Slave Rambling Hambling Ramblings on MGTOW

It’s funny every time I read this rhetoric by straight white males. To co-opt a term like ‘slave’ from people who are, ya know actually slaves, is rather disgusting. When MRA’s do this I don’t know whether to laugh or look wide-eyed at the MRA’s who think this way. How are straight white men living in a western democracy slaves? Clue: straight white males

The main ‘grievance’ Hambling explains, is marriage. He also thinks this is significant in the sense that he projects a huge revolution occurring.

‘Men refusing to marry is big news. It’s the compliant, reliable and long-disposable dog’s-bodies of empire, refusing to be used and exploited any longer. It’s the quiet slave revolt.’

WTH? I suppose he doesn’t realize that nobody cares whether anyone gets married or not. I certainly don’t care. Many people are choosing different relationship styles but they’re still coupling off. It’s not like there’s this huge problem in society. Marrying is a choice. It’s not a revolt.

‘Our present culture, that is, our gynocentric culture runs on the appropriated income, the coerced labor, and the corpses of “good” men. It runs on the stolen blood and the appropriated money of married men. Marriage, in every western nation, is a set of laws primarily advantaging women at the expense of men. By laws, of course, what we mean are opinions with loaded guns backing them up.’

Ah that’s funny in and of itself considering MRA’s believe the world is run by women and yet somehow it’s men who pay for it all. Doesn’t make sense but then again nothing in the Manosphere makes sense. This idea that women don’t pay taxes is so silly.

I recently had an MRA/MGTOW dudebro accuse me of injuring myself so I would get men’s tax money. I’m not kidding. This guy actually thinks I purposely broke my bones so I could enslave men.

Hambling’s real motive for this piece is the same for his last. It’s really a paranoid reminder for him not to marry and since his new girlfriend is a FeMRA, it’s a reminder for her as well.

‘For a self-identifying MGTOW man – assuming he finds a woman who totally understands the issues of the movement, who both likes and loves him, and even supports the principles of MGTOW – if he were to a marry a woman, then even if she would never pull that trigger, he has agreed to load the gun and put it into her hand. A marrying man is no longer MGTOW.’

I guess John forgot about his last whinge about MGTOW where he said it was anything a guy wanted it to be. This MGTOW thing is supposed to be a movement? I guess if you count bowel movements it could be one.


One thought on “Slave Rambling Hambling Ramblings on MGTOW

  1. MGTOW is not a “movement”. That would imply some kind of organization to going your own way, but instead it’s a group of individuals who have all reached the same conclusion and are living their lives as they see fit. According to most MGTOWs I’ve spoken to, their decisions can overlap with the marriage strike but it’s not a necessity. Trying to reach a concrete definition of a man going his own way, other than to say exactly that, would be akin to herding cats. It just isn’t going to happen, because each person is an individual with different needs/wants.

    Some guys are married, some have long term relationships, some only have casual hookups, and others avoid having romantic relations with women altogether. I personally haven’t heard from any who have gotten married as a MGTOW, but I’m sure they are out there (albeit in the minority).


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