up a thread in which the OP posted a link to an article about the supposed differences in brain structure between the sexes. The replies to his anal gazing were something along the lines of ‘yeah man, stupid feminists will never admit that men and women are different.’ The problem is none of them read the entire article and simply skimmed it to find their pre-ordained ideological conclusion. The article specifically states that

‘It is important to note that we only investigated sex differences in brain structure, so we cannot infer anything about how this relates to behaviour or brain function.’

Yeah, nice try guys.



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