Guy Resists Cops, Gets Arrested, Dies in Custody and Guess Who’s At Fault?

My stepfather is a retired Detroit police officer. He told me that the scariest calls are domestic violence calls. This is a violent situation in progress when emotions are high and the cops don’t take ANY chances. Their lives are at stake. They don’t know if there are weapons. If there are more than 2 people. It’s SCARY for them.

I had my own experience with this too. There was a domestic disturbance outside my window one night and I called 911 as any good citizen would. The phone kept ringing and ringing. Nobody was picking up dispatch. The fight ended outside the window so I hung up the call. Three minutes I hear a knock at my door. I opened it to FIVE officers standing on each side of my door, ready. They asked me if I was OK and I told them what happened with the line not picking up and the fight ending. I apologized to them. I never take chances when I hear domestic situations on the street. I ALWAYS call. I’ve built up a very good relationship with the VPD in fact.

I’m just driving the point home that cops don’t take chances on DV calls.

Get this though, AVFM is blaming feminism for the death of a guy who decided he was going to fight off the cops when they arrived for a domestic violence call. It’s normal protocol that many officers come to a DV call. Ultimately they had to pin this guy down on the ground because he resisted and apparently this is all feminism’s fault. Watch the actual arrest:


How is feminism responsible for that guy fighting with the cops? Well, here’s the story so far. Someone heard a domestic dispute in progress.and called the cops. The cops show up, many of them, and as per normal they try to question the guy. It was a husband-wife and adult daughter domestic incident. The more people involved, the more the stakes increase. Instead of calmly answering questions this guy decided to get rough with the cops. That was it. They pinned him down, he resisted. They called the ambulance because everyone, including this guy. was bleeding from having to restrain him on the concrete.

The guy died in custody apparently. I don’t know what happened to him after he was cared for by paramedics. He might’ve had a heart condition or something else. We don’t know yet. What we DO know is the only reason he was arrested was for his decision to get physical with the cops.

AVFM doesn’t know how police officers operate and if they do they’re just being their normal ignorant selves. Cops will not tolerate any kind of violent display during a domestic. They just won’t. It’s their lives. They don’t know if someone has a weapon. They have to be vigilant.

The dumbasses on AVFM have decided it’s all feminism’s fault and a result of VAWA. Now of course none of the cheezeheads over there explained how this is the case but yeah, here’s Dean Esmay’s loopy take on it:

‘Those who gave us VAWA and the Duluth model are culpable for this, and no one should let them forget it”  said Dean Esmay, Operations Manager at A Voice for Men.  “It’s them who gave us the police training that make them auto-presume guilt on men any time there’s a domestic situation.”’




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