These Men Want Violence

Knowing the Manosphere as I do it never stops scaring me as a human being and especially as a woman. A Voice for Men followers and even their own staff write very violent portents. This one was written today on the comment section of AVFM:

‘But I fear that one of these days, as the movement gains steam, that these courts, and gender ideologues will push one man too far over the edge.’

That sounds like something a male batterer says to his female partner. ‘She made me do it!’ It’s another way the Manosphere expresses its violent misogyny.

‘So-called “angry white males” are often dismissed as a negligible category, but that may not prove to be very wise in the longer run.’

I worry about these hate sites like AVFM. The disgusting violent rhetoric that site produces is a risk. People who monitor the Manosphere know there’s a high probability that one of them will act out.

The comments I’ve posted here are just a couple of what is an endless stream of apocalyptic visions of male violence. Yet if you mention that the role models of masculinity are feeding this attitude you’ll get shouted down and called a mangina, cunt, bitch, whore etc. It’s horrific to see this the way I do when I scan the Manosphere.

It requires a lot of self-care to keep myself on an even keel because of what I read. It wouldn’t surprise me if the next Marc Lepine is among them already.


2 thoughts on “These Men Want Violence

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